25 Best Law of Attraction Books for Successful Manifestation

25 Best Law of Attraction Books for Successful Manifestation

Best Law of Attraction Books

Interested in manifesting your desires and dreams? Looking for information on manifestation techniques? Searching for books about the law of attraction? You have come to the right place!

The amazing philosophy of the law of attraction is known to the world for the last couple of centuries now. With the release of the movie, The Secret and consequent release of the book of the same name, the interest in the law of attraction and manifestation techniques have increased manifold.

Numerous law of attraction books written by masters of the law has helped millions master the manifestation process with ease. In case you are looking for help in manifesting and/or information on the principles of the law of attraction, look no further. Here is a list of 25 best law of attraction books on topics covering diverse uses and applications of the law.

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    1) The Secret By Rhonda Byrne

    Published in 2006, this book brought the attention of the entire world back on the law of attraction. Catapulted to center stage with the movie and a slew of celebrity endorsements, this book written by Rhonda Byrne is regarded as one of the best books for beginners. Without deviating from its core concept, it is written for the modern believers of the law.
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    2) Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

    Published in 1937 during the Great Depression, this book was inspired by business magnate/philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Though the book doesn’t refer to ‘law of attraction’ as such, it describes in detail the principles of the law. This self-help classic is not just about getting money rich but rich in all aspects of life.
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    3) You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

    First published in the 1980s, this book teaches that loving yourself without guilt can make us physically and mentally healthy. An avid advocate of the law of attraction, the author stresses the importance of gratitude and the power of affirmations in turning our lives around. The key takeaway from the book is ‘if you can take charge of your mind, nothing is impossible’.
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    4) The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

    Published in the early 20th century, this concise self-help book on wealth creation describes how creation and not competition is the route to getting rich. The author spent a lifetime absorbing the works of the world’s greatest philosophers and summarises it all in its seventeen short, precise, and unambiguous chapters.
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    5) The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

    Published in 1957 as an audio record, it won the first Gold Record for the spoken word. Its overwhelming success led to its publication in book format. Vastly influenced by the book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, the author advocates self-acquisition of knowledge and not confirming to limitations imposed by society as ways to succeed. His most famous quote is still in use – “You are now, and you do become, what you think about.”
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    6) The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer

    Dr. Dyer offers an altogether different meaning to ‘intention’ in this iconic self-help book. One of the best law of attraction books, he describes intention not as something you do with dogged determination, but as an energy you are a part of. According to him, the intention is ‘a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place’. For those who are struggling to get their act together, this book offers specific ways to create their own realities.
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    7) Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley

    This bestseller tells us how to harness the power of the Universe to accomplish our dreams and enjoy the journey of life. The book guides us through the steps of the law of attraction from understanding the reality to aligning our desires with our beliefs. Narrated from a personal perspective, the book describes how the author overcame obstacles to achieve success. Starting from where you are, the author inspires the reader to reach for glory in a series of 7 simple steps.

    8) The Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford

    The law of attraction book, as the title suggests, delves on how to develop healthy relationships and attract that special someone in your life. Using the law of attraction techniques, the book describes ways to take control of the search for a soulmate. From the author who helped launch the careers of Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra, this book is no dating guide for sure. A must-read for those seeking relationship guidance.

    9) The Key to Living the Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield

    From the best-selling author of the Chicken Soup series, this book is a simple but essential guide for practicing the law of attraction. One of the best manifestation books, the author guides you step-by-step through the manifestation process. It provides readers clear-cut instructions on what needs to be done to live a life of dreams. In the book, the author shares his knowledge and experience in applying the principles of the law of attraction.

    10) Ask & It Is Given by Abraham Hicks

    Written by the wife-husband team of Esther and Jerry Hicks, the book on law of attraction guides the reader through the steps of manifestation for a happy and content life. Famous as Abraham Hicks, the pseudonym used by the authors, they introduce spiritual teachings in conjunction with the law of attraction to achieve what you want. The book states in no uncertain terms that good things are your birthright.

    11) The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle

    The author gives new meaning to living in the present in this book. Though the concept itself is nothing new, the way it is explained in simple and easy-to-understand style makes the book an excellent guide to beginners to grasp and follow it. The book delves into the workings of the mind and explains how vital it is for us to live in the present to manifest our desires. You will also find the answers to many of your everyday problems.

    12) A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

    The book, described as the spiritual manifesto for a better world, defines ego as the destroyer of all good things on this planet. The author describes how we need to go beyond the ego-centric states of consciousness to boost personal happiness and end conflicts and sufferings in the world. He identifies ego as the architect of dysfunction leading to negative emotions of jealousy, anger, and discontent. The author teaches us how to elevate ourselves to a new state of consciousness and lead a joyous and fulling life.

