Laws of the Universe - Absolute Guide For Law of Attraction

An Absolute Guide to the Laws of the Universe

the Laws of the Universe

“Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who sets the planets in motion.” – Isaac Newton

“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.” – Albert Einstein

The greatest physicists of all time, Newton and Einstein, who discovered most of the basic laws of nature that govern life on this Universe, believed that there are more hidden principles controlling everything in this Universe. The laws of the Universe, as they are called, apply to all elements of life, creation, awareness, and frequency experienced by all individually or collectively. These spiritual laws of the universe were known to us from ancient times, as evident from the philosophical teachings across the world.

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    What are the laws of the Universe?

    The Universal laws are principles or practices that apply to all physical and nonphysical entities in this Universe. While physical entities include all things that are tangible or recognized by senses, nonphysical ones are those that are intangible or cannot be perceived by our senses such as thoughts and feelings.

    Many authors have listed these Universal principles that govern life in their books starting with the Kybalion in the early 20th century. Though they differ in numbers and the laws themselves, many find a place in all of them such as the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction is the most well-known of them all.

    Let us take a look at the list of laws mentioned in some of the most famous books on the topic.

    The Kybalion, first published in 1908, discusses the Hermetic Philosophy. In the book, the author claims there are 7 Laws of the Universe. They are

    1. The Principle of Mentalism
    2. The Principle of Correspondence
    3. The Principle of Vibration
    4. The Principle of Polarity
    5. The Principle of Rhythm
    6. The Principle of Cause and Effect
    7. The Principle of Gender

    The Light Shall Set You Free, published in 1998, by Dr. Milanovich and Dr. McCune contend that there are 12 laws and 21 sub-laws. Together these are known as the 33 spiritual laws of the Universe. The 12 Universal Laws are:

    1. The Law of Divine Oneness
    2. The Law of Vibration
    3. The Law of Action
    4. The Law of Correspondence
    5. The Law of Cause and Effect
    6. The Law of Compensation
    7. The Law of Attraction
    8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
    9. The Law of Relativity
    10. The Law of Polarity
    11. The Law of Rhythm
    12. The Law of Gender

    The 21 Universal sub-laws are:

    1. Aspiration to A Higher Power
    2. Charity
    3. Compassion
    4. Courage
    5. Dedication
    6. Faith
    7. Forgiveness
    8. Generosity
    9. Grace
    10. Honesty
    11. Hope
    12. Joy
    13. Kindness
    14. Leadership
    15. Noninterference
    16. Patience
    17. Praise
    18. Responsibility
    19. Self-Love
    20. Thankfulness
    21. Unconditional Love

    Each one of the above sub-laws corresponds to a human trait. The 12 Universal Laws describes why and how things happen in this world, whereas the sub-laws help us understand how we can use them to live a better life.

    Why do you need to know about Universal laws?

    Irrespective of which set of Universal principles you choose to believe, you need them to make the most out of your life. When you understand and apply them to align yourself with the Universe, you will experience a transformation in all aspects of life beyond your wildest dreams.

    The Kybalion explains that “the Universe exists by virtue of these Laws, which form its framework and which hold it together”. Grasping the nuances of these universal rules is essential to get a grip on your life and make it a success.

    Again, learning and practicing the laws is beneficial not only to ourselves as individuals. When each one of us masters these rules of life and applies them in our lives, together we can create a better world. It is our responsibility as human beings to use this knowledge to bring love, happiness, peace, and abundance in this beautiful world of ours.

    The 7 Laws of the Universe

    “The Principle of Truth are seven, he who knows these, understandingly possesses the magic key before whose touch all the doors of the temple is open”. – The Kybalion

    The Universe is vast and populated by diverse, contrasting, and incompatible inhabitants. These principles are in place to maintain order in this world and avert disastrous consequences resulting from the action of its inhabitants. When all of us follow these rules, it is possible to avoid destruction and have a life together in peace and harmony.

    The seven laws of the Universe according to the Kybalion are classified as mutable and immutable based on whether their existence is permanent or impermanent. The first three are immutable, i.e., they are absolute and eternal. These perpetual laws have always prevailed in the Universe and will continue to exist forever.

