How to Write Affirmations for Manifestation? - 4 Easy Steps

How to Write Affirmations for Manifestation?

How to Write Affirmations for Manifestation?

People want to manifest their desires but don’t know how to write affirmations correctly. If you do not see the results you want, it’s likely because your affirmations are not written correctly. We’ll show you four simple steps that will help you write affirmations for manifestation that work.

Do you know why some find it so hard to succeed despite trying so hard?

Confidence and self-belief are the master keys that can open the doors to new opportunities you may come across in life. And, daily affirmations offer you the best chance to boost both these vital ingredients for success.

Positive affirmations are simple, effective, and easy to incorporate into your daily schedule. While there are tens of millions of all kinds of affirmations already written and out there somewhere on the internet or in books, you derive benefits from repeating affirmations only when they are chosen with care. 

Experts always tell us to write powerful affirmations by ourselves to fit exactly with our requirements. This article tells you how to identify your requirements and how to use them to write the perfect affirmations that actually work. Here, you will find the basic rules for writing affirmations for manifestation, and each one is illustrated and explained with examples. 

This article also answers some of your common doubts while at this. After reading this article, you would be able to write your own personalized affirmations. Then, all you need to do is to repeat them assiduously every day with as much emotional involvement as you can manage.

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    4 golden rules to write affirmations for manifestation

    Affirmation is one of the best tools available to you for manifesting your goal. They are suggested by the law of attraction experts to remove your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, build up your confidence, courage, and self-belief, and give a big boost to your positive energy levels.

    Affirmations need to be written for achieving a specific purpose. For example, affirmations for getting rid of mental blocks are not the same as the ones for raising positivity. This article focuses on affirmations to help you succeed in manifesting your goal.

    1. Use positive sentences

    After all, you are writing positive affirmations. Why frame them in a negative tone?

    For instance, you want to affirm that you are strong. The same or similar meaning can also be implied by a statement like “I am not weak”. But the trouble with this is that it is a negative sentence. 

    By using negative sentences as affirmation, you are taking away the focus from the positive concept contained in them. Even though the overall meaning remains the same, the way our brain processes these two sentences is poles apart. 

    When you say “I am strong”, the focus is on the positive word “strong”. In “I am not weak”, the emphasis is on the word “weak”. Even if you have added the word “not”, two negatives don’t make a positive in this instance. It is better to stick with a single positive.

    This simple rule is often ignored and this is one of the main reasons for failure in manifestation.

    Instead of “I am not poor”, go with “I am wealthy”. Don’t say “I am not sick” but repeat “I am healthy”. 

    When you are trying to manifest weight loss or good health, you may want to cut down on unhealthy fast food. However, framing your affirmation as “I will not be tempted by fast foods” is not going to work for you. In this affirmation, the focus is still on fast food and your subconscious mind will find it hard to let it go. 

    Instead, if you are framing your affirmation as “I will eat only healthy foods”, the focus will remain on healthy foods and away from tempting fast foods.

    This may sound minor and inconsequential to many but can make a difference between success and failure in manifestation.

    In fact, you should apply this same rule while framing intentions or goals. Always use positive sentences.

    2. Frame them in the present tense

    This is another point most people don’t consider relevant or important. Some even say that framing affirmations in the present tense make them appear to be falsehoods. And, lying is definitely not a positive gesture.

    When you are using present tense in your affirmations, you are saying that what you wish for is already true. In other words, the goal you are working hard to manifest has already manifested. This is a step employed to trick your brain into accepting it as reality.

    Let’s back up a bit and understand the reason behind this process. The manifestation method is all about raising your energy vibrations to match your goal. When your dream comes true, you will be vibrating at the same energy level as your dream. When you are convinced that you have reached your goal, your vibrational frequency reaches the same level as your desire. This is what you can accomplish by affirming in the present tense.

    For instance, your goal is to have $10,000 before the weekend. When you affirm that “I have a bank balance of $10,000”, it evokes the same emotions in you when you actually receive $10,000. As long as you believe in the affirmation wholeheartedly and repeat it with conviction, your brain will react in the same way to both situations. Your energy vibrations will witness a spike. 

