Karmic Relationship, Astrology and Past Life Indicators

Karmic Relationship, Astrology, Past Life Indicators, Synastry, Conjunction, and More…

Karmic Relationship, Astrology, Past Life Indicators, Synastry, Conjunction, and More…

Do you feel it in your bones that you are in a karmic relationship? 

Maybe it is true, maybe not. You must be wondering how to find out for sure. Karmic astrology can come to your rescue. 

You feel as if you have known your partner for ages though you two met a couple of months back. You can glimpse all the classic signs of a karmic relationship. 

Is it possible to know for sure? And, if you are in a karmic relationship, how can you recognize your past life connections?

Read on to learn more about karmic relationships, past life connections, karmic astrology, synastry charts, and more. This article also explains how you can use the synastry charts in astrology to figure out your karmic debt, how it will influence your present relationship, and tips on how you can repay this debt to free your soul.

Do remember that karmic astrology can offer a few insights into your past life but not the whole picture. You can use these past life indicators to join the dots and figure out the rest. Again, to think of something as relevant, you should be able to find multiple indicators. This means you should take in the synastry chart as a whole and not in bits and pieces.

Karmic connection: Meaning

A relationship that is a continuation of one in your past life may be called a karmic connection. When there are unresolved issues in the past life relationship and you parted ways before figuring things out, you owe each other karmic debt. Without paying this debt, you may find it difficult to move on in your present life. This is how karmic connections happen. You are drawn toward each other to clear the karmic debt.

No need to emphasize that karmic relationships are turbulent, painful, and short-lived. Paying karmic debts can take a toll on both individuals and consequently on the relationship. Once the debt is paid, the purpose of the relationship is fulfilled and both can move on in their respective lives.

“How to know that I am in a karmic relationship?”

“How do I pay the karmic debt?”

Karmic astrology can help you here. 

Using astrology to identify past life connections

Disagreements and difficulties are common in all relationships. Then the question boils down to identifying a karmic relationship.

The synastry charts in karmic astrology offer you clues to your past life and that of your partner. Adding two and two, you can make four.

In astrology, synastry charts are used to compare the birth or natal charts of two individuals to see how compatible they are. By physically placing them one on top of the other, you could understand planetary conjunction, that is, how planets align. 

Conjunctions are considered the most vital aspect in determining compatibility. When the planets are aligned right, they strengthen the effect of the participant planets and your relationship has a higher probability of success.

To figure out your karmic connection with your partner, you need to analyze these aspects in the synastry chart.

  • Vertex
  • North node
  • South node
  • Angles 
  • Saturn 
  • Venus
  • Chiron
  • Asteroid Juno
  • 12th house

In the case of angles, you need to look into the ascendant, descendant, IC, and midheaven.

If these aspects are showing up in the synastry chart, there is a higher chance that you have a past life connection. This can be both good and bad. 

Usually, a karmic connection happens when there is a karmic debt to pay. This process of repaying the debt can be painful and challenging. 

When there is a conjunction in the synastry chart, it means that the planetary energies get merged to form a strong and healthy relationship. Though conjunction is one of the most important aspects of the chart, you need to analyze the whole chart to get an overview. 

A relationship with a karmic past may end sooner than required without clearing the debt. This can mean only one thing. Even after a breakup, you will be pining for each other and find it hard to get over the relationship. Ultimately, you find each other again. These cycles of breakups and reunions will continue until the karmic debt is cleared. 

How to spot past life indicators in a synastry chart?

Here are some possible scenarios, their meanings, and indications based on the various aspects in a synastry chart.

South node

This represents your past. If your partner’s personal planets conjunct with your south node, it is a potential indication of a past life connection. The reverse is also true. If your personal planets conjunct with your partner’s south node, you two have unpaid karmic debt.

You can even get an inkling of the general areas in life where your past converges by analyzing the house of the nodes. This is more so if the 7th house has a role to play.


Vertex lies on the right hemisphere of the birth chart and it is the intersecting point of prime vertical and ecliptic. When your vertex is conjunct with your partner’s planets or angles, the chances are high for a karmic past. 


Juno is an asteroid named after the Roman goddess associated with marriage, family life, and childbirth. It lies between Jupiter (husband) and Mars (lover). Juno’s conjunction with ascendant, descendant, or the personal planets of your karmic partner can give you an insight into your past life connection. When your Juno is in your partner’s 12th house or vice versa, it is a clear indication of a karmic past.


This planet is directly associated with your past life and karma and hence, it is the most important one for your karmic relationship. You need to take into consideration Saturn’s sign, house, and aspect for a better perspective. Saturn’s conjunction with lunar nodes and personal planets needs to be ascertained. 

Though Saturn’s positive manifestation can spell good news for a romantic relationship, it is also something to be done with care and caution. Unless you find supportive aspects, the hard aspects from Saturn to personal planets such as conjunction, opposition, square, semisquare, and quincunx aspects may spell doom.

You may end up in a karmic relationship if your birth chart reveals Saturn in the 7th or 5th houses. Once you have cleared your karma, Saturn will return and your love life will improve.

12th house

There is much mystery and vagueness surrounding this last house. It is neither easy to analyze, process, or understand. When your planets are in the 12th house, it is an indication of karma debt. 

The implication of the 12th house on your romantic relationship depends on the planets present there. The 12th house, being a composite chart, can tell you a lot more about your past life connections and karmic balance.

Besides the 12th house, it would be useful to check the 4th, 6th, and 8th houses. All these are karmic houses that can reveal much about your karmic relationship.

Karma is not always bad

You can have good karma too! Karma is directly linked to cause and effect. If you did good deeds in your past life, you will end up with good karma in this life. The other way is also true. This is why not all karmic relationships are bad. Some are good as well.

This is revealed in your birth chart. By analyzing your natal chart, it is possible to get a good understanding of what kind of relationship and partner you will end up with. You may have a healthy relationship with someone as a karmic reward or you may end up choosing a karmic partner with whom you have a karmic debt.

Karma is not just about relationships but here we are discussing only the relationship-related aspects of karma. You also need to remember that the cause-effect nature of karma is not instantaneous. You need to give your good actions some time to show positive results. But rest assured, it will show up sooner or later. 

Bottom line

When you hear about karmic relationships for the first time, you may find it fascinating and exciting. In fact, in the beginning, it is like any other relationship, filled with love, romance, and happiness. Only at a later stage, the real nature of the relationship comes out in the open. 

Unfortunately, for most people, karmic relationships turn out to be a source of pain and suffering. But you also need to be aware that this is vital for the evolution of your soul. Unless it is freed of its karmic debts, your soul cannot progress further. 

Becoming aware of your karmic relationship can help you speed up the process considerably. Otherwise, you may walk out of the relationship without paying the karmic debt. This means you will have to come back together once more to finish the task. That would be prolonging the agony. 

On the other hand, when you know the purpose of your relationship, even if it is difficult, you can put some effort into understanding the unresolved issues and your partner. With the lessons learned and debts repaid, you are free to live your life.

Karmic relationships can have a domino effect on other aspects of your life. Such as your career, health, and relationship with others. By repaying the karmic debt, you will see positive changes in your life as a whole.

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