How To Manifest Your Crush To Text You

How To Manifest Your Crush To Text You

How To Manifest Your Crush To Text You
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    Trying to manifest your crush to text you?  Seriously? Is this even possible?

    If you have a crush and expect them to text you, there is nothing more in the world you would want. If you are told that you can make this happen lightning fast, you would be pinching yourself, right?

    Do you know often your manifestation gets delayed because you aren’t paying attention to some aspects of it? One of the serious threats to manifestation is energy blocks. Most of us are not even aware that we have energy blockages.

    Before you begin your manifestation, you should identify and overcome your energy blockages and negative thoughts. You also need to develop an optimistic attitude and eliminate limiting beliefs.

    All this preparatory work for manifestation is the same when you are manifesting any goal. Now, it is time to focus on how to manifest receiving text from your crush.

    In this article, you will discover 6 amazingly simple techniques to make this happen. Once you learn how to do this, you would be like “Is it that simple?”. Without further ado, let’s get going.

    Can you actually manifest your crush texting you?

    Manifesting receiving text from anyone is a no-brainer. By the way, you can also manifest phone calls. Or manifest love and relationship. The law of attraction doesn’t place any limitations on what you can manifest as long as you are passionate about it. All you need to do is set this as the goal for manifestation and follow the steps.

    Manifesting receiving text from your crush is no different from manifesting wealth, health, or love. You should want this really hard, believe that it will happen, and can focus on it without distractions. The law tells us that we can manifest anything we focus on. So, yes, manifesting receiving text from your crush is a real possibility.

    This becomes more challenging if you want this to happen immediately. The good news is that with the right methods you can do this.

    6 techniques to manifest your crush texting you

    All the methods mentioned here will work like a charm only if you have done the groundwork for manifestation. This includes removing limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and working on your energy vibrations.

    Get Set Go.

    1. Whisper your wish

    This is an easy and simple manifestation technique that you can try as long as you are totally focused on what you want. In fact, its success depends on your ability to believe and focus on it.

    Find a quiet spot and make sure you won’t be disturbed. You may close your eyes for better focus. Sit in a relaxed position. Draw in a few deep breaths. Now you are all set.

    Bring to your mind the image of your crush. Let your mind think about them for some time. Remember all the things you love about them and why you want them to text you now.

    You may include yourself in the image as well, sitting close together in a place you have always dreamt about. Notice everything about this specific person. Does this person appear happy and excited to be near you? Now, it is time to press the play button. Play the video.

    Continue your imagination of the scene. In your mind’s eye, see the scene unfolding. Imagine the conversation, the view, and the smell lingering in the environment. You may also include touching each other or the taste of whatever you are eating. Make the scene as realistic as your imagination would permit.

    In the next step, imagine you leaning over and whispering your wish in your crush’s ears. “Send me a text now”. That is all you need to do. Isn’t it easy and simple?

    Sit back and relax while waiting for receiving text message from your crush.

    2. Send yourself a text

    This may sound a bit weird but when you desperately want something, nothing is too weird to try, isn’t it? Like the first one, this is also easy and simple. So, what is the harm in trying anyway?

    Follow the same initial grounding techniques to set up the environment and get ready for the act. After a few deep breaths, you are ready for the show.

    Get your phone and save your phone number in the profile of this specific person. So that when you send a text or place a call to yourself, it will show as if your crush is texting or calling you. Got it?

    The next step is a weird one. Send a text message to your own phone number as if your crush is messaging you. You can include everything you want them to tell you. You have to act as though all that is happening is real.

    With this, your part in the act is over. Once you have sent the text, relax. Try not to think or obsess over the message for a little while. You better distract yourself with something else.

    Come back and read the text message you have received under the name of your crush. Feel the emotions and enjoy it to the hilt.

    You know that you only send the text to yourself. But it still manages to send an electric shock through your system. Doesn’t it?

    This manifestation method is for you to experience the thrill of receiving text messages from your crush and learn to deal with it.

    3. Visualize the text

    Visualization is a standard manifestation technique used to manifest love. Among all the techniques offered by the law of attraction, this is one of the best and most effective.

    Get your phone and open the “message” app. You may keep your eyes closed or open. It is your choice. Imagine the text message you are wishing for from your crush.

    Notice the words used. Are there any emojis in it? Can you see your reply? Is there a whole thread of the conversation? Are there any gifs, images, or memes? Do the messages imply that there is love in the air?

    Imagine your emotions and thoughts as this conversation unfolds. Can you feel your heart beating in your mouth? Or butterflies fluttering in the stomach?

    Are you enjoying the experience? Keep yourself immersed in this scene as long as you want to. Soon this is going to happen in real life.

    4. Under the pillow

    You may have tried this manifestation method in other instances but forgot how effective it can be when you want something really bad.

    Most of the work in the manifestation process is done by your subconscious mind. It works the best when you are asleep. With your consciousness switched off during sleep, it also means no work for your awareness.

    This manifestation method involves writing the wish you want to manifest on a bit of paper. Make sure that the tone of your writing remains positive. For instance, you should say what you want and not what you don’t want.

    Also, write the wish in the present tense, as if your wish has already been fulfilled. So, avoid the “I want” or “I wish for” formats. Instead, try “I received a text from (name of your crush). I am over the moon”.

    Place this paper under the pillow as you sleep. Continue this routine until you find success.

    In this technique, most of the hard work is done by your subconscious mind while you are sleeping.

    Learn more about Pillow manifestation for love.

    5. The 369 manifestation method

    If you are looking for a fast turnaround, nothing can beat the 369 manifestation method. This combines the power of positive affirmations with repetitions for an intensely focused approach to manifestation.

    The first and most important part is to figure out the affirmation you are planning to use for this manifestation method. Like in the previous instance, the tone of the writing should remain positive and the tense, the present tense. Such as, “I am so happy and excited to receive a text from (name of your crush)”.

    The next step is to write down the chosen affirmation using paper and pen – in the morning 3 times, in the afternoon 6 times, and at night 9 times. Every time you write this affirmation, imagine the scene when you received the message.

    You should do this routine every day without break for 21 consecutive days. In case you missed a day, start over again. Your wish will most probably come true much before the 21 days are completed.

    To learn more, check our article on 369 manifestation method.

    6. Keep Your Vibration High

    Manifestation works best when you are in a state of high vibration. This means that you feel good most of the time and attract positive experiences and people into your life. 

    You can raise your vibration by doing things that make you happy, such as listening to uplifting music, spending time in nature, being around positive people, meditating, or doing something creative. 

    When you keep your vibration high, you are in alignment with your desires, and manifestation becomes much easier.

    For more information, check out our article on How to Raise Your Vibration to Attract Love.

    Bottom line

    Is it wrong to manifest text messages? This is a question that haunts many. There is nothing wrong with this unless your crush specifically asked you to stay away. If this is not the case, go right ahead and manifest text messages. For all you know, this can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

    In case, you are unable to manifest text messages as you wish, go back to the basics of manifestation and work on your energy levels and limiting beliefs. Next time around, you will succeed for sure.

    Manifesting your crush to text you is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need is a bit of focus and positive energy. The techniques mentioned in this article will help you to make your wish come true. 

    Did you enjoy this article? please share it with your friends! And if you want to continue learning, check out our post, How To Manifest Someone To Be Obsessed With You: It’s easier than you think! Thanks for reading!

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