Easy 9 Law of Attraction Exercises for Beginners to Start

9 Law of Attraction Exercises for Beginners

Law of Attraction Exercises

Are you new to the law of attraction and manifestation techniques? You must have heard about its amazing powers to make your dreams come true. Feeling unsure about embracing something that sounds too good to be true? Or are you hesitating to begin your manifestation adventure with the law of attraction because of the extra time and effort involved? You need not worry on both counts. Try out these super simple Law of Attraction exercises specifically designed for beginners like yourself.

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    The Law of Attraction – A Short Intro

    The law of attraction is a school of thought based on the simple principle of ‘like attracts like’. This means, with a positive attitude, you attract all things positive into your life. This includes people, objects, thoughts, and feelings, in short, everything in this Universe.

    Your next obvious question would be “Is staying positive enough?” Not exactly. You need to invest a bit more so that you can reap such rich rewards. The basic steps to manifest your desire are Ask, Believe, and Receive.

    First, you need to ask the Universe what you want. For this, you need to decide what you want. Then ask the Universe with an earnest and sincere approach.

    The next step involves believing in the process unconditionally. You can rely on affirmation and visualization techniques to help in your manifestation journey.

    The third and final step involves getting ready to receive the reward. You need to be a vibrational match with your dreams.

    Where to begin?

    If you are new to the law of attraction and manifestation, it is natural to feel confused about the whole process. You must be having a thousand questions exploding in your head. Such as,

    • How to practice law of attraction?
    • Where to begin?
    • Are there any exercises to do every day?

    Finding answers to your questions is important to clear your doubts and confusion about the manifestation process. Only then, you will be able to believe in it completely and wholeheartedly. Lack of faith is one of the most common reasons why most beginners fail to manifest their desires and abandon their affair with the law of attraction.

    Manifesting wealth, success, love, health, and more is very much possible with the law of attraction. For this to happen, you need to change your mindset. You must exude confidence, success, and positive thinking to send out the right kind of message to the Universe.

    To make your manifestation journey easy and successful, practice these simple law of attraction exercises.

    Step 1: Become a believer

    This is a prerequisite for manifesting dreams with the law of attraction. It is natural to feel skeptical even when you are attracted to it. Your heart wants to believe, but your mind is holding it back. You can convince your mind to believe with these simple yet effective tactics.

    Observe what is happening in your life. Unknowingly, all of us manifest small things all the time. Make a list of such manifestations, how much ever inconsequential they may be. You can do this exercise with your past as well as the present life. Once in a week or so go through the list. You will be amazed at how many manifestations you managed to have. That will help in convincing your mind that the law of attraction works.

    You can do the same exercise by observing the lives of the people around us. When you see how often manifestation happens in our lives, faith is bound to come along.

    Soon you will start believing that the Universe is listening to you and will do everything to make your dreams come true.

    Step 2: Focus on small things

    Instead of setting major goals in your first attempt at manifestation, go for smaller ones. A huge reward at the onset is a game-changer for sure. Though this is possible, it needs immense investments from you. With your belief on shaky grounds, it is ideal to aim for smaller goals and gradually progress towards bigger ones.

    There is another advantage in adopting this approach. Smaller goals are easier and faster to manifest. Most often, you will set these small goals and forget about them. When it shows up out of the blue, you will be thrilled to pieces.

    As you achieve each of these goals, your faith in your ability, and the process keeps growing.

    Step 3: Set daily/weekly intentions

    Now, are you feeling lost? Do you lack goals? Do you feel like your life is devoid of purpose? Setting simple intentions can change your life forever.

    The law of attraction is all about setting goals for yourself and working towards achieving it. Setting intentions is like an initiation into the process, before moving on to the major league. Intentions can be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

    An intention is like a test dose to see how things go. If you have doubts about whether the law of attraction is the right thing for you or if it is too taxing or time-consuming, small victories with intentions will help. It will convince your skeptical mind, in case you have one, that the law of attraction works.

    So what are intentions? They are very small everyday goals that you normally were not paying attention to. Such as, finishing your work for the day or having your breakfast sitting down. These are things you can do, but don’t bother to do it because you never thought they were important.

    When you see that things go according to plan, it puts you in a happy place. You will feel confident to make bigger intentions and work towards making them happen. That is what the law of attraction is all about.

    Step 4: Train your mind to think positive

    We, human beings, are blessed with a wide range of emotions, some positive some negative. Every day we experience a good measure of these emotions when we are going through our daily activities. We need to eliminate the negative emotions from our list if we want the law of attraction to work for us.

