How to Tell a Friend You Love Them - 6 Easy Ways

How to tell a friend you love them

how to tell a friend you love them

Do you want to know how to tell a friend you love them?

The dictionary defines a friend as “a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection”. Really is that all? To most of us, friends mean way too much more than that.

Maybe you have one friend or many but a friend is someone you spend your time with, someone who understands you more than anyone else, someone you can rely on when you need them the most. 

Yet, what do we give in return for all the love, care, and time they spend on us to make us happy and feel loved? How often do we think about our friends who mean more to most of us than even our own family? Do we even think about showing our appreciation for the beautiful friendship offered without expecting anything in return?

When you start thinking about it, you begin to wonder why you did not think of it before. Why did you take the amazing bonding you have with your best friends for granted? Why didn’t you make this a priority? Because it should be a priority as your life would be worth so much less without the warmth, understanding, and attention that you receive from your friends.

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All relationships need nurturing and friendships are no different. Would you expect the rest of the people in your lives to go on loving you or respecting you without expressions of affection or appreciation? That would be asking for too much, right? So why would a friend be treated any differently?

Friendships are indeed stronger and more resilient than most of the other relationships we have. Friendships are voluntary or by choice rather than forced on us by virtue of blood relations or legally bound by marriage. Maybe that is the reason for us overlooking the need for appreciation.

Better late than never, as the saying goes. 

Let us see how we can show our love and appreciation to all those wonderful people in our lives.

Ways to show your friend you love them

1. Make time for them

Even if you are bogged down by work and struggling to stay afloat. In fact, that is what makes it more special. If you stay in the same city, make it a point to meet them face-to-face. Texting is fine and calling is better. But nothing can beat the vibes of meeting in person.

In case, you live in different cities or further away, you can still use Videochat or Facetime to keep in touch with each other. If possible, plan a vacation together once in a while.

2. Don’t keep count

Often, we wait for our friends to call us or come to us for the weirdest of reasons such as “it is their turn”. Among friends, why keep score? Does it really matter who is calling whom or who is visiting whom? Once you start keeping a count on whose turn is it to call or visit, the friendship loses its warmth and becomes too calculated and formal. 

Who cares who is making the first move among friends? When you want to talk to your friend, just pick up the phone and call them or pop in for a visit just like that. 

3. Plan vacations or activities together

There is no better way to bond than spend time together away from hectic daily life. An evening, a day out, weekend getaways, or an entire week away in some remote location – it doesn’t matter what you do. Plan a get-together that is comfortable for both of you.

Take care not to impose what you want to do on your friend. Rather choose something that they would like to do, even if it is not something you would want to do. In the process, you may end up learning and liking something you may not try to do otherwise.

4. Offer help when they need it

Help them move. Help out with party arrangements. Help with shopping. Babysit if need be. Run errands for them. Offer a shoulder to cry on when they need it. There are umpteen ways you can offer help if you care and really want to. Often your friend won’t ask for help or even reject it when your offer of help. But persistence always pays.

In case you live far away, you can still offer help. You can help them when they are financially stressed. Or have long chats over the phone when they are upset, worried, or depressed. The important thing is to know when your help is needed and offer it without being asked for it. Or at least help out when you are asked.

5. Declare your friendship openly

Let the world know that you are best friends. What better way to tell your best friend you love them and value friendship than by shouting it from the rooftop? In this age of the internet, this is easy and simple. 

Post a cute picture of best friends (like that of Calvin and Hobbes) and tag it saying “Emma, this is us”. This will work wonders if you have trouble expressing your feelings for them. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Or dedicate a song on love and friendship to them. At a party, on a group chat, or any other similar platform. You could reveal more about your feelings and appreciation for them through these gestures than you would otherwise. 

6. Just be there for them in tough times

If you know that your close friend is going through some personal troubles and is not so keen on sharing them, you can still help by being around them. Without being too intrusive, you can help them in getting over the bad phase. Remember to be sensitive to their mental state and mood swings.

Most people, even the best of friends, think that it is better to leave them alone for them to recover from the setbacks in life. They may even demand this from you. But basic human nature suggests otherwise. We want to be comforted and taken care of when we are down and out. 

And we tend to remember those who stood by us in times of need, even when we pushed them away. There is no better way to appreciate and acknowledge your friendship.

List of 36 words of appreciation to a friend to show you love them more subtly and acceptably

Saying or texting “I love you” to a friend may not be natural, comfortable, or appropriate at most times. How to show them that you care and appreciate the friendship in a way that is not awkward to both of you?

  1. You are the most special friend.
  2. You are my bestie.
  3. I am happiest when I am with you.
  4. The time I spend with you is the most enjoyable.
  5. Your company lifts me even on the worst of days.
  6. I feel comfortable sharing my secrets with you.
  7. I accept and appreciate you as you are.
  8. I have the best time of my life when I am with you.
  9. You are my inspiration.
  10. You make me better.
  11. Can I offer my help in any way?
  12. Would you like me to hold your hand?
  13. Would you like a hug from me?
  14. Our friendship is one of the best things in my life.
  15. I have learned a lot from you.
  16. I value your support and guidance more than you know.
  17. How can I ever forget you?
  18. Our friendship means the world to me.
  19. I really appreciate what you did for me.
  20. I can’t forget the way you supported me.
  21. After talking with you, my problems seem to get smaller and disappear.
  22. I can talk to you all day long and would have more left to say.
  23. I truly admire the way you handled the difficulties.
  24. I am so grateful to have you in my life.
  25. I am ready to travel to the end of the world with you.
  26. I trust you with my secrets.
  27. Our friendship gives me the courage to face life.
  28. I feel I can handle anything when I have your company.
  29. Time flies when I am with you.
  30. You are my 3 a.m. friend.
  31. You are indeed the friend in need.
  32. You light up my life as no one else can.
  33. I feel your presence even when you are not with me.
  34. I am myself when I am with you. Hope you too feel the same way.
  35. I pray our friendship lasts until death does us part.
  36. I am happy to be your best friend.

Someone has said that friends are the siblings God forgot to give us or the gift we give ourselves. Amen to that!

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