How to write a petition to the universe?

How to write a petition to the universe?

How to write a petition to the universe

At the onset, the very idea of writing to the Universe seems unusual or somewhat bizarre. Even a bit childish perhaps. It has the same feel as kids writing to Santa Claus before Christmas. After all, you don’t have an address to post it nor can you expect to receive any reply by post. But is that really so?

A petition is just another word for prayer or a request or a freewheeling letter to the Universe. And, ‘writing a petition to the Universe’ just means writing down your prayers or goals in a friendly letter format.

Writing a letter/email to the Universe is a tried and tested manifestation technique in the law of attraction. It comes with a host of benefits.

Let us take a look at the rewards and understand how to manifest by writing a petition to the universe.

Why would you want to write to the Universe?

Now that you have understood the ins and outs of manifestation with the law of attraction, you are ready for the adventure. You have decided what you want, you have eliminated the limiting beliefs, convinced yourself to place complete trust in the Universe, and feeling grateful for the all the good things you have received from the Universe. You have acquainted yourself with all the important tools and techniques of manifestation such as affirmation, visualization, and meditation.

Despite all your meticulous preparation, there is no guarantee that you will be able to manifest your goals instantly or in a short time. The wait time for the realization of your desire is the most difficult and traumatic part of the whole manifestation process.

You may feel disillusioned, start doubting the process altogether. And, here is the quick fix for this scenario.

Write a letter to the Universe. An email would also do the trick.

Here are the advantages you may expect from it.

Faster manifestation

Writing a letter to the Cosmos is like bypassing the whole process of manifestation. It is similar to taking a shortcut. Being a shortcut, it will save you time and help you avoid the boredom of waiting for your dreams to come true.

However, like all shortcuts, it needs to be used with caution and that too sparingly. When used often, this technique is found to be ineffective. Reserve this for a desperate occasion or emergencies, when the time for manifestation is critical.

Keeps you focused

In the course of your manifestation journey, you may go through dry spells or lull phases when nothing seems to be happening. It is easy to surrender your belief, lose focus, and feel distracted and disillusioned.

Putting down your dreams and wishes into words in the format of a prayer to the Universe can help you stay on track with the manifestation process. The very activity of converting your thoughts into words demands high levels of concentration and focus that you will forget about the delay in the realization of your goals.

To make it more effective, try to bring into those words the full range of emotions and passion you are feeling right now. They are the perfect fuel to help you work harder to make your dreams a reality.

Use it as a pressure relief valve

The law of attraction is all about positive thinking and tells you to stay far away from any form of negativity, including fears, doubts, and desperation. But, being human, it is impossible not to feel or have them. There at situations when it is not possible to avoid them altogether.

Writing a petition to the Universe is the ideal platform where you can address your concerns, fears, and doubts without compromising on your manifestation process. The act of writing down your prayers work as a relief valve to help you get rid of your harmful emotions. When you are writing like this, keep going until you have let all the negative emotions out.

When writing to the Universe, treat the Universe as a friend. Write in a friendly tone, as if you are talking to a friend about your concerns, worries, hopes, and wishes.

It is a known fact that when you share your worries, your heart feels lighter. You will feel as if you can face the problem, deal with it, and overcome it. You will start to believe that there is hope for a happy ending to your difficult situation.  Though when you write about your problems, you are bringing out negative emotions into the focus, ultimately, it helps to build up positivity in you.

Some samples of how to write a letter to the Universe:

“I am struggling financially now, my bank account is in the red. I don’t know how I am going to make it to the payday. I can’t think of a way to pay rent. I don’t know what I will do if I am evicted. I am trying all avenues, but can’t find a way out of this mess.”

To communicate your desire

Once you are finished with your worries and concerns, you need to leave behind the negative emotions and describe in detail what you expect from the Universe. What do you desire? When do you want it?  How do you expect it to happen? You need to sound hopeful and optimistic and confident about a positive outcome.

A sample:

“I would like to have $2000 by month-end so that I can make the rent arrears payment and will have some leftover for other expenses. I will be able to keep aside the remaining amount as a reserve for any emergency needs. I will work hard to ensure that I won’t be in this situation again.”

To express gratitude

You have stated your concerns and wishes. Now it is time to thank the Universe for all the good things you have received. And also, for fulfilling your desire. You may write as if it has already happened.

You may tell the Universe how reassuring it is for you to have it in your corner; how you can always rely on it to have your back. Without sounding too sycophantic, you may write how mind-blowing it is to have the Universe taking care of you and your every need. You may finish it off saying how much you appreciate its efforts in helping you manifest your desire.

