How to Manifest with Crystals?

How to Manifest with Crystals?

How to Manifest with Crystals?

Manifestation is a technique practiced by millions across the world to make their dreams come true. Crystals, again, has a devoted fandom. Why not combine these two?

Both crystals and manifestation have their own naysayers dismissing them as placebo and pseudoscience. The truth of the matter is that all these are individual opinions and nothing more. None of it has either been proved right or wrong. So, why not give these processes a chance and find out for yourself?

If you are a believer in manifestation and the power of crystals or would like to know more about it before making up your mind, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn more about how to combine these two amazing processes and the steps to manifest with crystals. 

In this article, you will also get an introduction to the best crystals for manifesting and how to use crystals to manifest.

A short intro to manifestation and crystals

Manifestation is the process of raising your energy vibration to make your desires come true. The law of attraction tells us that with positive thinking, anything is achievable. It is all about getting a grip on your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and channeling them on the right path to get what you want. 

The law of vibration states that everything in this Universe, including living and non-living things, is made up of energy. When there is an energy match, there is a mutual attraction. To manifest your goal, all you need to do is to boost your energy vibrational frequency to match that of the goal. 

Crystals are formed from mineral deposits deep down inside the earth. When the temperature cools down, crystallization happens. Later on, when various crystallized minerals come under very high pressure and temperature, crystals are created.

As the formation process of crystals involves high-energy conditions, some of the energy gets trapped inside these crystals. Crystals release this energy into the environment throughout their lifetime. It is this energy that makes crystals do wonders for us humans.

Manifesting with crystals

To manifest a goal, the law of attraction offers a variety of tools and techniques. The purpose of all of them is to raise the vibrational frequency to match that of the goal. Some of the most effective and commonly used techniques are visualization, affirmation, gratitude, and meditation. Most often, those who are manifesting use a combination of techniques to help manifest faster.

Now, let’s see how crystals can play a role in manifestation. As explained earlier, crystals have an abundance of energy within them and this energy is released into the surroundings constantly. When you are wearing a crystal as a jewel or keeping it near you, you will end up absorbing this energy. In other words, you get an energy boost without making any special effort. 

Whether your goal is to attract your soulmate, acquire more money, or improve your health, the idea is to raise your energy level to align with the energy level of your goal. Crystals can do this for you without any effort from your side. You may also combine crystals with other manifestation processes like visualization and meditation.

Not much research and studies have been done on the effectiveness of crystals in boosting energy vibrations. Without proof, either way, some tend to think of the power of crystals as a placebo. 

However, if proof is what is required for the validation of crystals, then you may consider the testimony of the millions of people who have relied on crystals for thousands of years. Moreover, for staunch believers in the healing and energy-boosting power of crystals, their proof lies in the results they see and experience. 

When crystals can be beneficial to you, in real or as a placebo, what is the harm in relying on them, as long as you maintain an open mind?

Some powerful crystals for manifesting

The energy contained in the crystals differs based on how and where they formed. The pressure and temperature they had to endure during the formation process are keys to this. This means all crystals do not have the same energy. In other words. All crystals do not induce the same effect on you.

Based on the energy they encapsulate, there are different crystals for manifesting various goals. Here is a short list of the best manifest rocks for some commonly sought-after goals.

Rose quartz
Rose quartz:

Love and relationships

Rose quartz: 

This is a no-brainer. This exquisite pink beauty tops the list of crystals to help you with anything related to matters of the heart. It is the most effective as well as the most popular to help you find the love of your life and ensure a loving, healthy relationship. It is also great at promoting self-love.


This acts as a good luck charm to attract love and heal wounds of the heart. When you are going through the emotional trauma accompanying a breakup, rhodonite is the crystal for you to heal and recuperate.

Pink kunzite: 

Another symbol of love and affection, this lovely pink crystal is the perfect companion to promote unconditional love and improve communication in the relationship.

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Health and well-being


This is the most versatile among crystals, occurring in nature in a wide range of colors and textures. Clear quartz is considered the “master healer” among all crystals. It can work on its own as well as work in combination with other crystals to boost their effectiveness. 


This exquisite black stone is awe-inspiring to the viewer as well as helps remove negativity and blockages in your body. Ultimately, this promotes a smooth flow of energy within the body and your ability to absorb positive energy from your surroundings.


