How to Play Mind Games with a Guy Over Text?

How to Play Mind Games with a Guy Over Text?

How to Play Mind Games with a Guy Over Text?

Texting has become one of the most used methods of communication among the young today. With ease and convenience come troubles and tribulations. Playing mind games over text has become a reality.

The texting games, as it is fondly known, are battles of grit and willpower. It’s also complicated and bewildering for the uninitiated. It can drive you nuts if you let it consume you. 

Despite its pitfalls, it’s a useful tool to have in your kitty if you want to play mind games with your boyfriend. 

Running the risk of being called a sexist, we can safely say that men ace at the texting games. As a woman, you may have come across a guy at least once in your dating life, who uses texts to keep you guessing and on the edge. 

You may get a lot of messages from him at the beginning. It starts with “Good morning My Love” each day and ends with “Sweet Dreams My Dearest”. All his tests will be brimming with messages of love, smiles, and heart emojis. 

However, soon this will come to an end. He goes silent suddenly. Leaving you wondering what happened. “Did I do anything wrong?” “Did I offend him in any way?” “Why is he so quiet?” You will tie yourself up in knots thinking day and night about this.

If you haven’t realized it yet, this is part of the texting games he is playing with you. 

Do you know that you can play mind games with a guy over text? You may not be a natural at this like your boyfriend, but you can learn how to play mind games with a guy over text. It’s not just a tool you can use to keep him on the hook. You can also play mind games to make him fall in love with you.

This article will help you understand how to play mind games with a guy over text. Here you will learn all about flirty games to play over text with a guy.

How to play texting games with your boyfriend?

1. Keep it tight

All you may want is to be with him but don’t let this show. Keep this close to your chest. Instead, act busy and unavailable as if you are too tied up otherwise to spend time with him. 

The goal is to make him put in the effort to earn your attention and wait for you. In case you are feeling bad about playing mind games on him or consider it wrong, just think back. Hasn’t he done the same to you? You are just paying it back in the same coin.

If he tries to chat you up or asks you out on a date, ensure that you say “no” more times than “yes”. Don’t feel obliged to be too truthful about your reasons for rejecting his invitation. Be as vague and evasive as you can. 

“Sounds tempting, but I’m too tied up today.”

“I have a lot on my plate right now. I’ll take a rain check.”

2. Keep it mixed up

Make sure that he cannot figure you out even after going out with you for months. Keep your preferences so muddled up that he won’t dare to take a guess about you. 

In short, learn to send mixed signals. This need not be just about going out with him alone. This can be about your likes and dislikes as well.

Gorge on ice cream one day to act uninterested the next. The same rule applies to flirting with him. Go overboard one day only to act demure and reserved the next time you meet him.  Say “yes” to his request once or twice, but out of the blue say “no”. 

Don’t let him feel that he is comfortable with you and has figured you out. In case he brings this up, you can tell him that it’s not his fault, it’s you to blame.

“It’s ok, but…”

“I’m not sure of my plans for the weekend. Maybe.”

3. Let him know that you’ve options

You need to be careful with this if you’re really in love with him. When you let him know that he’s not the only one and he has competition, you are playing mind games with him. 

But be warned about the dangers of this method. If you take it too far, your guy may lose interest in you and walk away. How much is too much varies from person to person.

For example, you may mention your conversation with another guy who is interested in you. Or you may casually let your boyfriend know that this other guy is trying to connect with you over the dating app. 

Try this only if you know how far you can stretch his limits and pull it off without messing it up. 

“You should learn from this guy. He sends me such love-filled messages.”

“I’m not sure how to respond to this guy. He seems to be obsessed with me.”

4. Act cool and nonchalant

Being a guy, your boyfriend may try to play mind games with you. He may flaunt and flirt with other women when you’re around. It is a big boost to his ego when you act jealous. 

Don’t play into his hands and give him what he wants. Even if you’re jealous and boiling with rage on the inside, act unconcerned and calm on the outside.

He may expect you to say angry words or even give him the silent treatment. The best thing for you to do is to act normal as if nothing extraordinary has happened. 

He will be confounded by the fact that you’re not acting up or throwing fits. He will be thrown off the balance when you act out of character. He may begin to have doubts about whether you like him.

While texting your boyfriend, just stick to your usual lovey-dovey style of conversation. Not more, not less.

5. Don’t be the first one to text

Initiating a text conversation shows your eagerness to converse with your boyfriend. If you want to keep him in check and on the edge, you should learn to contain your urge to text first. 

Wait patiently until he sends you a text. Even then, you can hold on for longer before replying. This will give him the impression that this relationship is not the only focus for you. 

Men are always playing these texting games with women but they never expect women to retaliate, especially in the same way. Women are always considered impulsive and unable to control their emotions. Acting this way will throw him off balance.

Final thoughts on playing mind games with a guy over text

Don’t reveal everything about yourself. Stay mysterious. This adds to your charm and allure. Be unpredictable and desist from committing to anything. 

Learn how to be passive-aggressive and not to be too docile and compliant. Besides texting games, you can also use your body language to create confusion in his mind.

Sing paeans about your ex and flirt with good-looking guys on social media. Don’t feel guilty to play mind games with a guy over text because whether intentionally or otherwise, he is playing mind games with you. He is always trying to boost his ego by using you. 

When he finds that you’re immune to his charms, you have won. He will chase you until you relent. 

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