How to Use Law of Attraction When Everything Goes Wrong

How to Use Law of Attraction When Everything Goes Wrong?

How to Use Law of Attraction When Everything is Going Wrong

Things go wrong occasionally and even after repeated attempts you find yourself unable to turn things around. The feeling of helplessness and being completely lost seem to overcome you.

Maybe it is a broken relationship, or a setback in your business, or ill-health, or financial troubles. There is no guarantee in life that things will look up all the time. Ups and downs are just part of life.

Even if you understand all these things, when you are actually going through a bad patch, you find it hard to accept. 

So, having a contingency plan to deal with setbacks can help you get over them in the best possible way. Cultivating positive thinking and an upbeat attitude can be your assets in trying situations.

The law of attraction offers a range of tools and techniques to improve your attitude and mindset. This article explores ways to use the law of attraction when everything goes wrong. Before we go into this, let’s list out what to do when everything is going wrong.

Things to remember when everything seems to be wrong

No pain no gain

Ups and downs, day and night, peaks and valleys, waxing and waning, ebb and flow. If you look at nature you will find many such examples. There is no pleasure in life without understanding pain.

However, when you experience pain, you may not feel this way. There is always a purpose behind it, though it is challenging. It ultimately helps you grow. There is always something to take away from the situation. Remind yourself that pain is not a sign of failure. On the contrary, it is an opportunity for growth.

Change is the only constant

Just because everything in your life is going great doesn’t mean it will remain like that forever. The same is true when things are going wrong as well. Light follows darkness, sunshine comes after the rain. Nothing remains unchanged forever – whether it is good or bad. 

All you need to do is to keep your wits together and work towards a better life. Things will change for the better eventually.

Worrying doesn’t help

When you are facing a difficult situation, you have the choice to be bold and work hard to improve the situation or feel discouraged, worry about it, and give up trying. Have you ever thought about how worrying affects your response to the situation?

Worrying takes away your focus and wastes your energy that can be put to better use in dealing with the predicament you find yourself in. Does worrying help you in any way? No. Then why waste your time and energy on it? Instead, see what you can control and make the best of the resources available to you.

Get up and get going

Don’t allow minor setbacks to deter you from your path towards the goal. Falling down is inevitable in life’s journey. Success comes to those who know how to pick themselves up after every fall. 

There are more positive attitudes you can develop. They will come to your aid when things start going downhill. 

  • Don’t feel bogged down by the negativity of others. 
  • You cannot make everyone happy. 
  • Your priority should be your own happiness. 
  • Struggles are part of life. They are opportunities for you to progress. 
  • Keep good company. Surround yourself with people who support you and are happy for you.
  • Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be. What has to happen will happen. Don’t tie yourself up in knots every time things go wrong. 
  • Stop doubting yourself and enjoy life as it unfolds.

How to apply the principles of the law of attraction?

Adopting techniques of manifestation like gratitude and mindfulness can help you deal with difficult situations in life. You can use manifestation tools like visualization and affirmation to develop a positive mindset and keep your energy levels high. 

Here are some manifestation steps you can use to stay positive and not be derailed by setbacks.

1. Set an intention

When things start going wrong, you will start to lose faith in yourself and your ability to achieve anything. Setting easily achievable intentions can help you get over this defeatist attitude. 

It can be anything. Waking up early to see the sunrise, being kind to a random stranger, cooking yourself dinner, or going to bed early. These need to be doable things that you often let slide. 

And give them your all to make them come true. With this, you will regain your self-belief and confidence.

2. Practice gratitude

You need this more when things are not going great. When you experience setbacks, you start feeling that you are not lucky and it is always like this for you. Including gratitude in your routine can help you get over this feeling.

Set aside time every day to count your blessings. Include even the most inconsequential ones – like it did not rain when you went for your morning jog. You would be surprised at the number of blessings you can feel grateful for. 

Writing them down in a journal is useful as a reference when you are feeling low. All you need to do is pick up the gratitude journal and read through the entries to get over the feeling that you are always unlucky.

3. Visualize a better tomorrow

One of the most powerful tools of manifestation, visualization can boost your positive energy in an instant. Make sure that you are not disturbed. Close your eyes and imagine the life you want to have for yourself. Play it like a video in your mind and include details and emotions in the mix. Stay in this world for as long as you feel like. 

After a session of visualization, you will find the weight that has been pressing you down has lifted and you are feeling happy and positive and ready to take on the world.

4. Affirm for self-belief

Affirmations are simple positive statements that embody your desires and goals in life. Repeating them multiple times can make you believe in them and work towards realizing the goals. 

Instead of feeling sad and depressed about the turn of events and giving up trying to improve the situation, repeating affirmations like “I am successful” or “I can do anything I want to” will help you get over the defeatist mentality.

With your confidence and belief in self restored, you will have the courage to pick yourself up and work towards resolving the crisis.

Here are some more suggestions for you to try.

  • Turn your focus on feeling better instead of concentrating on the problems.
  • Realize that your happiness need not depend on what happens in the physical world. It is a state of mind. You can still be happy in the present situation. Nothing needs to change for you to feel happy.
  • Obstacles in your path are proof that you are moving forward. It is up to you to treat them in a positive or negative light.
Concluding thoughts

It is easy to say “I quit” when faced with difficult situations and give up trying to improve them. Developing a positive attitude can help you cope with such setbacks in life. The law of attraction and manifestation techniques offers the perfect tools for this.

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