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How to Write a Manifestation List?

How to Write a Manifestation List?

Understanding the law of attraction is simple as its basic rules are identifying your desires and staying focused on them for easy manifestation. 

The law offers an array of tools and techniques to help us with this process. One of them is to write a manifestation list.

What is a manifestation list? Why do you need it? How to write a manifestations list? How to use the list to make your dreams come true? 

These are questions that this article attempts to answer. Read on to learn more about manifesting by writing a list to help realize your desires.

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    What is a manifestation list?

    The thoughts that pass through our minds are innumerable – most of them unconnected and not coherent enough for us to make any sense of it. It takes a herculean effort to bring some sort of discipline and control to our minds. Meditation is a technique recommended in the law of attraction to achieve this.

    However, most of us are not willing to put in the effort to rein in our minds. To help everyone have a shot at manifesting their desires, the law of attraction has come up with a manifestation list.

    A manifestation list is a list of your desires that come up in your mind. As the thoughts transform, you keep revising the list. It serves as a timeline of your thoughts and a reminder of your desires.

    Why do you need to write a manifestation list?

    In the course of the busy schedule of everyday routine, it is easy to forget the thoughts that make a fleeting appearance in your mind. It comes and then disappears. 

    However, their importance cannot be stressed enough as they concern your desires and dreams for your future. These are the thoughts that shape your destiny. 

    Start a manifestation journal. Jotting them down in a systematic manner in a journal can help in remembering them for faster manifestation.

    Again, the mind is too cluttered for most of us with too many thoughts that it is difficult to keep it organized without external help. A manifestation journal acts as an efficient organizer and helps in weeding out unwanted ones and fleeting desires and helps us concentrate on the more important ones.

    Without the aid of a manifestation journal, it is easy to fall prey to confusion, anxiety, and loss of memory. And, when you ignore or forget your dreams, it can have a deep impact on your lives; it can change the course of your life. 

    Writing manifestation lists is not just for jogging our memories. They serve as notes to the Universe proclaiming our desires and seeking its help in manifesting them.

    How to write a manifestation list?

    The objectives of writing a manifestation list are best realized when done in the paper-pen format. Dedicating a journal for this purpose adds more commitment and solemnity to the process.

    Using a computer or a phone to make the list are not recommended as these methods do not achieve the same results as manifesting on paper

    Step 1: Set aside some time for it

    It is essential to be free of distractions and disturbances when making a manifestation list. As these can disrupt the train of thoughts and it is easy to miss some. 

    It would be great if you can find some time for preparation as well. Meditating for 5-10 minutes before the session can help to calm the mind and bring more clarity. 

    You may use soft lighting, soothing music, and scented candles to amplify the mood. The calmer the mind, the easier to focus and the better the results.

    Step 2: Write down your thoughts

    Think about what you want in life. And, write down all the desires that come to your mind without editing or censoring them. 

    Beginners may find it challenging to have a sensible arrangement in their thoughts. They may come out as muddled and mixed-up. Do not worry too much about this. Just write them down as they come to you.

    Step 3: Revisit the thoughts

    Once the session is over, make a list of the things to manifest in life. Every day revise this list based on the change in thought inputs. 

    As our priorities change, what we consider important today may not seem so tomorrow. Or passing fancy will soon disappear from the list.

    The process will help in eliminating whims and not-so-significant wishes. Ultimately, the list will shrink in size to a handful of dreams which you can try manifesting one by one.

    Step 4: Be specific

    Now that you have shortlisted your desires and decided on which one to manifest first. You may continue the sessions to bring more clarity to the desire and maintain your focus on it.

    Visualization is a manifestation technique that is immensely useful for this. Again, set the stage for the session like before and with eyes closed, visualize your life after realizing the goal. Imagine that your wish is already fulfilled.

    As you play out the video of you in the future, your goal will become more and more clear to you. Stay in the zone for as long as you want. Don’t bother about recording your thoughts when you are visualizing.

    Step 5: Add details to the list

    Once you have finished the visualizing, you may try to capture the details of the desire you visualized and jot them down in the journal. Do not stress over remembering the details. Just allow your mind to form words and let them come out effortlessly.

    If you find it unable to remember some aspect of your visualization, let it be. If it is important enough, it will come up again in the next session, you will get another chance to write it down.

    Continue this process to add details to your goal until its manifestation.

    How to use the list for faster manifestation?

    Use the jottings made during the session to make a manifestation list. You may do this by arranging them in a sensible order. Ensure that the statements are written in a positive affirmative language. 

    Here are a few examples of manifestation list:

    1. I want my business to succeed.
    2. I want to attract more money.
    3. I want to find a well-paying job.
    4. I want to attract a soulmate.
    5. I want to buy a big house.

    There may be more than one desire on the list. And for each one of them, find as many details from the jottings from the sessions and write them down. 

    Such as, for your soulmate, you may add ‘leading a healthy lifestyle’. Or for your business, what kind of profit you have in your mind. 

    Periodically revise this list based on the latest journal entries from the sessions. The goals may change course or even disappear. 

    Armed with this list, you are ready for manifestation. Try manifesting one desire at a time as it is easier to focus on one desire and improve the chances of success.

    During the manifestation process, you may use the detailed list to serve as a reminder of your goal. Take printouts and display them in prominent places so that it catches your attention easily. In addition to being reminders of your goal, they also serve as inspiration and motivation for successful manifestation.

    The law of attraction states that the more you are reminded of your goal, the better the chances for a successful manifestation.

    Closing thoughts

    The benefits of drawing up a manifestation list start with the process of making the list itself. This is one of those things in life in which gain far outweighs the time and effort required for it. 

    A point to remember when writing and using the manifestation list is to not get obsessed over it or the goal. You need to develop a sense of detachment for the process to succeed. This means, remembering it without being fixated or consumed by it.

    Just give this a try and see how it transforms your life.

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