How to Raise Your Vibration When Depressed: 10 Easy Ways

How to Raise Your Vibration When Depressed?

How to Raise Your Vibration When Depressed

You may have heard about “raising the vibration”. It is often given as the solution to overcome negative thinking and negative feelings like depression, anger, and suchlike.

Have you ever tried to raise your vibration? Do you actually understand what it means? 

Read on to know the meaning of “raising your vibration” and how to make it happen when you are feeling depressed.

What does it mean to raise your vibration?

One of the Universal Laws, the law of vibrations tells us that all things in this Universe are made up of energy and they are vibrating at different frequencies. These include living and non-living things and tangible and intangible things. This means our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are also energy.

When you are having positive thoughts and feelings, your vibrational energy will be high. The opposite is also true. When you are having negative emotions, you will experience lower energy vibrations. 

So, when you are feeling depressed, which is a negative emotion, your vibrations are bound to be low. This leads to the question. What is the harm in having low vibrations? Or, how are higher vibrations beneficial?

All of us are vibrating at a frequency based on various factors. When the vibrational frequency is low, the energy is denser or heavier. And, this will make your problem seem more than what it actually is. With low vibrational energy, you will experience physical pain and discomforts as well as emotional disturbances and mental confusion. 

Low emotional vibration means you need to invest more effort to accomplish simple tasks. Everything will look bleak and dark.

On the other hand, having high vibration makes you feel happier, light-hearted, and enthusiastic. Even the bigger problems look smaller and manageable. You feel as if you are on top of the world and you can do anything and overcome the roadblocks you may encounter in your life’s journey.

So, now, you know how your vibrational energy can influence your life. While low vibrations can create mountains out of molehills, positive vibrations will help you weather the storms with ease.

Now, let’s come back to the topic of raising your vibration when depressed. When you are feeling depressed, your energy vibrations are naturally low. If you do nothing about it, you will continue to slip further and further down in your energy vibrations and thereby become more and more depressed. This will not help you in any way. The solution is to raise your vibration.

Is it possible to raise your vibration when you are depressed?

Yes, of course, you can. But it is definitely not an easy thing to achieve. The reason is simple enough to understand. When you are depressed and your energy vibration is low, you will be having a hard time convincing yourself to do anything constructive or positive. The mere task of getting up from the bed or stepping out to meet friends becomes such a tedious task.

In this scenario, making you work towards a higher vibrational level is not easy but not impossible. 

One of the biggest hurdles on your path to raising your vibration is your depression itself. Being a negative thought, it tends to invade your mind and take root there easily. Negative emotions are the default setting of the mind. You seem to enjoy the pain that negative thoughts bring, even when you want to get rid of it. This is a contradiction but the truth.

To raise your vibration when depressed, you have to rise above the negativity pervading your mind and enveloping you. You can make this happen by following these methods.

10 Ways to raise your vibration when depressed

As mentioned earlier, when you are depressed, getting yourself to do anything, let alone positive things, is not easy. You will feel the inertia and resistance to change, even if it is for the better. The best place to start your journey towards positivity is by loving yourself. You cannot achieve anything good without this.

1. Love yourself

This may sound like a strange suggestion if you are not familiar with it. Loving yourself means accepting yourself wholeheartedly for who you are. Not many of us can do this in its truest sense. It begins by convincing ourselves that we come as a package deal and we cannot pick and choose what we like in ourselves.

2. Acknowledge and accept your negative feelings

The next obvious step is to recognize the presence of depression in your mind. If you want to get rid of something, you need to become aware of its existence and then work towards making it go away. The same technique works here. By ignoring the reality of depression, you will never be able to banish it from your mind.

3. Take small steps towards positivity

When you are feeling depressed and your vibrations are low, it may require a huge effort to get the vibrations in the positive range. When even the smallest of the tasks are looking tedious and too difficult to handle, this would seem impossible.

You can make it happen by breaking it down into smaller easily achievable tasks. Take one small step at a time in the right direction and you will ultimately reach the destination. This may take longer than expected, you can rest assured that you will manage to raise your vibrations.

4. Repeat affirmations

Affirmations are your best friends to change your vibration and mindset and make the impossible possible. Repeating affirmations are much easier when compared to other methods. Here are some positive affirmations to raise your vibrations.

  • I am happy and content.
  • I embrace myself with all my flaws.
  • I am grateful for all my blessings.
  • I have everything I need.
  • My life is getting better every day.

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5. Get out of your comfort zone

As the name suggests, your comfort zone will give you comfort in the beginning. But if you stay put there, it stops being of any use to you. When you convince yourself to step outside it, you will find a world full of excitement, happiness, and fulfillment. This works every single time.

6. Practice gratitude

The feeling of gratitude is so powerful and so simple to adopt. Despite this, gratitude is one of the most ignored among the positive feelings. Try cultivating gratitude and make it part of your habit. It will reap rich dividends for the rest of your life.

7. Be kind to others

Kindness, compassion, and empathy are as much beneficial for the benefactor as it is for the beneficiary. When you do someone a good turn, you get their gratitude in return. You also feel happy and content to have done a good deed.

8. Get close to nature

Nature has this amazing quality to make you feel happy in an instant. When you see the beauty of nature, you tend to forget your worries and sadness and feel joyous. You can raise a garden or go trekking. If none of these are suitable, you can take a walk in the park and soak in the incredible landscape, wonderful flora and fauna, and breathe in clean air.

9. Eliminate mental blocks

Limiting beliefs can prevent you from doing things you want to and achieving your goals. They can pose roadblocks on your path to positivity. Getting rid of them is not an easy task. Affirmations can help you with this.

10. Ask the Universe for guidance

When you are feeling confused and lost, you can turn to your guardian angel or the Universe to show you the right path. All you need to do is ask the Universe with all sincerity and belief. Your reply will be sent as signs by the Universe.

Concluding thoughts

When you are depressed and your energy vibrations are low, you may be giving out negative energy into your environment. You will end up robbing energy from a high-vibration person. The only way to prevent this occurrence is to raise your frequency using any of the methods given above.

Understanding spiritual vibrations and frequencies can help you gain a better understanding of how to manage low spiritual frequency. As your energy is transmitted as energy vibrations between people, you will end up spreading negativity if you are not taking the initiative to raise it.

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