This purple quartz is well-known for its calming, soothing, and healing properties. An excellent choice of crystal to get relief from toxic emotions like stress, anxiety, anger, and fear.


Wealth and success


This golden-yellow-hued crystal is one of the most popular crystals to attract money and abundance. It is known to boost creativity and trigger inspiring ideas to create new opportunities for wealth generation.


More known by its nickname “fool’s gold”, pyrite has a gold-like metallic appearance. It is a favorite among those who want to attract success, abundance, and prosperity. It helps in enhancing focus, motivation, and willpower to succeed in anything you are attempting, especially for career and business ventures.

Green aventurine: 

True to its popular moniker as the “stone of opportunity”, this opaque green crystal is your best bet to attract money-making avenues. It works by opening your eyes and mind to new opportunities, helping you focus, and aligning your energy with your goal.


A step-by-step guide to manifesting with crystals

Step 1: Take care when choosing crystals

You have many choices to do this. You can either take the help of a gemologist to understand the benefits of various crystals or do it yourself by reading up on the topic. There is lots of information available at your fingertips online.  

But before you do this, you need to be clear about what you are looking for. What are you planning to manifest? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your expectations from the gemstone?

Even after all this, you may be able to zoom in on the perfect crystal theoretically. Before you go ahead and buy one, you need to check it out in person. Hold the crystal in your hand and see how it makes you feel. When you have the right stone with you, you will feel, “This is it. This is the one for me.”

The visual appeal is also important when you are picking your crystal for manifestation. As soon as you lay your eyes on it, you would feel so enchanted by it that you will find it difficult to pry your eyes off it. The connection with the crystal has to happen on all planes. 

Depending on your intuition to choose the crystal is not only for choosing between different crystals. Different pieces of the same crystal may have similar looks but the energy may be different. This means their effect on you will also differ.

Each piece of crystal is unique in energy and benefits. So, take your time to decide. 

Step 2: Cleanse them before use

The basic nature of crystals is to emit positive energy into the environment and absorb negative energy from it. When you buy a new crystal, you are not sure of the toxic energy it contains. This depends on where it has been and who handled it. 

If you start using the crystal right away, you may not find it as beneficial because of the negative energy creating blockages. You need to cleanse them of all negative energy and recharge crystals energy before going ahead with using crystals to manifest. 

Some simple ways to achieve this are:

  • Hold the crystal for a few minutes in running water.
  • Leave it in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours.
  • Light up sage or frankincense and leave the crystal exposed to the smoke.
  • Smear the crystal with sage or similar herbs.
  • Leave it in a room where high-vibrational music is playing.

Step 3: Decide what you want

This is the first step of manifestation. You may have many desires and dreams. But pick one out and focus on this one alone. You may choose another after your first wish is manifested. Stick with one goal at a time, at least in the beginning. 

You may have already decided on your goal before you went crystal shopping. Because the crystal benefits for each one of the goals are different. The energy needed for the realization of your goal has to align perfectly with the energy of the gemstone. 

It’s up to you to figure out which is the right crystal for each one of your desires. Even if you gain theoretical knowledge about this by reading, you get better at crystal selection with experience. By holding the crystal in the palm of your hand, you should be able to “read” it. 

A helpful tip to getting this right is to clear your mind of negative energy as this can influence your choice. A short session of meditation is usually found helpful to achieve this. 

Step 4: Make the crystal part of your life.

There are many ways you can use crystals for manifestation. You can wear it as jewelry or if it is a bigger stone, you can keep it on the nightstand and allow it to work its magic the entire night. Carry them in your wallet/purse or put them under the pillow. Hold the crystal in your hand when meditating.

Ultimately go back to your intuition and trust what it is telling you. Which of these methods feel right for you? Don’t overthink it, just go with what your subconscious mind is telling you.

Bottom line

Crystals offer you a simple and effective way to raise your vibrational frequency without having to work for it. However, you need to be careful about the origins of the crystal. Crystals take millions of years to form and everyone wants them. The combination of limited supply and high demand can make people resort to all kinds of fraudulent means. 

Ethical sourcing of crystals is as important for you to derive benefits from it as who all have handled it before it reached you. Reputed sellers provide certification for the crystals they sell, detailing their history. Even if this hikes up the cost of crystals, it is worth the extra money.

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