How to Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People?

How to Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People?

How to Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between Two People?

Have you ever felt drawn to someone? Felt an irresistible attraction? A mystical power compelling you to get closer to someone and get to know them? 

Have you ever wondered why you experienced the magnetic pull towards a specific someone?

Read on to learn more about magnetic attraction between two people. And, the signs that reveal the existence of such a magical connection.

Why do we feel an irresistible attraction to someone?

When you experience a powerful and compelling pull towards someone you are meeting for the first time or have known only for a short period, it makes you wonder whether it is love at first sight.

The answer is maybe, maybe not. Let me explain this further.

One of the most plausible explanations for this phenomenon is a connection at the soul level. Soul connection, soul mates, twin flames, and past life connection are some of the theories floating around to describe this sensation. 

Is soulmate for real? 

By dictionary definition, a soulmate is someone for whom you have a deep affinity or an ideally suitable lifemate. However, soul mates take on an altogether different meaning when viewed in the metaphysical sense. 

On a spiritual plane, there exists exactly one soul mate for each one of us. It is a common belief that our soulmate is the perfect match for us and our quest in life is to find them. Some others believe that the soul mates are connected at the soul level and may or may not be suited for each other. 

Whether a perfect match or not, most people agree on one thing. Soul mates find themselves drawn to each other without a valid explanation for the same. They experience a compulsion to get to know each other, spend time together, feel comfortable in each other’s presence and share more than usual.

Oft given reasoning for this irresistible attraction is a match of vibrational energy. The Universal Law of Vibrational states that everything in this Universe is made up of energy and is vibrating constantly at different frequencies. 

When your energy vibrations are in harmony with that of another person, you find yourself intensely attracted to each other.

Twin flames and the magnetic pull

The twin flame theory also has many ardent followers. A twin flame is a deep connection of two people at the soul level. Also known as a ‘mirror soul’, a twin flame is considered to be one’s other half in the spiritual sense.

When a soul splits into two and exists in two separate bodies, it is natural for them to display a tendency to rejoin. This is what twin flames are all about. 

Unfortunately, when one of them feels the pull, the other may not. And, if they come together, sometimes everything falls into place in the first instance and they live happily ever after. However, most often this is not how it happens.

Just the way they feel the attraction, it can turn to repulsion as well. There may be a separation period when they spend some time apart, making them more aware of the significance of the other in their lives. 

Because of the intensity of their feelings for each other, twin flames may unite and break up multiple times and finally decide to part ways in rare cases. 

How to spot the chemistry between two people? 

It is easy to mistake the chemistry between people as simple infatuation. The instant connection you experience with your partner is often referred to as true love and is at a much deeper level and hard to ignore. 

Some of the tell-tale signs of true love are intense eye contact, an urge to share more than normal, and a desire to spend time with each other. 

Here are the common signs to look out for when you are attracted to someone.

1. Urge to maintain constant eye contact

When you experience an overpowering draw to someone, you find yourself staring at them helplessly despite a part of you telling you not to do it. You may find the other person doing the same thing. It is as if your eyes are locked together and you find it impossible to pry them away. 

It is often said that the way two people look at each other is an indication of the chemistry between them. Even without a single word being said and at times standing at a distance, they seem to “talk” to each other; carrying on a conversation and conveying lots of emotions. 

Ultimately, when the stare becomes too intense, both are forced to look away.

2. Urge to talk and reveal more

When you are drawn to someone like this, you find their company easy-going and enjoyable. You find yourself opening up to them from the word go unlike with others with whom it takes time to bring down barriers. 

You experience as if you have known him/her for ages and feel completely at ease in their presence that you can say whatever you want without repercussions, judgment, or offending them. With others, it may take years to reach this level of companionship. 

When there is strong chemistry between two people, there is no room for nervousness, distrust, discrimination, or any of the negative feelings we associate with a stranger or a recent acquaintance. 

It is like the two fit into each other’s lives neatly and perfectly like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

3. Déjà Vu

Call it by any name – déjà vu, familiarity or past-life connection – you feel like you have met him/her before. As if you have known them for a long time. This will make you feel at ease in their presence and open up to them without hesitation. 

The conversation between the two of you flows freely, like two friends meeting after a long time. It appears as if you know him/her but you want to know more. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself racking your brain trying to remember where you have met or come across them before. 

4. Desire to be with each other

When you are in a room full of people, despite trying hard to mingle with everyone and not to draw attention to yourself, you find yourself gravitating towards someone. You may find them going through the same situation.

You experience this strange feeling of being incomplete when you are away from that special someone. There is an ache in your heart that you find difficult to understand. You feel happy and relaxed only when you succumb to this sensation and be near them.

5. Robs your attention 

Despite trying hard to distract yourself, you find your attention drifting off to that someone, constantly following them with your eyes, listening eagerly to what they are saying, and focusing on what they are doing.

With the person hogging the limelight and taking up all your attention, you may find yourself ignoring and forgetting the important people in your life and as well as your duties and responsibilities.

6. Body language says it all

You can convey a lot with your body if you want to than with words and actions, especially when you are flirting or dating. You can display your interest, preference, or liking for someone with body language. Such as intense stares, blushing, and intimacy. 

Even when you are trying to act non-committal and indifferent for your own reasons, your body language betrays your true feelings towards the other. These are easily noticeable to someone looking out for them.

You may be able to control your apparent actions and words to a large extent but these hidden clues hold key to your true feelings as you will find yourself unable to control them. The more you try to hide your true feelings, the more it comes out in some form as body language.

Body language holds the key to the chemistry between two people.  

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7. Flirting without fearing consequences

When you experience an irresistible attraction to someone, you will have the urge to throw caution to the wind and behave without thinking about the aftermath. Your feeling for the person is so strong that you will be looking out for ways to be near them, touching, holding hands, hugging, or kissing. You will have no issues with sharing personal space.

