Best Jobs For Introverts With Anxiety

Best Jobs For Introverts With Anxiety

Best Jobs For Introverts With Anxiety

Finding a job that you enjoy in itself is a tough task. More so if you have social anxiety disorder coupled with an introverted personality.

If you are an introverted person suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD), you may be thinking that being an extrovert with good social skills can solve all your problems. 

Believe me, they too have their own set of problems in finding a job. And, there are so many creative jobs that are suitable for you only if you know where to look for one.

These jobs are ideal even for those suffering from mental health issues. Some of them are great part-time jobs if that suits your requirements. Some others can be managed remotely or online; you can work from home.

In case you are stressed about job interviews and how you are going to handle them with your limitations, don’t worry. For some online job positions such as social media jobs, interviews are carried out on online platforms like Skype and Zoom.

You should never consider your unique personality traits as a liability. After all, as they say, it takes all kinds to make the world. You are just different from the most common personality type. Just believe that you too have a place in this beautiful world and you too can find a suitable job.

Instead of focusing on your so-called weaknesses or drawbacks, dig deeper and try to find the positives. Maybe you are a fast learner, you can work independently without supervision, you have a variety of creative skills, you are a caring person, or you have good listening skills. Focus on your strengths and this will lead you to the right job where your contribution will be appreciated. 

You can put to good use your vast knowledge, ability to assess people, thinking skills, and disciplined way of functioning. This article lists great opportunities for people like you. You will find here both full-time and part-time jobs and high paying jobs and average salary jobs.

Does social anxiety disorder (SAD) affect your performance?

If you are an introvert and have SAD, your social skills will be limited and this can create problems in a regular workplace. Interacting with supervisors and colleagues would be challenging for you. You would be reluctant to ask for help as well.

This means,

  • Diminished performance
  • Less productivity
  • Missed deadlines
  • More absences from work
  • Lost opportunities

What is the right kind of job profile for an introvert with SAD?

It would be wrong to consider all introverts with SAD symptoms as the same. The severity of your disorder matters when you are trying to find the right job. 

For example, if you are suffering from a severe personality disorder and have next to no social skills, any job that necessitates social interaction would be difficult for you to handle. You would better look for something with minimal or no interactions with colleagues. Such as online jobs.

On the other hand, if your affliction is milder and you have undergone therapy to overcome it to some extent, you may be able to handle onsite jobs with limited interactions.

Besides social skills, another point to consider when searching for jobs is the stress level associated with them. Often high-stress jobs or jobs with hard deadlines may not be for you.

Your mental health won’t get better if you continue to remain isolated. Maybe getting out of your home and putting yourself in positions with low-stress levels and limited social interactions can actually help. If you are willing to take a chance, look out for flexible roles.

In short, you need to be aware of your weaknesses and strengths and find a job that fits in with your personality type. You should not rule out certain jobs just because they are believed to be unsuitable for introverted people with SAD.

Best jobs for introverts with social anxiety


A perfect fit for a loner with limited social skills, an artist can pursue their passion even part-time, together with a day job or another part-time job. In fact, this may be a better proposition as earning a living right from the beginning as an artist may not work out well.

If you believe you have artistic talents, you can even expand your area of interest to a computer or internet-related profession. Such as graphic design or animation. With some coding skills, you can also get jobs associated with the development of apps in this field. 

Being an artist or artist-related profession allows you to work alone with very little need for interaction with others. This again offers you the flexibility to get more socially active when you want to. 


This is a perfect job for a person who has the skills and prefers working alone. Even with the right qualifications, experience, and skillset, this can be a tough profession to break into. If you are looking for high-paying jobs, this may not be the one for you though. You will need time to establish yourself and earn a good reputation to command higher remuneration.

Now, with the internet offering amazing opportunities for writers of all caliber, writing jobs are always easy to find. In case you aren’t able to find a permanent position as such, you have the freedom to take up freelance work or start your own blog. 

People with passion and dedication have made it big in this field. If you are looking for flexibility, it cannot get better than this. As you get better in this profession and gain more confidence, you may be able to overcome the disabilities that are keeping you from going mainstream. You can always reach out to others in the field and widen your horizon. Sky’s the limit.

Jobs in animal care

There are many jobs in this field and all of them are ideal for you if you are an introvert with limited social skills. When working with animals, you don’t need to follow any social etiquette. You love and care for them and they love you right back without any hesitation. They will remain your loyal friend for a lifetime. In fact, this is the reason why support animals are recommended for people with mental health issues. 

Some of the jobs in the animal care segment are 

  • Animal trainer
  • Animal care worker
  • Kennel manager or assistant
  • Animal groomer
  • Animal rescue center worker
  • Veterinarian
  • Veterinary nurse
  • Zookeeper

If you love being near animals, this is a chance for you to earn a living while doing something you love and getting therapy all at the same time. Whether you have a qualification to work with animals or not, there are always opportunities in this field for assistants and helpers. As you gain experience, you can move up the ladder. Or else you can even go back to college to get a proper degree so that you can make this your profession.


Highly flexible, the job of a landscaper may be a perfect fit for introverts suffering from SAD of varying severity. You can choose to work for bigger landscaping enterprises or get hired by individual golf courses. You can also work independently as a landscaper, handpicking your clients.

Not all the positions as a landscaper are free from social interaction though. If you want to avoid it, you can choose one with very little interaction with customers. Like most other jobs listed here, this one is also flexible, allowing you opportunities to challenge your fears. As your social skills improve, you can always look out for positions involving more customer interactions and collaborating with other landscaping professionals.


If you are good at math and consider numbers as your friends, this may be a good profession for you. The job entails bookkeeping and managing the financial aspects for individuals as well as businesses.

This job allows you immense flexibility in where you work from and whom you work for. You can find jobs as an accountant in multinational corporations, smaller firms or you can set up your own practice. Depending on whom you work for, the job profile may include some social interaction. However, the bulk of the work still needs to be done on your own.

As you gain experience, you will see a marked increase in your confidence level. This may help you overcome the deficiency in social skills. As you get better, you can even shift to jobs involving more social interaction.

Bottom line

If you have an introverted personality coupled with SAD, you should invest some time and effort in figuring out the right kind of job. Go through the job profile to understand your duties and responsibilities and the environment you would be working in. Go for it only if you think you are comfortable with them.

Remember that the severity of your problem doesn’t remain the same. You can challenge your fears, even while remaining within comfortable limits. This will ultimately help you overcome them to a large extent.

All the jobs listed here allow you to tackle your fear of social interaction in a way comfortable to you. This is exactly what is achieved through cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). As you get more and more accustomed to dealing with customers and colleagues, you can gradually move to more challenging jobs.

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