How to stop being an empath [5 Simple Ways]

How to Stop Being an Empath?

How to Stop Being an Empath

Are you a good listener? Can you feel the emotions of others as if they are yours?

If you have these two qualities, you must be an empath. An empath is an emotional sponge that absorbs the feelings and thoughts of people they come across in their daily life. They are sensitive to what is going on in the minds of people and sense what they are going through. 

Empathy is an innate gift that can make the world we live in better and more livable. However, for the empath, this can become a curse if they cannot rein in their empathic abilities. 

If left unchecked, empaths will absorb all kinds of emotions all the time, making them emotionally weak and vulnerable. When they will be constantly exposed to negative emotions and energy, empaths feel worn out and exhausted. This is known as empath disorder and is not ideal for their own well-being.

If you stop being an empath, will it help with this situation? Feeling drained by the presence of people is definitely not a good situation to be in. That would be toxic empathy. As an empath, you may want to avoid people or run away from them. That is not good either. 

If you learn how to control your empathic tendencies, you may be able to use them only when required. Before you figure out the middle path to being a perfect empath, let’s see how to stop being an empath. This way, you may be able to control your empathic nature.

In this article, you will find simple strategies to stop being an empath. Once you master this, you can turn it on and off as required. At the end of the day, this will make you a better empath if you want to continue with it.

5 ways to stop being an empath

1. Train yourself to be mindful

When you’re an empath without restrictions, you’re allowing both good and bad emotions to enter your mind. You have no clue how these emotions will affect you. This is toxic empathy and is similar to leaving the door to your home wide open. Anyone can enter and do whatever they want.

The trouble with being such an empath is you will lose control over your own feelings and thoughts. Or, in effect, you will lose touch with yourself even as you get involved with others. Getting caught up in what is happening around you may lead to you losing your sense of self. Empath disorder is not an ideal situation to be in.

Practicing mindfulness is considered the best antidote for empaths. In simple terms, mindfulness means living in the present moment. When you are mindful, you are completely tuned into what is happening to you and around you. You are fully aware, present, and connected to yourself.

Mindfulness is the best technique to keep in touch with yourself and your feelings and thoughts. While mindfulness meditation can help in imbibing this mentality in your daily life, you can also practice mindfulness with simple practical methods like touching something with a unique texture, focusing on the colors in your environment and naming them, or practicing deep breathing and focusing on the act of breathing.

When you pay more attention to what is happening to you in the present moment, you stop yourself from absorbing others’ emotions and getting entangled in them.

2. Practice meditation

To keep your body and mind in healthy condition, ancient techniques like yoga and meditation can help. This is a healthy way to deal with being an empath. Meditation is ideal to gain control over your mind and keep them focused on whatever you want. This can help you to steer clear of the emotions of other people.

Being an emotional empath can be quite stressful as you tend to absorb other people’s emotions and thoughts without even being aware of them. Sometimes, this can make you feel anxious and distressed. This will lead to toxic empathy.

When you are feeling lost and agitated, all you need is a short session of meditation to calm yourself down, shake off the negative emotions, and refocus. Meditation helps you explore your own mind and observe your emotions as an outsider. 

When someone else’s emotions are wreaking havoc in your mind, this exercise can bring you comfort and peace of mind. 

If you are a beginner, you can start with guided meditation. This will be easier to practice.

3. Practice self-care and self-love

Empaths are more sensitive to what happens to their bodies. The food they eat, the lack of sleep and exercise, and substance abuse can take a heavier toll on empaths than on normal people. 

It’s important to eat healthy, nutritive food and avoid junk food. Staying well-hydrated always helps. Getting adequate sleep and exercise can make them function to the best of their abilities. Stay away from all things that can harm your body and mind, including smoking, drinking, and recreational and illegal drugs. 

Empaths may think that they are wasting time on themselves when they can use the time more productively to take care of others. However, you need to remember that you can help others only when you are healthy in your body and mind. 

You are not being selfish. You can choose how to use your empathy when you are happy and content.

4. Get a handle on your emotions

Being an emotional empath, by now, you must be aware of the importance of your feelings and thoughts. If you want to help others, you should keep your mind free of unwanted emotions and emotional turmoil. You also should be aware of what is going on in your mind. You should be in tune with your thoughts and feelings.

You should also know how to keep your emotions separate from that of the people you are trying to help. Or else, this may lead to toxic empathy. You may feel their emotions as your own, but if you are aware of the difference, it will help you to remain calm and grounded. This will help you to stop absorbing negative energy and not be affected by others’ emotions.

Spend some time on self-reflection, trying to figure out the triggers for your good and bad emotions and thoughts. Journaling is another effective technique to keep your mental space in order. You can unburden the emotions you absorb from others into the pages of the journal. 

Having a clear and uncluttered mind will help you decide whether you want to continue as an empath.

5. Find your sanctuary

Even for a normal person, things can get too much at times. For an empath, this may happen way too often. To deal with such a situation, it is important to know where you can go to feel safe, secure, and peaceful. This can be both physical and mental space. The ultimate goal is to calm down the mind and feel peaceful.

Living in the midst of chaos can be difficult for an empath. Your family may not understand the intensity and range of emotions swirling in your mind. That doesn’t mean empaths shouldn’t have families or leave them. What is required is a quiet and calming space where you can spend time undisturbed whenever your mind overflows with emotions.

Develop your own corner with plants and art that you find calming. Fill it up with things you find positive. This space can be your bedroom, bathroom, or even a walk-in closet. Ensure the lighting is mellow and add some scented candles to create the right atmosphere. You can even play some soft soothing music.

When you learn to handle emotions well, you may want to continue to be an empath and not abandon the gift altogether.

Final thoughts on stop being an empath

If the going gets too tough, remove yourself physically from the scene. Find distractions and have some me-time. Work on your communication skills and avoid negative self-talk. Learn to let go. Figure out a healthy release for all the emotions you feel. Set clear boundaries and enforce them. Use visualization and affirmations to fill your mind with positivity and eliminate negativity.

When you know how to handle the surging emotions in your mind and learn to keep yours separate from that of others, you may not want to stop being an empath. After all, this is a gift bestowed on you by the Universe because you are special. You may not want to throw it away.

Hone your skills and learn to handle emotions better. You can be a better empath and enjoy life too.


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