Flirting offers a chance for both to express their attractions and reveal their feelings for each other before getting serious. It is testing waters before you reveal your secret to the world. 

While you are at it, the flirting stage is like a secret pact between the two people involved, both trying hard to keep it hidden from those around you.

8. Engaging in light-hearted bantering

Taunting and teasing are used by those who experience attraction for each other to display their interest in the other person and/or grab their attention. Deceivingly disguised as playful chatter and jokes, it is used to fill in the void when you are lost for words. 

Giving each other silly nicknames, picking on each other in a playful harmless manner, and nudging, poking, and pushing each other in a light-hearted fashion are all signs of magnetic attraction. The two people involved act more like playful kids rather than grownups.

9. Smiling for no apparent reason

When you are drawn towards someone and you like the feeling, it is natural for you to be happy and content. This is bound to come out as a smile on your lips without you being aware of it. Whenever you are in the presence of a special someone, you feel as if you are floating on cloud nine with a smile plastered on your face.

Your subtle smile is a message to the other person that you are happy in their presence and enjoying the company. You may even find yourself beaming with joy and unable to control it at times. Without uttering a single word, you can convey your liking and attraction to someone with your smile.

10. Tend to lose track of time

Time is known to fly when you are happy and in good company. When you are in the presence of a special someone, you tend to become oblivious to your surroundings and feel cocooned in a world where only you two exist. This makes you blissfully unaware of others around you as well as the passage of time.

As you are relishing each moment you spend with them, you always find yourself short of time; that the time passed way too fast to your liking. You may be engaged in conversation, activities, or just sitting and enjoying the silence together – what you two are doing is immaterial. There is no chance of boredom or tiredness.

Time does fly by when you are being happy and/or having fun.

11. Observe minute changes

When you experience the irresistible attraction to a person, they occupy your thoughts all the time. Your entire focus will be on them even when there is a crowd around you both. All you can see, hear or think involves this person so that you get to know them very well in a short time.

As you know the person inside out, you will be able to spot even small changes in their appearance or behavior easily. Such as a new hairstyle, new clothes or accessories, mannerisms, moods, and habits. 

Knowing a person in such detail helps you understand what makes them happy and what annoys them. And you tend to remember every little bit of information about the person, even the most inconsequential anecdotes they mentioned in passing.

When you are attracted to a person like this, nothing about them is too trivial for you. 

12. Best buddies

As we all know, friendship is the basis of a strong and long-lasting relationship. This means friendship also plays a part in the chemistry between two people. Those who can develop a good bond with each other find the going easier.

Being best buddies takes a lot of stress and anxiety out of a relationship. The need to impress is considerably less when you two have a good bond. This makes it all the more important to become friends with the person you are attracted to. 

Friendship makes the chemistry with someone stronger, helping to convert it into a long-lasting relationship.

More signs that reveal chemistry between two people

  • A similar burst of energy coming out as nervousness, tingling, butterflies in the stomach, or sweating.
  • At a loss for words on occasions, even when you tend to be talkative at other times.
  • You feel comfortable at the same time vulnerable in the presence of the person. You feel compelled to open up like never before.
  • You feel comfortable being unpretentious and being yourself. You feel as if you need not hide your true feelings.
  • You find yourself constantly thinking about the person. No matter what you are doing, the person is always on your mind.

Do you feel that someone is attracted to you? Find the answers to these questions in this article, including the gut feeling someone is attracted to you.

Where does magnetic attraction lead to?

Yes, you are irresistibly attracted to another person. So, what does it mean? Is that your soul mate? Should you act on it? What is the potential or consequences of such an attraction?

These are some of the common questions that pop up in one’s mind. Let us try to find answers to them.

The magnetic attraction between two people can become the foundation of a loving and long-lasting relationship. When the energy levels of the two people involved match, it shows great potential. However, this may not be true in all cases.

The draw you felt can also be the beginning of a temporary connection, though filled with powerful emotions and excitement. Something that is known as a playful fling. That is all. You both learn something from it and move on.

At times magnetic attraction between two people can turn dangerous as well. The strong emotions and exhilaration caused by it can make you say or do things that you otherwise would not. You tend to become oblivious of others and the aftermath of your actions, especially if you are already in a committed relationship. The consequences of your attraction on your existing relationship can be devastating.

Experiencing excellent chemistry with someone doesn’t mean you need to act on it. Especially if you are already in a good relationship. It just means that the two people have compatible energy and good chemistry exists between them.

How to deal with the feeling of intense attraction?

When you experience magnetic attraction towards someone, go ahead after understanding its potential and pitfalls. This doesn’t mean you need to be scared of the chemistry or fear that you will go totally out of control. 

The deep feeling of attraction may give rise to negativity. Learn from it and move on. Just because you experience a good bond with someone doesn’t mean it is your soul mate or you will end up in a lasting relationship with them.

Like in any relationship, you may experience trials and tribulations in this as well. Whether this will lead to a healthy relationship depends on how well you two understand the importance of sticking around and working through the challenges. 

Neither go overboard nor ignore and downplay the attraction. Everything exists in this Universe for a reason including magnetic attraction.  With patience and good sense, you will be able to navigate the tricky world of the relationship.

Final word

The magnetic attraction between two people happens when their energies match and are aligned with each other. But this need not always be good and end in a loving relationship. It has the potential to destroy your existing relationship and leave you stranded.

The fact that chemistry between two people exists doesn’t mean they are compatible in the real world. Even as they say “opposites attract”, be aware that feeling intense attraction for someone may not always convert to true love.

Call it love at first sight, soul connection, or Godsend. Just remember that it can go either way.

Proceed with caution instead of going ahead full steam and blindfolded.

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