How to Manifest Positive Energy in 6 Steps? Law of Attraction

How to Manifest Positive Energy in 6 Steps Using Law of Attraction

How to Manifest Positive Energy

Have you tried manifesting any of your desires? 

Using the principles and techniques of the law of attraction, you can manifest anything you want. Literally anything, even the biggest and most ludicrous of your dreams.

If you have manifested goals before or at least understand how to do it, you must be aware that maintaining a positive frame of mind throughout is one of the prime requirements. 

This may be easy to read but hard to practice. Especially if your dreams are big and it takes longer to manifest. The setbacks during the manifestation process can make it harder to keep positive vibes intact.

No wonder if this got you thinking. If you can manifest anything, why not manifest positive energy. 

Is it possible to manifest positivity? Yes, of course, you can.

But now, we are facing a chicken and egg problem. Which should come first. 

You need to have a positive outlook to manifest anything, including positivity. So, how does it work?

This article solves this conundrum and has come up with simple steps to manifest positive energy with ease. You will also find here tips for attracting positive vibes.

A short intro to the law of attraction and manifestation

The law of attraction is a philosophy that tells you that you can attract anything you want. And, manifestation is the actual process of attracting your goal and converting your dreams into reality.

The principle of the law of attraction can be summarized as “like attracts like”. 

To understand this, you need to know another Universal Law, the law of vibration. It says that everything in this Universe is made up of energy and is in constant vibration. Our guide to physical symptoms of higher vibration may be of interest to you.

So, coming back to the law of attraction and manifestation. This means you attract things that are an energetic match to you. 

Turning this concept around, you can manipulate energy to attract anything you want. All you need to do is to raise your energy to match that of your desire. 

This process is called manifestation.

How to manifest positivity?

To manifest positivity, you need to be positive. 

This is a silly as well as difficult situation to be in. Or, is it so?

If you already know how to stay positive, why do you need to manifest it?

That is one way of looking at it. 

Let’s try another approach. 

Do you consider positivity as a choice? 

Most people don’t. You either have it or you don’t. And you have no say in the matter. Right?

If you are thinking about manifesting good energy, you need to think of it as a choice. As something that is already within your reach and existing within you. All you need to do is to decide that you want it and reach for it. 

Does this make sense to you? Maybe not yet.

Let’s delve deeper. 

You may never have considered a positive mindset as a choice before. It takes time to accept this fact. And, it is not an easy choice either.

When you are in a dark place, it would be difficult or even impossible to think of positivity as a choice. 

However, when you are in a positive space already, you can take steps to build on it to become more positive. And if you can make these steps an integral part of your mentality, you can continue to stay in a positive space. You can prevent your mind from slipping into the depths of negativity. 

Remember that your mind is hardwired to be negative. This means you have to build on your positive attitude so high that passing thoughts of negativity will not affect it.

Choose to be positive to become more and more positive. The more positive you are, the more positive people and events you will attract. This, in turn, will bring in more positivity.

This forms the virtuous cycle of positivity and you can become an integral part of it by choosing to be positive.

This is how you can manifest positive energy.

6 steps to manifest positive energy

The manifestation steps for positivity are not the same as those for manifesting your other goals. These steps are more like measures you can choose to adopt to make positivity a permanent part of you.

A point worth mentioning here is that you need to follow these steps without fail every moment of your life. You cannot relax and let up. Else negativity has this tricky habit of sneaking in unawares.

The common signs of positive energy are joy, contentment, good health, and high energy levels.

At least in the early days, you need to stay alert all the time. Once positivity has become an integral part of your behavior, you will finally get to let your guard down.

Here are the steps you should follow to manifest positive energy and stay positive.

1. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness can be described as living in the present moment. This means, to be aware of all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, and everything else happening to you and around you. And, this awareness needs to be in a non-judgmental manner. 

Being mindful gives you the ability to acknowledge and accept things without being too much involved in them or affected by them. 

This will ensure that you are not absorbing negative vibes from your environment.

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2. Feel grateful

Gratitude is a powerful tool to promote positivity. You may have had blessings, both big and small, every day. How often have you paused to feel thankful for them?

Most of us complain when things go wrong but take blessings in our stride. We rarely acknowledge or think about them.

Do you know that gratitude is an instant positivity booster? All you need to do is to appreciate the blessings and feel grateful.


3. Get active

Physical exertion can prompt the brain to release endorphins or happy hormones. Their presence in your body acts as a deterrent for negative thoughts.

Or you can use this fact in the reverse as well. Whenever you sense negative emotions making a backdoor entry in your mind, you can go for a walk or a jog or hit the gym. 

Getting active can take the focus away from negative feelings. And the feel-good hormones can help you stay in the positive phase for a long time.

4. Avoid stress

In these modern times, stress and anxiety have become part of your lifestyle. However, with conscious effort, you can change this. 

Avoiding stress and worries is indeed hard. But not impossible to achieve. You can adopt different strategies to cope with these difficulties.

The best strategy of them all is diversion. Focus on something more interesting or captivating and your mind will loosen its hold on the negative thoughts. Or you can try different types of meditation. The core idea behind all of them is to shift your focus from what is troubling you. 

Engage in hobbies, meet up with friends, listen to music, or curl up with your favorite book. You have a multitude of choices to distract yourself from harmful emotions.

5. Be truthful

This may sound off the mark to develop a positive mindset. But anything you do has an intrinsic connection with your attitude and behavior. 

You may do and say things to be nice and friendly with others and ensure that you do not offend them. In this attempt to please others, you may be saying things that are not truthful and things you do not believe in. 

This can result in discord within yourself and lead to unhappiness.

No matter what, stick to being truthful and what you feel is right. Say what you mean. Your mind will be at peace knowing that you did the right thing.

6. Love yourself

This means accepting you for who you are. And, not changing yourself to suit the demands of others. Moreover, you can love others only if you can love yourself.

Striving for improvement and change in your life is desirable. However, the intention behind this matters. If you want to improve because you dislike your current situation, it is a negative approach. On the other hand, if you intend to scale new heights and lead a better life, go right ahead with it.

Love is a happy and positive emotion that can boost your positive energy, sure and fast. Embrace this feel-good emotion as much as you can. Spread it around and it will come back to you manifold.

Tips to manifest positive energy

  • Include desirable habits in your daily routine
  • Consciously subscribe to positive content
  • Visualize the life you want to have
  • Search for silver linings in the darkest of clouds
  • Look for alternative narratives
  • Change the environment
  • Repeat positive manifestation affirmations 
  • Stay off social media if it gets too toxic
  • Be careful about the kind of news you watch
  • Look for inspiration in the lives of successful people
Concluding thoughts

Changing your mindset is not an overnight process. It is not easy either. But the rewards are worthwhile enough to justify the effort.

Manifesting positive thoughts is an ongoing process. Just because you are feeling positive now doesn’t mean you can relax and let your guard down. Negativity is always waiting around the corner to creep in unawares. 

Consistency is the key to manifesting anything. Manifesting positivity is no different.

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