    13) The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

    Published in 1952, this self-help book on personal development tells readers how to ‘achieve a happy, satisfying, and worthwhile life’. Propounding the core principles of the law of attraction, the book shows how to energize your life with the power of faith and use it to achieve your desires and dreams. Read this book to know how to look for the best and achieve it, believe in yourself, be kind to yourself, stop worrying and relax, improve relationships, take charge of your environment and gain stamina to achieve your goal.

    14) The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

    A bestseller since its publication in 1963, this self-help book combines spirituality and the principles of the law of attraction to show you how your subconscious mind works and how you can tap its power to banish your inner demons. The author has explained practical ways to use this power to change your destiny and lead a fulfilling life. He has answered many common questions that a beginner may encounter when manifesting with the law of attraction.

    15) Thought Vibration by William Walker Atkinson

    Written more than a century ago, this concise book is also available under the title ‘The Law of Attraction in the Thought World’. Very much relevant today, this book revolves around one of the basic concepts of the law of attraction; our thoughts are nothing but energy fields and its scope is limited only by our beliefs. The book also deals with the concept of ‘mind over matter’ and the importance of willpower.

    16) As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

    Published in 1903, this book presents clear answers to many of life’s conundrums. Such as, where to look for guidance and how to achieve purity of mind. According to the author, purity of mind alone can bring us happiness and fulfillment. In his words, ‘Out of a clean heart comes a clean life and a clean body’. This book itself has guided millions to a better way of living. It has also acted as the inspiration for many modern books.

    17) The Master Key System by Charles Haanel

    First published in 1916, this book was inspired by numerous earlier works on the law of attraction. In turn, this is one of the books that turned inspiration for the most famous of them all, the Secret. Initially published as a correspondence course comprising of 24 lessons spread over 24 weeks, this book delivers all the lessons in one go. However, it is recommended to use the book as it was originally intended and not read in a session or two.

    18) The Attractor Factor Joe Vitale

    Primarily meant as a how-to guide for attracting wealth, the book promises a happy and content life in five simple steps. The author blends established marketing strategies with self-revelation to demonstrate how it is possible for a person to achieve the pinnacle of success and at the same time live a fulfilling life. Citing his own life story as an example, the author stresses the importance of positive thinking and self-development. The book offers detailed information on how to practice the law of attraction in life.

    19) The Secret Of Ages by Robert Collier

    Originally published in 1926, this book is considered as influential as the ones written by the early New Thought authors like Napoleon Hill and Wallace D. Wattles. In this book, the author reveals the seven secrets of success. The various aspects discussed include the role of the subconscious, our desires, and goals, the importance of discovering our purpose, and self-belief. The author emphasizes the role of creative imagination in attracting wealth. He also offers the Master Plot and the Power of Will to help us tide over the difficult times.

    20) Thoughts Are Things by Prentice Mulford

    Written more than a century ago by one of the pioneers of the New Thought Movement, this book reveals how to use your thoughts to change the course of your life and shape your destiny. The author teaches us ways to implement the principles of the law of attraction in our lives to achieve success, wealth, health, or love. In the book, the author also discusses the rarely dealt with topics such as courage. According to the author, each person must realize the unlimited potential of our thoughts in molding our lives.

    21) The Secret Law of Attraction: Master the Power of Intention by Katherine Hurst

    If you are confused about applying the principles of the law of attraction in your life, look no further. This book explains in detail how to manifest what you want with ease in no time. Using practical exercises and assignments, the author guides the reader through every step of the manifestation process. Bringing her vast personal experience as a guidance counselor, the author has answered all common questions that a beginner might have.

    22) Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley

    Coming after his immensely popular trilogy, Notes from the Universe, and its sequel, Choose them Wisely, this book doesn’t disappoint his fans. Detailing ways to enrich our lives, the author elaborates on how we are the creator of our luck, fate, and reality. He tells us that self-belief is the secret key that can unlock our dreams, which are neither circumstantial or unimportant. Interspersed with wit and wisdom, the author guides us through the infinite possibilities that life offers us.

    23) Habits for Success: Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar by G. Brian Benson

    An excellent guide to those starting their manifestation journey with the law of attraction, this book explains the process in a simple and easy-to-understand style. Using the wisdom gained from his own experience, the author helps the reader reach their own goals with his insight and motivational words. Unlike any other self-help book, this one offers guidance and inspiration without sounding preachy.

    24) It Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True! by R.H. Jarret

    Originally published in 1926, this compact book charts out a clear plan on how to improve your life with just three simple steps. The author’s assertion is so incredibly stunning and bold that it is hard to ignore it altogether without giving it a try. All that the little red book asks you to do is to list your desires, read it three times a day and tell no one.

    25) The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol

    Published in 1948, this classic self-help book offers readers well-tried motivational methods to turn their lives around. The author, a successful businessman, prompts you to harness the power of the subconscious, protect your thoughts, apply the law of suggestion, and use the power of your imagination to tap own potential.


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