60 I am Affirmations for Abundance

I am Affirmations for Abundance

I am Affirmations for Abundance

Affirmations work like incantations or magic spells to bring to life your innermost wishes. It is hard to believe that these simple and innocent positive statements hold so much power. The followers of the law of attraction stand testimony to its effectiveness and success.

The most powerful among the affirmations are those starting with “I am”. The “I am” affirmations have time and again shown their ability to manifest desires easily and effortlessly. 

Attracting financial abundance is something most of us wish for often in our lives. However, it almost always remains on our wish list and does not materialize as we do not take any action to make it happen. 

The reason for inaction can be many. Most of us don’t know how to make our dreams come true. What should we do to attract abundance in our lives? 

Most of us have not even heard about the law of attraction and the amazing power of positive affirmations in manifesting our goals. Even those who are familiar with the law find it hard to believe that repeating affirmations can make us wealthy.

Let us try to understand how the law works its magic with the help of affirmations.

The law of attraction and affirmations

The law of attraction is a life philosophy that emphasizes the role of positive thoughts in our lives. The law says that we can attract into our lives whatever we focus on. It guides us to tap the unlimited potential of our minds to manifest our desires. 

An affirmation is one of the tools of the law for manifestation. It helps us to focus on our goals and visualize our intentions to set us on our path to successful realization.

Some think that positive affirmations have the magical power of incantations. Whether there is truth in this line of thinking is unclear. But it can be said with conviction that repeating affirmations do have a profound effect on our desire to manifest goals.

“I am” affirmations

These are specific affirmations starting with the statement “I am”. It is hard to understand how these two simple words can transform our lives. Experience has taught us that they do have a huge impact on the course of our lives.

Affirmations beginning with “I am” are more personal and we can use this to our advantage in our manifestation journey. When affirmations of this format are used daily, it is found to help bring focus, motivate, and trigger the powerful subconscious to work towards making wishes come true.

“I am” affirmations can work wonders in dispelling limiting beliefs, a major hurdle in the path of manifestation. When you want something but believe in your subconscious mind that you are not worthy of it or incapable of achieving it, no amount of hard work can bring positive results. 

Repeating these powerful affirmations has helped many overcome these harmful mindsets. 

Self-belief, positive outlook, and willingness to work towards realizing the goals are all consequences of repeating these affirmations. You will be seeing the world in a whole new light. The “I can” attitude will appear out of nowhere and replace the existing defeatist and doubtful mentality.

Is it possible to attract abundance with affirmations?

The short answer is a resounding yes.

As the law of attraction teaches you, anything is possible if you have a positive mindset and willingness to work hard. It is natural to have doubts about achieving abundance with affirmations as it is a tangible goal, unlike intangible goals like happiness or peace of mind.

The truth is that abundance is more a mental state than a physical reality. You can even use abundance affirmations to receive a specific sum of money. However, wishing for wealth and doing nothing is not going to bring you the desired sum.

There is work to be done to get what you want.

Why does mindset matter?

Most of us dream of achieving good or even great things in life but it doesn’t go beyond the dreaming stage. Ever wondered why?

If we are willing to dig deeper into the reason, we would find contradictory thoughts and beliefs hidden among others. For example, when we wish for wealth, we also believe that we do not deserve to be fortunate in our money matters. Or even that prosperity brings evil, or a comfortable life would make us wicked and devilish.

With such a mindset, how can we ever hope to manifest our dream of abundance? 

How to get rid of a negative mentality?

And, how to develop an abundance mindset? 

The first step is to identify negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about acquiring wealth and enjoying it. In fact, this is the key to a successful manifestation. Affirmations can do wonders in achieving a turnaround in attitude. Here are a few more suggestions.

  • Nurture hope 
  • Develop a strong urge to change
  • Believe in self
  • Build healthy financial habits
  • Enlist people around you to hold you accountable
  • Turn to them for support when needed
  • Use resources and tools to help you achieve this

The law of attraction offers an array of tools to build a positive attitude. Repeating affirmations is one among them.

This done, it is all about staying focused on the goal and maintaining a positive attitude. Manifestation may happen fast, or it may take time. A “never give up” attitude is vital to keep yourself from being derailed.

Here are some of the most powerful “I am” affirmations for financial abundance and wealth to get you started. 

60 powerful I am abundance affirmations

  1. I am a money magnet.
  2. I am open to receiving wealth and abundance.
  3. I am worthy of abundant life.
  4. I am grateful for all the blessings in life.
  5. I am releasing negative thoughts and limiting beliefs from my subconscious.
  6. I am expelling doubts and disbelief from my mind.
  7. I am eager to live a life of luxury.
  8. I am good at attracting prosperity.
  9. I am already wealthy.
  10. I am living a prosperous life.
  11. I am willing to work hard to achieve my goals.
  12. I am not willing to settle for anything less than what my heart desires.
  13. I am blessed with a loving family and loyal friends.
  14. I am fortunate to work with a team of dedicated colleagues.
  15. I am going to be a millionaire.
  16. I am aware of the prosperity around me and do not resent others for being more well-off.
  17. I am very good at my job.
  18. I am ready for a six-figure income.
  19. I am open to success and fame.
  20. I am wealthy and prosperous.
  21. I am visualizing my business success.
  22. I am rich and financially abundant.
  23. I am about to experience an avalanche of money.
  24. I am at the pinnacle of success.
  25. I am good at making money.
  26. I am going to receive a large sum of money.
  27. I am attracting financial gains.
  28. I am willing to let go of disbelief and embrace abundance.
  29. I am a wealthy and successful businessman.
  30. I am being deluged in abundance.
  31. I am in love with money and money loves me.
  32. I am born to be rich and successful.
  33. I am eager to experience abundance.
  34. I am welcoming abundance with open arms.
  35. I am destined for financial success.
  36. I am more than ready for a $10,000 per month pay packet.
  37. I am good at money management.
  38. I am getting better at managing my finances.
  39. I am equipped with the right tools for financial success.
  40. I am happy to be rich enough to have everything I want.
  41. I am prosperous enough to satisfy my wants and needs.
  42. I am earning more than what I spend every month.
  43. I am embracing new ideas for raising income.
  44. I am a money-making machine.
  45. I am adding more and more money into my bank account.
  46. I am soon to gain riches and fame.
  47. I am the master of my wealth and success.
  48. I am friends with abundance and success.
  49. I am ready to handle the money influx.
  50. I am well-equipped to handle financial success in my business venture.
  51. I am expanding my horizons to make more money.
  52. I am grateful for the opportunities to make more money.
  53. I am choosing wealth and abundance.
  54. I am blessed that the Universe has my back.
  55. I am convinced that money and prosperity are waiting for me.
  56. I am enjoying sharing my abundance with family and friends.
  57. I am more than ready for my dreams to come true.
  58. I am confident of my ability to succeed in amassing wealth.
  59. I am capable of reaching my abundance goals.
  60. I am wishing for more money and that is okay.
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