How to Write an Affirmation for Yourself?

How to Write an Affirmation for Yourself?

How to Write an Affirmation for Yourself

Numerous high achievers and successful people from all walks of life have attributed their accomplishments and triumphs to the magical power of positive affirmations.

They positively claim that repeating these innocuous statements daily has changed their lives in a way they never imagined possible. Time and again they have reiterated that a positive affirmation can help them stay energized and focused on their goals, despite what is happening in the world around them.

This may make you wonder whether affirmations are only for high-fliers. Can a normal person use it to manifest their goals in life? And, how to use affirmations and where to find the right kind of affirmations?

Once you start thinking along these lines, your mind will be brimming with more questions about affirmations. This article delves into the topic of affirmations and comes up with some useful answers for you.

Here you will find some self-affirmation examples, how to write affirmations and how to make custom affirmations.

What do affirmations mean? 

The first question we will tackle here is what is an affirmation statement. 

Affirmations are positive statements to boost your self-worth, self-belief, and confidence. They describe the achievement of your goals in the present tense as if it has already happened. 

For example, if your goal is to buy a house, you can have affirmations like “I am so happy and grateful to live in my new home”. 

The concept of affirmations is so simple and easy to understand; at times too simple for many to believe in it. It would be pertinent to say that belief is the key that unleashes the power in these simplistic words. 

Repeat them with unwavering belief and your dreams will come true.

Repeating affirmations has a profound impact on your conscious and subconscious minds. By repeating these affirmations, you are creating an impression on your mind that you have achieved your goal. As your brain cannot differentiate between reality and the make-believe world you have created in your mind, the surge of happiness and positivity will be the same.

How to choose the right affirmation?

When manifesting your goal using the law of attraction, affirmations are one of the tools of manifestation used to raise your positive energy vibrations. Affirmations for manifestation are carefully worded to get the best possible outcome of achieving your goal.

You may choose from off-the-rack affirmations available in plenty on the internet. Or else you can write some on your own. Still another option is to tweak the standard affirmations to suit your requirement. Whichever choice you take, you need to pay attention to a few points.

The first and foremost among them is that affirmations need to be framed in the present tense. As explained earlier, this is a basic requirement for affirmations to work. Framing affirmations in the “I am” format, and using words conveying emotions can add more depth and intensity to it.

The core aspect to look for while choosing affirmations is that they should resonate with you and your goal. They should strike a chord with you.

How to create your own affirmations?

Creating affirmations is not hard as it seems. If you follow these guidelines, you can construct the most effective and powerful affirmations.

1. Begin with “I am”

Statements starting in the format “I am” are very powerful. These affirmations for subliminals target your subconscious mind directly. Your subconscious mind interprets such statements as commands. It just follows through with the instruction and makes it happen. 

Wrong: I try to do my best every day.
Right: I am doing my best every day.

2. Frame it in the present tense

You may say that the goal is in the process of realization or better still, as already achieved. While your brain is deceived into accepting the statement as true and act accordingly, the discord created in your subconscious mind prompts it into taking purposeful action to bridge the gap between reality and the make-believe scenario you created with the affirmation. 

Or in short, you feel the urge to take supportive action to make your dream come true. 

Wrong: I will buy a beautiful new home.
Right: I am grateful to live in a beautiful new home.

3. Say it in a positive tone

Affirmations should describe what you want and not what you don’t want. The reason for this is simple. Your subconscious mind notices only the core concept of the affirmation and not its tone. When you say “I am happy and content”, it notices only the “happy and content” part. 

On the other hand, if you frame it as “I am not sad and unhappy”, your subconscious mind takes into consideration only the “sad and unhappy” part and doesn’t notice the fact that this is something you don’t want. This means it will work towards making you “sad and unhappy”.

Wrong: I am relieved not to spend my days cooped up inside.
Right: I am loving the time spent close to nature.

4. Keep it concise

As you need to repeat the affirmations many times, it makes sense to make them brief and concise so that it is easy to memorize. Moreover, it takes less time when the affirmations are short.

Wrong: I am happy and grateful to be sitting on this beautiful beach with my toes buried in the warm sand, listening to the soothing sounds of the waves, and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face.
Right: I am happy and grateful to be sitting on this beautiful tropical beach.

