How to Manifest Someone to Dream About You in 5 Steps

How to Manifest Someone to Dream About You in 5 steps

How to Manifest Someone to Dream About You

Manifesting someone to dream about you is a popular desire, but it can be difficult to make this happen.

You feel attracted to this person and you are doing everything to make them reciprocate your feelings. You think it will help if you can be part of their dreams.

How to make someone dream about you? How to manifest dream?

You may have come across the manifestation process and the law of attraction. It says that you can make anything happen through manifestation, especially manifesting love. It gets you thinking – “Can I manifest someone to dream about me?”

The answer is “yes”. Everything that manifestation promises, it delivers and more.

You may have stumbled upon articles describing the steps for manifesting love, money, health, and a host of materialistic things. But how to make another person do your bidding?

Read on to learn how you can go about manifesting dream. Here you will find the steps of manifestation described in detail so that you will appear in the dreams of someone you love.

Step 1: Gain clarity on your goal

You must be thinking, how much clearer can you be? You want this person to dream about you. That is it.

Not exactly. When you are manifesting love or a specific person to dream about you, you need to look at the goal from various angles. You need to find answers for the what, why, and how of it.

What kind of dreams do you want to be part of?

Why do you want this person to dream about you?

How do you want this person to interpret the dreams?

The law of attraction tells us that the Universe will manifest dream for you. You just need to ask for it the right way. But there are certain basic conditions you need to fulfill.

  • You need to be 100% sure about the goal.
  • Your goal should be about something you want and not something you don’t want.
  • Your goal needs to be positive and should not come from a place of desperation.
  • You need to know the reasons for wanting it. And this has to agree with your values and beliefs.

If you are unable to gather more information about your desire, you can try meditation. With a short session of guided meditation, your mind would be focused enough to carry out this task.

Once you have all the details in place, let the Universe know about your wish. You may say it aloud or write it down in a manifestation journal. You can also check whether you have any limiting belief in your mind and try to eliminate it.

Step 2: Visualize this person telling you about the dream

As you may know already, visualization is one of the most powerful tools in the law of attraction toolkit. When you are focusing your attention and energy on your goal, you are sending this out into the Universe as energy vibrations. Any energy you radiate, you get back the same. This is the basic principle of visualization.

Visualization activity helps you to focus on the goal and anchor your mind in a positive zone. It is when you can raise your positive vibrations so high that manifestation happens.

If you are not used to this exercise, you may find focusing a hard task. You can help yourself by avoiding distractions. Choose a quiet place and time to ensure that you aren’t disturbed in between. You may close your eyes for better focus.

Draw in a couple of deep breaths to calm your body and mind. Let your mind hover over the goal. You may visualize it as images or in a video format. In this instance, you can include text messages or calls from this special person in your visualization.

Also, think about how your life would be after the manifestation of the goal. As your wishes have come true, you would be in a happy state of mind. Remain with these thoughts and feelings as long as you want to.

When you are ready, come back to the present. How do you feel now? Good? Euphoric? That is the whole purpose of this exercise. When you visualize, your vibrational energy goes up instantaneously so high that it matches the vibrational frequency of your goal. This leads to manifestation.

If you find visualization hard, you can choose journaling or a vision board. While journaling involves writing down the experience, the vision board will remind you of the goal all the time.

Step 3: Add positive affirmations into the mix

These are only next to visualization in their benefits for manifestation. Affirmations are positive statements to help you remain focused on the positive aspects of the goal.

You can choose from the hundreds of standard affirmations already written or write them on your own. Just remember to use the present tense even when you are talking about the goal you are trying to manifest. Frame the affirmations in a positive tone and try to use emotional words. “I am” affirmations are considered to be highly effective.

Here are a few sample affirmations to get you started.

  • (Name) is thinking about me right now.
  • (Name) is recalling the dream about me he/she had last night.
  • (Name) is getting ready for sleep hoping he/she would dream about me.

You can say these affirmations aloud or write them down in a journal. Positive affirmations also offer you the best chance to eliminate limiting beliefs. A point to remember here is that these affirmations will bring positive results to you only if you truly believe in them while repeating them.

Step 4: Dream about this special person

You may be trying to manifest this specific person to dream about you. But you can trigger this by doing it first. Do you know that while dreaming, you are sending energy vibrations to the person?

So, instead of waiting for the other person to dream about you, you can begin the process by dreaming about them. This will trigger the kind of thoughts you want in their minds. That will act as a catalyst to manifest dreams about yourself.

Step 5: Trust the Universe and let go

Last but not least is this important step. When you are focusing on the goal, it may turn into an obsession, worry, or even anxiety if you continue with it. Obsession comes with negative energy and is something you should avoid at all costs.

Moreover, when you take this step of letting go, you are proclaiming your trust in the Universe in making your desire come true. The Universe will reciprocate your trust by manifesting your dream.

Do you know this is the step where most manifesters falter and fail? It’s vital to recognize the importance of this step as well as follow it through with honesty.

Bottom line

Now you know the 5 steps on how to make someone to dream about you. All you need to do is follow them sincerely.

Let’s recap the steps. You should be crystal clear about the goal, practice visualization, repeat affirmations, create a trigger by dreaming about this person, and learn to let go as a show of trust in the Universe.

It’s simple and easy. Your wishes may come true in a day, a week, or a month. Be patient. You will get what you want ultimately.

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