    As your energy level goes up, your goal will manifest and what you are implying in the affirmation will no longer be a falsehood. It is your confidence and conviction in your abilities when you use the present tense in affirmations. In the end, it all works out for the good as well.

    You may not realize it, but you are doing this unconsciously all the time. When things are not going great for you, how often have you told yourself, “All is well”. If you want to analyze it and find its truthfulness, you know that it is not an honest statement. 

    You are hoping for better days and try to convince yourself that things are ok. This way, you can eliminate negative feelings from your subconscious mind and fill it up with hope and optimism. With positive thinking, you are definitely going to succeed in overcoming your difficulties and all will be well. 

    However, don’t go overboard with optimism in your affirmations. Make sure that it is believable and achievable for you. Otherwise, you are making false promises to yourself. That is dishonest and trickery. 

    Go along with positive affirmations as long as you believe in them without an iota of doubt. If you are having a hard time believing in an affirmation, you should reframe it to more believable levels.

    Here are more examples to help you understand how affirmations work.

    1. When you are really sick, an affirmation like “I am healthy” may be hard for you to believe. The better choice would be “I am getting better every day”. A few days or weeks later, as the case may be, you will be better enough to say “I am healthy” and believe in it.
    2. When your business is suffering, saying the affirmation “I am super-rich” may not be the right thing. You may try “I am getting new clients every day” or “My business is growing”. If even these don’t sound right, you may go with “I deserve to succeed” or “I’m doing my best”.
    3. When you are under immense stress and feeling too tense, an affirmation like “I am floating on cloud nine” would seem inappropriate. Begin with “I deserve to be happy and content” and move on to “It’s getting better every day”.

    Depending on your state of mind and situation, you need to find the right dose of positivity to incorporate into your affirmations. As you move toward your goal, you may revise the powerful affirmations to make them closer to your goal.

    You should desist from using future tense in your affirmations. Words such as “will”, “going to be” or “planning to” imply that your goal is far away. That is not going to help you manifest it at all. In case, you have to use the future tense to make the affirmation believable, add a timeframe to it. Such as, “I am going to buy a car next month”. 

    “I will be healthy again” is not right. “I will get back to the gym next Saturday” is much more optimistic. 

    “I will make lots of money” is vague and not recommended. Instead, you can say,

    1. “My business is improving every day.”
    2. “I am getting new clients every day.”
    3. “I will be successful by year-end.”
    4. “This month is better than the last one.”

    The present tense is always the best choice for powerful affirmations. In case, you are having a hard time believing them, use future tense after specifying the time frame.

    3. Make sure they are realistic and meaningful

    In the initial enthusiasm, we all want to reach for the stars. As the saying goes, aim for the sky to reach the treetop. But do you really believe that you can achieve it?

    Whether you have the ability or skill to achieve it is immaterial in this context. The more relevant aspect about it is what you believe you are capable of. Unless you can believe in this goal, you will have a hard time succeeding in manifesting it.

    When you are writing your own affirmations make sure that it is believable for you. The same is true when selecting from standard affirmations available online. How affirmations work has nothing to do with whether you are writing it on your own or not.

    In fact, when you are a beginner in manifestation, you can make it easier for yourself by choosing affirmations from existing ones. Only after gaining some experience, you will understand more about the manifestation method and affirmations. At this stage, if you feel the need for it, you can always write your own affirmations.

    The advantage of writing your own affirmations is that you can make them relevant to you and your goal. And, you can also ensure that these statements reflect the state of your mind and take into account your emotions and thoughts. This definitely will help with your goal. 

    Manifestation experts tell us that the best affirmations are the ones made by turning your own negative thoughts upside down. For instance, your inner voice is telling you, “You can’t do this”. Turn it around to “I can do it”. Change “I don’t deserve it” to “I deserve it”. 

    Frame your affirmations with a good dose of realism. When you are struggling to make ends meet, affirming “I have a million dollars” is not going to hold water with you. 