5. Make them clear

Clarity is an important aspect of good affirmations. Vague or unclear affirmations bring in the wrong results at times. As affirmations are requests to the Universe to make your desire a reality, vague affirmations can confuse the Universe about what exactly you want to manifest. What the Universe ultimately manifests for you may be different from what you intended.

Affirmations are statements of your goals and when you are unclear about your goal, you may not be manifesting at all or manifest the wrong goal.

Wrong: I am happy.
Right: I am happy to be living with the partner of my dreams.

6. Include verbs in the “ing” format

These are words that denote ongoing action. And this will bring in the impression of the present tense, the experience, feelings, and emotions into the equation.  Every time you repeat the affirmation, you are reliving the scene. This can only be good for manifestation.

Wrong: I love to spend time with my family.
Right: I am loving the time spend with my family.

7. Include at least a forceful word denoting feelings or emotions

The more positive emotions and feelings you activate, the better your chances of realizing your goal. Because with this, your energy vibrations are raised in no time. Some of the common words used are happily, joyfully, peacefully, proudly, calmly, celebrating, enthusiastic, and secure.

This is the same principle behind successful jingles and ads. And once you ensure that the affirmations have rhyme and rhythm, you are almost there.

Wrong: I am healthy and fit.
Right: I am enjoying my health and fitness.

8. Should reflect your action

Frame affirmations based on what you can do and not on others’ actions. Write affirmations for yourself and not for others. For example, “I am so happy that my boss is kind to me”. In this statement, there is nothing for you to do. These types of affirmations do nothing for you.

Wrong: I feel grateful that my son is pursuing his dreams.
Right: I am happy to help my son pursue his dreams.

9. Add the words “or something better” at the end

You may be asking the Universe for less than you deserve. By adding these words, you are keeping the door open for more blessings from the Universe than you asked for in the affirmation. By doing this, you are removing the upper ceiling to your goal.

Wrong: I am loving the feeling of having more than I need in my bank account.
Right: I am loving the feeling of having more than I need in my bank account or something better.

Steps for creating powerful affirmations

If you are planning on writing down affirmations, these steps may be helpful.

  • Visualize what you want to manifest. Include yourself in the scene and watch everything in it through your own eyes. 
  • Use all your sensations to get the feeling right. Experience the moment when your desire comes true.
  • Absorb and feel the emotions. Stay in this state as long as you want to. 
  • Write down how you are feeling in a sentence. 
  • Edit the affirmation sentence to satisfy the guidelines given above.
  • And, there you have your perfect personalized affirmation.

How to use affirmations effectively?

Repeating affirmations need as much involvement from you as other aspects of manifestation. You cannot expect them to bring you results when you are repeating them monotonously without absorbing their meaning or feelings.

  • You can get the best out of affirmations when you combine visualization with them. As you say them aloud, close your eyes and visualize yourself in the scene described in the affirmations. 
  • Standing in the scene as a mere spectator won’t do. You should be able to visualize yourself actively participating in it. 
  • You should be able to hear the sounds, smell the scent, taste the flavor or feel the touch. 
  • You may also include in the visualization experience, adulation and appreciation from others for your success.
  • Experience the entire range of feelings and emotions you would experience when you manifest your goal.
  • The more intense your emotions are, the more powerful will be your experience and thereby your affirmation.
  • Repeat the same sequence of events with all affirmations.

More ways to use affirmations

There are more ways to use affirmations productively to achieve your goal.

  • Write it down in a journal.
  • Write affirmation on a post-it note and stick it where it catches your eye.
  • Make it part of a vision board and hang it in a place you frequent.
  • Make an e-version of the vision board and save it on your phone or laptop as a screensaver.
  • Use your idle time such as during the train/bus/car ride, time in the elevator, waiting in line, or when working out to repeat affirmations. 
  • Record your affirmations as an audio or video and listen/watch them.
  • Repeat the affirmations in the first person “I am”, the second person “You are”, and the third person “They are”.
  • Download free printable affirmation cards for adults in printable pdf format.
Final thoughts

Affirmations are the first step towards achieving the goal you always wanted and the life you dreamed of. Even as you pay attention to how to make the most of affirmations, remember that repeating affirmations alone will not bring you your goals. You need to follow the remaining steps of manifestation to make that happen.

With purpose, dedication, and perseverance, no goal is too big for you.

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