Expressing your gratitude will get you into a frame of mind to receive your desire. Your energy vibrations will shoot up and become a match for your goal.

How to write a petition to the Universe?

When you think you are not moving ahead in your manifestation and feeling stuck and desperate or if you want to speed up your manifestation, writing a prayer to the Universe is a good approach. It may not have the aura of something grand or important. But is found to work every single time.

Let us get started on the letter to the Universe.

Step 1: Addressing the Universe

Whether you are writing this on a paper-pen format or computer/email, you need to stick to all the formalities of a friendly letter. And this begins with dealing with how you are going to address the Universe.

Just like you greet a friend, you may begin the letter with “Dear Universe”. Don’t forget to add the date.

Step 2: Explain your present situation

Continue in the same friendly tone and tell the Universe your position right now. You should stick to the facts at this step.

Example: “My landlord came by today and asked me to vacate the apartment by month-end as I have not paid rent for the past three months. I have the option of paying off the arrears or finding a new apartment.”

Step 3: Express your thoughts and feelings

This is the step where you have the freedom to whine about your situation and unload your burden. Get it all out of your chest by writing down all your worries, fears, and concerns.

As said earlier, the law of attraction focuses on positive thinking and avoids any form of negativity. However, when you are stressed out and you need a release for it, what better way to do that other than revealing your innermost fears to the Universe?

In this step, you may also cover all those things you are afraid would happen to you. Even things you don’t want to happen. Since this is an emergency and you are highly stressed out, the need of the hour is a way to release the built-up pressure and stress in you.

After all, the Universe is very much aware of your problems and what you are describing is nothing new. But this exercise will do you a world of good.

“A problem shared is a problem halved”. You will feel light-hearted after unburdening your worries. You will feel as if “I have said my piece and passed on my problems to the Universe. Now the ball is in the Universe’s court”.

Example: “I lost my job six months back and have run through my savings. I was not able to pay rent for the last 3 months. Now the landlord is asking me to pay the arrears or move out by month-end. I don’t know how I will manage this much money at such short notice. Finding another apartment is no joke. I won’t be able to find anything half-way decent for the pittance I may be able to manage. Again, I will have to find the money for the deposit. Or else, I will have to beg my friends for money or to take me in until I can find my foothold….”

Keep at this until you get it all off your chest.

Step 4: State your desire

Now with the stress busted and worries out of the way, go ahead and tell the Universe your heart’s desire. What do you want? When do you want it? State your desires with as many details as you can gather. A point to remember while sending a wish to the universe is to stick to positive statements.

Keep writing until you have said your piece and feel it is complete. Do not bother about the structure of your writing or even the grammar. Don’t bother going over it again or editing it. Keep going until you are feeling good.

Example: “I want $2000 by month-end to pay the landlord the rent arrears and keep this apartment. I love this place. I have been living here for almost 2 years now and it is ideally located for me. I am trying to find a job near here. I have already given an interview and expecting a reply in a couple of days. I am very optimistic about my chances this time. The commute is short and easy from this apartment.”

Step 5: Say thanks

Express your gratitude to the Universe for fulfilling your wishes. You need to say it as if your wish is already a reality. This not only conveys your gratitude; it also tells how confident you are about the power of the Universe in manifesting your desire.

This step acts as an instant booster of vibrational frequency.

Step 6: Just let go

Once you have written a petition to the Universe, dated it, and signed it, you need to put it in an envelope. You can even write “To the Universe” on top of the envelope.

Dedicate a special box or a drawer for the letters to the Universe. You may label the box or the drawer as ‘Letter to the Universe’. Or if you are writing on your computer or email, open a folder titled ‘Letters to the Universe’ and move the letter to this folder.

Or else you may write a wish and burn it. Burning a letter to the Universe doesn’t reduce its impact in any way.

And, that is it! Your work is done!

Now, it is time for you to sit back and relax. Under no circumstances, you should allow your mind to dwell on this subject – wondering, worrying, doubting whether your prayers will be answered. You need to learn the art of letting go.

Trust the Universe to do the rest of the work and make your dreams come true. Believe with a pure mind that your desire will be fulfilled.

Final thoughts

When you are on a manifestation journey, you may encounter roadblocks and hurdles on the path. You may find it difficult to overcome these despite your best efforts. As you feel the frustration, desperation, and disillusionment building up inside you, you may even consider abandoning the endeavor altogether. Instead, try manifesting through writing a petition to the Universe and see how the blocks disappear. In no time, you are back in the game!

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