    Whatever situation you are in at present, you are far away from your goal. Instead of making a giant leap, try taking baby steps. Break yourself into the situation slowly and easily. This has a better chance of success.

    4. Make your affirmations detailed

    You may have read about how important it is to have as much information about your goal as you can gather. The more details you have, you can raise your chances of success in manifestation. 

    The same rule applies to affirmations as well. Be more specific when framing affirmations. This helps in making you feel happier and stay happy longer. Naturally, the more positive emotions you feel, the better chances are for manifestation success.

    For example, when manifesting money, always specify the amount and when you want it. Without these two aspects, you are being vague. Vagueness is not going to help you in manifestation. 

    Whether you are writing your own affirmations or selecting from the readymade pool, you need to see how you feel about them. When you are saying the affirmation aloud, what is your reaction or emotions? Are you able to connect with it? Does it evoke a positive response in you?

    Choose affirmations that resonate with you or strike a chord with you. 

    Here are some examples of positive affirmations written in the right way.

    1. I am earning enough to afford a week-long vacation at a five-star hotel in Bali.
    2. I am doubling my profits from my business this year.
    3. I have 8 million USD in my bank.
    4. I joined a new job today that offers double the take-home salary as the one before.

    How To Tweak Standard Affirmations To Frame One Of Your Own?

    If you are too busy or don’t have the inclination to write affirmations of your own, you can always choose from the existing ones and change them to suit your needs.

    Let’s see how to do this through examples.

    Affirmations for confidence

    • I am giving a speech in front of a huge crowd and I hear applause.
    • I am meeting influential and wealthy people at events and I blend in.
    • I have the courage to attempt singing on stage and this is something I always wanted.

    Affirmations for friendships

    • I surround myself with kind, caring, and friendly people.
    • I enjoy amazing relationships and this is a reflection of myself.
    • I share deep, meaningful friendships with some of the most awesome people I know.

    Most standard affirmations are written with the requirements of the majority in mind. You may add personal touches and delete unwanted words from these affirmations to make them tailor-made for you.

    One of the best-proven techniques to write your own affirmations is to imagine what you want. Now, think that you already have it. How does it make you feel? Use this emotion as the base and build on it. 

    Frequently asked questions about writing affirmations

    What is the ideal length of an affirmation?

    The best affirmations are short and concise. Since you need to repeat or write it down multiple times, short ones will make things easier for you. 

    1. I am a money magnet.
    2. I deserve to be loved.
    3. I am beautiful.
    4. I am grateful for the love in my life.
    5. I enjoy healthy foods.

    All five of the above affirmations are short and concise. Though they lack details, they are powerful on their own. The attractive aspect of such statements lies in their simplicity and ease of repetition. Your brain tends to remember these thoughts better than more complicated ones.

    How to balance details with simplicity?

    That is a tough question to answer. It is an undeniable fact that when you add more details to an affirmation, it gets longer and it will no longer be short and concise. So any details you add should be vital to the affirmation. Use words wisely and as sparsely as possible.

    Why are “I am” affirmations considered powerful?

    When you begin a sentence with “I am”, you are describing your emotions directly. The positive feelings associated with the affirmations will have a direct impact on you. “I am” affirmations can influence your mood, subconscious mind, and thereby, your mindset instantly.

    Repeating “I am” affirmations are more convincing to your subconscious mind. You feel as if you are the person you aspire to be. Even in tough situations, these affirmations work their charm on you.

    Bottom line

    Fill them up with emotions and repeat the affirmations daily until you are convinced and believe in them. Using more words associated with emotions is found to be highly effective. Expressing your feelings of gratitude is another surefire winner with affirmations.

    Make them short and concise, realistic and believable, be more specific, or avoid future tense. If you are counting, there are so many rules and techniques listed for good affirmations. 

    The best affirmations are the ones that come right from your heart. You will feel an instant connection and it will do the trick. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow rules. Actually, you should, but with common sense prevailing. 

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