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How to manifest someone to text you

how to manifest someone to text you

Really? Is that even possible?

In case you are thinking along those lines, the simple answer is ‘Yes’.

You may not be aware of it but you are always manifesting your desires into your reality.

To know and understand more about this, we need to talk about the law of attraction. The law is a simple philosophy based on uncomplicated truths such as ‘like attracts like’ and the law of vibrations.

Breaking it down further, it means, everything in this Universe is made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. And, you attract into your life, people, things, and events that are vibrating at the same frequency as yours. 

In other words, you can attract whatever you want into your life by raising your energy vibrations to that of your desire.

If a text message from someone is what you desire, you would be happy to know that this law works for text messages as well. It is very much possible to manifest a text message or even manifest a phone call from a specific someone.

Let us learn how to manifest someone to contact you or someone to text you.

How do you manifest?

First things first. Before you learn how to manifest a text message from someone or manifest someone to call you, you need to understand the meaning of manifesting and how to go about it.

Manifesting involves raising your energy levels to match that of your desire, taking inspired action to attract it into your life, and believing and living it. 

The key to manifesting is your ability to truly feel and experience the energy of your desires.

The inescapable truth about energy and desire is that you attract things that correspond to your energy level. Working backward, you can attract whatever you want to by aligning your energy vibrations with it.

So, the long and short of manifesting is to be aware of your energy and know ways to boost it.

A step-by-step guide to manifest a text message

Have you ever thought of someone you love and suddenly received a call or a text from them? This is manifesting without conscious effort. 

We are trying to recreate the same outcome at will.

The three-step manifesting process of the law of attraction is Ask, Believe, and Receive. In addition to these three steps, you also need to raise your energy vibrations and take inspired action.

Follow these steps to manifest a text message from someone you love.

Step 1: Be clear and specific about what you want

The first step at manifesting what you want is to place a request for the same with the Universe with as much clarity and specifics as you possibly can summon.

Vague and unclear messages to the Universe may result in undesired outcomes. Adding specifics will help in getting exactly what you have in mind. 

You may include the name of the person when you are asking the Universe to grant you your wish. You may even include the exact text message that you are wishing for.

You can place a request with the Universe by writing it down in your manifestation journal. You may see this article about 5 Powerful Scripting Manifestation Examples.

Step 2: Deal with your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs pose one of the major roadblocks to manifestation. Acknowledging and negating them is vital for a successful manifestation.

Limiting beliefs are negative ideas entrenched in your mind that will restrict you from realizing your potential or dreams. 

Some of the common limiting beliefs are

  • I can’t do that.
  • They don’t like me.
  • I will mess it up.
  • Nobody wants to be friends with me.
  • I am not good at relationships.

Limiting beliefs exist only in your mind and has got nothing to do with reality. By acknowledging them, you can free yourself from its hold. Further, you can revisit your beliefs periodically and get rid of ones that are no longer relevant or true.

Step 3: Visualize your success

Your energy, belief, feelings, and thoughts are the keys to manifesting desires. It is your energy that determines and creates your reality. Your belief is the foundation on which you can attract your desires through your feelings and thoughts.

Visualization is one of the techniques used in the law of attraction to achieve all these. It involves imagining your feelings after you taste success with manifestation. 

When you are trying to manifest a text message from someone, picture in your mind the happiness and excitement you will feel when you receive the text message. You can enhance the experience by visualizing your phone’s message notification tone and the act of you reading the message.

Visualization gives you a high as nothing else can. It can raise your energy sky high in no time. You may read also a comprehensive guide to Vision board.

Turn to visualization whenever your feelings and thoughts stray to the dark side or at times when niggling doubts start to creep into your mind.

Step 4: Affirm to strengthen your belief

Affirmations are simply positive statements aimed at boosting your morale and eliminating your negative beliefs and feelings. 

Easy to practice, affirmations are your best friend for raising energy levels and manifesting goals.

Some of the common affirmations are

  • I am worthy of love and respect.
  • I deserve to be happy and successful.
  • I can do it.
  • I attract loving, healthy relationships.
  • I love myself.

Choose from existing affirmations or write one for yourself. Select a few affirmations that resonate with you and repeat them as often as possible. See list of Positive Affirmation to Start the Day.

Step 5: Let go and relax

Once you have completed the steps of manifestation earnestly and sincerely, you need to take a step back and take it easy. You just need to learn to let go and calm down.

Allowing your desire to occupy your thoughts all the time is not going to help. You will end up consumed by it. Obsessing over your desire will negate all the good effort you have put in.

After placing the request, you have to show your trust in the Universe by taking a step back, be patient, and allow it to do its magic. 

Manifesting a text message with the law of attraction may happen instantly or may take longer to materialize. The time taken for manifestation is dependent on your energy level, trust in the process, and dedication in following the steps. 

The text message you manage to manifest from the specific person may take longer than you expected or may not contain what you wanted. Don’t feel let down or disappointed. The Universe knows what is best for you.

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