How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind? 3 Minute Exercise

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind?

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

We hear about bigger, better, and faster supercomputers being developed that can process unbelievable amounts of data. The constant endeavor has been to make computers as good or better than the brain. 

Looking at some of the comparative statistics, it may seem as if supercomputers are winning the race. But the human brain is far more efficient and advanced and possesses much more raw computational skill than the best of supercomputers. 

Do you know that your brain is capable of processing almost 10 million pieces of information in one second? The bad news is that you are aware of only 40 of them. Incredulous, right?

Surprising yet unbelievable, it is the truth after all. This is because only about 40 pieces of information are processed by the conscious mind. All the rest is handled efficiently yet discreetly by the subconscious mind.

This means we are not aware of the large chunk of information received and processed by the brain. If we were aware, then there would be only a conscious mind.

Now, we come to the question – What is your subconscious? How does the subconscious mind work? Why should we bother about the subconscious mind? Why can’t we leave it be since we seem to be managing alright as it is?

When you are trying to change anything in your life such as your habit, behavior, or thoughts and feelings, you would be trying to do it using your conscious mind. That is obvious because that is the part of the brain we can control.

When you are using only a small part of the brain, it would naturally take longer to bring out the change. Or you might fail in your attempt because the effort isn’t enough to make the change happen. 

Instead, imagine how fast you can realize the change if you can find a way to use your subconscious mind! This means rewiring your brain.

Read on to learn about how to reprogram your subconscious mind as described by Clark Kegley in this video.

Why tap into the potential of the subconscious mind?

All of us want to make changes in our lives for some reason or the other. To live the same way all your life would be boring and monotonous. Changing our habits, behavior, routine, and style can bring in more excitement and enthusiasm.

When studying or memorizing something, some extra brainpower cannot hurt. Boosting your willpower, enhancing your memory, learning something new. and developing old skills can be accomplished fast and easy if you can get extra help from the hidden part of the brain.

Most New Year resolutions fail by mid-February, while some flounder in the first month of the year itself. If only we knew how to utilize the potential of that huge chunk of the brain!

If you want to manifest your dreams using the Law of Attraction, your subconscious mind plays a key role in making it happen. The basic principle of LOA is changing your thoughts to alter reality.

What if you get the magic key to access that secret side of the brain? Instead of using the limited resources available to you, by tapping into the functionality of the unknown, you would be able to achieve much more in your life than you can imagine.

The 3-minute subconscious mind exercise

Clark Kegley shares with us in this video a 3-minute subconscious mind exercise to help you access the subconscious mind and use it to your advantage. Once you master this manifestation technique, you can start using the full power of the brain. Life as you know will change irrevocably.

This is better explained through an example. 

Money is something all of us want more, whether we have very little or lots of it now. However, for manifesting more money, the big no-no is feeling its scarcity. 

We have been told often that money doesn’t grow on trees and we need to be extra careful with the money we have. Unfortunately, this is a mentality of lack or scarcity, which is a negative emotion.

Growing up we are fed on the value of money through threats of how the lack of it can hold us back and deny many of life’s pleasures. Though teaching the value of money is good when done from the perspective of its lack, it can prevent you from having a positive mindset about money.

The mental conditioning about the money we receive in our formative years plays a huge role in deciding our attitude towards it. And if we know nothing about changing this, it is going to continue into our adult lives and stay there influencing our every money decision.

In fact, the great Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”

So, this 3-minute exercise is about turning back the clock, becoming conscious of what you are receiving from your subconscious.

Step 1: Take 4-5 deep breaths

For most people, during their waking hours, their mind is engaged in non-stop self-talk. This never-ending chatter is mostly of the negative kind – worrying, doubting, depressing, insinuating, and regretting. 

Our lives are full of stress – bills to pay, traffic to negotiate, too much work at the office, or health issues in the family. 

How many times have you doubted your ability to live up to the expectations of others or even yourself? How many times have your told yourself, “I am not good enough” or “Am I stupid”?

The voice in your head mimics a person following you around and making nasty comments and pulling you down. It is natural to feel like turning around and giving a full-face punch.

So, it is important to stop this incessant chatter in your mind and regain your composure.

The first step in this exercise is to draw in 4 or 5 deep breaths. Here, deep breathing means breathing in through the nose for four seconds, holding and breathing out through the nose for four seconds. 

Deep breathing like this sets the stage for the steps ahead. It calms you down. This is very crucial for the success of this manifestation exercise.

Step 2: Place your hand on the forehead

If you are familiar with chakras, you would know that on the forehead between the eyes lies the third eye

In case you are not familiar with chakras, you may read up on Chakras for beginners.

This step involves placing one hand on the forehead and the other on the back of the head on your occipital lobe. The occipital lobe, by the way, is responsible for your visual perception. 

With this step, the idea is to send energy signals to yourself about what you are about to do. You would notice that doing this makes you feel good. 

Step 3: Select a desire

This wish you choose can be a physical thing like a car, home, or money or emotion like love, self-worth, or confidence. Or still, it could be an experience like travel or vacation.

The third step involves bringing the chosen desire into your mind and visualizing about manifesting it. Not just see the images or the video. But something involving all your senses of smell, touch, sound, and taste.

When you are using only your sense of sight in the visualization, you are losing out a lot. You can heighten the experience exponentially by adding other senses to the mix.

The idea is to make it as real as possible. The closer to reality your visualization is, the better the outcome. 

Step 4: State your desire aloud

While keeping both your hands on the front and back of your head, say it out aloud. This needs to be done for one to three minutes. 

And, when you are stating your desire out loud, you should simultaneously think of three to five features or hallmarks of this desire. For example, if it is a car, this could be the steering wheel, the plush interiors, the smell, or the sound of the engine.

As you are thinking about what you like the most about your desire, bring emotions into play. You must be feeling extremely happy, excited, and pleased. 

Emotions can be described as a record of the past. So, if you are having emotions about your desire now, it means you already have manifested your desire. 

When you actually get what you want, you would feel very familiar as you have already experienced the emotions of getting it.

Step 5: Declare this to be true

The last step is about saying out loud “This is my new truth and new reality”. Say it with as much conviction and confidence as you can muster. 

The more you believe this to be true, your mind will work harder to make it happen. You need to align your desire with what you do and think. When the alignment is perfect, you would start working in earnest to make it a reality.

You may end the session with deep breaths as you did in the beginning. Breathe in through the nose for four seconds, hold and breathe out through the nose for four seconds. Repeat four times. 

You may nod your head in the affirmative and say “Yes” aloud while doing this. This is to reinforce the truth and conviction about the desire. 

The entire manifestation exercise should take three to seven minutes to complete. This should be repeated every day for 21 days, preferably at the same time and at the same place. 

Sticking with the time and place can make a difference to the outcome. The reason is simple. After a few days, our mind would start associating the time and place with the exercise and it would be easier to get into the state of mind.

Concluding thoughts

Our subconscious mind is a vast resource that remains underutilized or unutilized. By unlocking it free, you can tap into its potential and use it to improve the quality of your life.

The full extent of the power of our subconscious mind remains unknown to most people. The more access you have to the subconscious mind, the more control you gain over its functioning. 

When you have such an amazing resource available within your reach, you should do your best to take the maximum mileage out of it.

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