    For example, when you are single and longing for a relationship, seeing a loving couple can trigger envy and jealousy in you. You are sending a wrong message to the Universe that this is not something you want. Now we know that is far from the truth. This is confusing. Double negative doesn’t make a positive here. How do we correct this mistake?

    A positive emotion or attitude is something that conveys the right message to the Universe. It states with clarity what you want without any room for confusion.

    So, instead of feeling jealous, be happy for the couple. When you are happy, you are sending out positive signals to the Universe that seeing the loving couple makes you happy and you would also like to have something like that in life.

    Using this strategy, you can turn every adverse situation into an opportunity.

    To learn more, see our article on 8 productive exercises for positive thinking.

    Step 5: Make a vision board

    A Vision Board or a Dream Board is a great tool to stay motivated and on the right path. Remember the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”? The same principle is applied here. A vision board is a regular board in which you put up a collage of images related to your dream. The idea is to place the board where you frequently see it. It is easy and simple to make.

    But those who do not understand its place in the scheme of things, mostly beginners, may find it a waste of time and boring. A vision board is an effective tool for a successful manifestation. When you feel demotivated by minor setbacks in the process, the vision board helps you bounce back, stay positive, and focus on your goal.

    Bring out your creativity when you are designing your board. Make it an interesting and fun activity. You can combine your intention exercise mentioned earlier with this to double the benefit. Set intentions for collecting images for the board. This is a sure way to stay on track and feel motivated.

    >> Read 7 inspiring vision board ideas for adults <<

    Step 6: Affirmations at bedtime

    In the manifestation process, affirmations enjoy an important place. For someone new to the law of attraction, creating your affirmations can be a tricky step. You may able to find suitable affirmations from books and websites dedicated to the law of attraction.

    Affirmations are powerful tools in manifesting when they evoke strong feelings in you. The best affirmations are always the ones you create yourself. You may find these tips useful.

    • Start the affirmation with “I am”.
    • Use positive sentences.
    • Say it in the present tense.
    • Use action words.
    • Keep it brief and to the point.
    • Include powerful words with intense emotion.

    You can get the best from affirmations when you repeat them at bedtime, just before falling asleep. Even when sleeping, your unconscious mind is awake and will continue to remember them.

    Step 7: Feel the gratitude

    Saying ‘Thank you’ has a huge impact on your mental makeup. Whether it is to a person or the Universe, the act of being grateful fills you up with positivity and happiness. For one thing, it reminds you of something good you have. Showing gratitude makes you feel that you are giving back something and not just receiving favors. Almost like an equal exchange.

    Many experienced practitioners of the law of attraction set aside a specific time of the day for expressing gratitude to the Universe for all the good things they have received. You can follow this or you can make gratitude a part of your life by practicing it actively. This is an easy habit to learn. All you need to do is convey your appreciation when something good happens to you or makes you happy.

    Gratitude can work miracles for you in multiple ways. Though it is a simple gesture, don’t underestimate its powers and ignore it. Work it into your routine and watch the transformation in you.

    Step 8: Script your future conversations in the present

    Think up the conversations you are going to have in the future after successfully manifesting your desires, but played out in the present. You can have these conversations in the mind or write it down. In the conversations, you will be talking about how great you are feeling after your triumphant manifestations. And how happy it makes you when your dreams come true.

    Though you are talking about something you have not yet achieved, with these conversations you are tricking your mind into thinking that they are real. This will put you in a happy and content space. And, it will take your attention away from what you are lacking. This will give more clarity about your desire and get you excited in its pursuit. When you are feeling positive and joyful, you become more creative and resilient. Nothing is impossible when you are feeling this way.

    Step 9: Meditate to calm your mind

    Meditation is a simple yet very effective technique to bring happiness and serenity. It is not an easy exercise to include in your routine. Start with 5-10 minute sessions daily. Mornings are better for practicing meditation. Focus on your breathing to keep your mind still. In the beginning, it is normal for the mind to wander. Don’t feel annoyed. Let it drift for a while. Gently bring it back to focus.

    Meditation offers multiple benefits to its practitioners. Even a short duration of meditation can work wonders for your manifestation experience. It can help prepare your mind for the law of attraction.

    The law of attraction is neither complex science nor mysterious philosophy. It is not magic, miracle, or mumbo jumbo. It is all about staying positive and transforming honest intentions into affirmative actions. These simple, easy-to-follow exercises can help in infusing positivity and happiness in your life. Then sit back and watch the Universe do its part.

    Are you still feeling skeptical? Try these daily exercises and see how it goes. After all, what have you got to lose? You may end up gaining a lot in the process. Your life may transform in a way you never foresaw in your wildest dreams! 

    You may also want to take a look at our LOA guide on how to use law of attraction when everything goes wrong or download our free law of attraction planner to get started.

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