How to Manifest Something by Writing It Down?

How To Manifest Something By Writing It Down

How To Manifest Something By Writing It Down

Experts in the field have pointed out time and again the benefits of writing down to enhance the clarity of our thoughts. As the law of attraction emphasizes the role of our thoughts and feelings in making our dreams come true, this translates to improving the chance of manifesting by writing down our desires.

Have you ever experienced this before? You write down your goals and later they become a reality. Did you ever wonder if there is a connection between these two events? Does such a connection really exist?

Yes indeed, they are linked. There is an undeniable relationship between writing down the list of your desires and their manifestation. 

Let us dig a bit deeper and understand how it works. And also, how to write down what you want to manifest and better the odds and speed up the manifestation process.

How does manifesting by writing work?

The mind can best be described as a runaway horse or an out-of-control kite. If left to its own, our minds run wild, taking unexpected turns and reaching places unthought-of. 

One of the basic rules of the law of attraction for easy and fast manifestation is focussing on goals. When there are so many desires parading through the mind, it is difficult to weed out the unimportant ones and concentrate on the significant ones.

Writing down your thoughts is a time-tested way to help your mind focus on the things you consider important. It follows naturally that this improves the chance of manifestation.

Improves focus 

When your focus is shifting constantly as your mind is running wild, you cannot expect anything good to come out of it. You need to give your undivided attention to a desire for some time for the law of attraction to work and make it a reality. This will happen only when your focus stays put on your desire long enough. 

Writing helps in bringing discipline to your thoughts and feelings and promotes better focus.

Rein in our minds

A mind that is turbulent and undisciplined cannot be expected to achieve anything significant. Because all the while you will be trying to make sense of the unfettered thoughts and feelings passing through it. Your energy and time will be consumed in this effort rather than focus on the goal you want to manifest.

Writing down helps in bringing discipline to our thoughts and feelings.

Clarity of thoughts is important

Ungoverned mind brings you a different desire or goal every day or even multiple times a day. Some of them just vanish into thin air as time passes, while others linger longer. This can lead to anxiety and confusion.

Writing down your desires can help bring more clarity on what is important to you.

Things you focus on are easier to manifest

It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of focus in manifestation. It is one of the most vital steps in manifesting using the law of attraction. Without focusing on your desire, manifestation seldom happens. The more you focus, the easier and faster the manifestation will be.

Drives away doubts

It is natural for us to have many desires. At the time a desire pops up in our minds, it seems important and essential. It is challenging to reason it out in the mind and eliminate the fleeting desires. 

Writing them down helps in looking at them from different angles and see them in their true colors. This process can help in getting rid of those momentary desires and focus on the really meaningful ones.

How to use your writing skills to help in manifestation?

Writing down your desires helps in identifying the ones that are truly important and ones that are merely passing yearnings. This process can also add more clarity to the desires you want to manifest. 

Follow these steps for a more effortless manifestation of your dreams.

Step 1: Identify your goal

The first step of manifestation is one of the hardest ones. Most of us experience a wish parade every day. While most of them are unimportant and fleeting cravings, it is a task to weed out the insignificant ones and identify the desire that you truly want to manifest. 

The trick is to write down all the desires you consider important and come back to them later. If you still think they are worth pursuing, continue. After repeating this process multiple times, you will be left with one goal that you value the most.

Step 2: Keep adding more details 

Once you have identified the goal you want to manifest, you can use the same technique to help your mind focus better on it for faster manifestation. As your mind focuses on the goal and brings up more details about it, keep adding these extra aspects to the write-up about the goal. 

The idea of writing down your goal in detail is to go back to it repeatedly and remind yourself of the goal you want to manifest. The law of attraction states that the more your mind dwells on your goal, the better your chance of manifesting it. 

This step also helps in bringing clarity to your goal – another vital factor aiding manifestation.

Step 3: Let it go

Focusing on your desire doesn’t necessarily mean thinking about it 24×7 and getting anxious and worked up. This is exactly what you should avoid doing.

Once you have identified your desire and made it clearer by adding as many details as you can think of, it is time to let it go. This doesn’t mean forget about it completely. 

You should remind yourself of your goal with visual aids and going through what you have written down at least once daily. 

However, you should not allow the process to consume your thoughts. Or in other words, you should not get obsessed with the manifestation process. You should learn to detach yourself from the process without losing focus on it.

This is easier said than done. But with practice it is achievable. 

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Closing thoughts

The law of attraction teaches us that the Universe will grant every one of our wishes; we just need to know how to ask. The Universe is aware of each one of the thoughts and feelings that pass through our minds. That puts the onus on us to keep our minds uncluttered, focused, and clear to send the right signal to the Universe. 

Writing down what you want to manifest is a simple manifestation technique to achieve your dreams.

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