    The remaining four are mutable or changeable. This means they can be transcended or surpassed or bettered to create a better life and an ideal world. This doesn’t mean that the mutable laws are any inferior to the immutable ones. All seven of them together control our existence. It is to our advantage that we master them and transcend the mutable laws to create a better life for ourselves and a better world for the entire humanity.

    The Principle of Mentalism

    The All is Mind – The Universe is mental – All is one and one is all

    This immutable Universal law states that every physical entity in this world has its root or origin in the realm of the mind. Everything in this world is created from a single source, the Universal Mind. Moreover, all things in this world are unique at the same time has the same origin.

    The Principle of Correspondence

    As above as below, as below as above

    The second immutable law shows us the connection between physical and mental realms. As all things in this world originate from the same source, there is an irrefutable connection between the two. The law of correspondence states that there is “harmony, agreement and correspondence” between the physical, and spiritual realms.

    The Principle of Vibration

    Nothings rests – Everything moves – Everything vibrates

    The third and final immutable law tells us that “the whole universe is but a vibration”. Everything in the Universe, including living and nonliving things, is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. Our physical senses and our emotions are vibrations. The Law of Attraction is derived from this law.

    The Principle of Polarity

    Everything is dual – Everything has poles – Everything has its pair of opposites – Like and unlike are the same – Opposites are identical in nature but different in degree – Extremes meet – All truths are but half-truths – All paradoxes may be reconciled

    The first mutable law states that things that may appear as opposites are in fact two extremes of the same thing. For example, hot and cold, love and hate, peace and war, good and evil. The law tells us that by raising our vibrational frequency, we can shift from hot to cold or vice versa. Hot and cold are merely different frequencies of the same thing.

    The Principle of Rhythm

    Everything flows out and in – Everything has its tides – All things rise and fall – The pendulum-swing manifests in everything – The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left – Rhythm compensates

    The second mutable law says that everything in this world works in a rhythm, like the swing of a pendulum. Ups and downs, ins and outs, rise and fall; all things sway in opposite directions in equal measure. After every failure will come success.

    The Principle of Cause and Effect

    Everything has its effect, everything has its cause – Chance is but a name for Law not recognized – there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law

    According to the third mutable law, every effect we see in the physical world has its origin or cause in the mental realm. This means that every thought that passes through your mind will cause an effect on your life. The same is true for your words and actions. The law also dismisses the concept of chance or luck.

    The Principle of Gender

    Gender is in everything – Everything has its masculine and feminine principles – Gender manifests on all planes

    The last mutable law tells us that everything in this world is created as pairs, one with masculine and the other with feminine elements. And, everything has both elements present, but we identify the gender based on the dominant element.

    The 12 Laws of the Universe

    With the Law of Attraction gaining so much prominence in recent times, we tend to think of it as the only spiritual law of the Universe. We cannot be more wrong. It seems like there is a whole network of interlinked spiritual laws governing this world and everything in it. These Universal laws are based on the concept that everything in this world is energy.

    This energy is always swirling in a circular motion. This explains the old saying – “what goes around comes around”. Our physical being as well as our emotions including thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are all energy. This means everything we do has consequences in our lives.

    This cause-effect aspect has its advantages as well. With this, we get to influence what happens in our lives by channeling our thoughts, feelings. words and actions in the right direction. Universal Laws give us the power to create the world around us – a world of peace, harmony, and abundance.

    Most of these universal truths can be found in one form or the other in the holy scriptures of the various religions. These rules of life were always in existence. One of the first references to a set of principles governing the world was made by Socrates, the Greek Philosopher. He devised the Socratic Law of Causality, which is now known as the Law of Cause and Effect.

    The Law of Divine Oneness

    Also known as the Law of Unity, this forms the basis for the workings of the Universe. It states that everything in this world has the same origin and are interconnected. This means that everything we do, including our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, impacts others.

    The Law of Vibration

    This Universal law tells us that everything in this world is pure energy and they vibrate and are in constant motion in a circular pattern. This applies to our thoughts, feelings, and desires. Things with similar vibrational frequencies are drawn to each other.

    The Law of Action

    This Universal law says that we must follow up on our emotions with supportive actions. These actions must match our thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Only then we can make our dreams come true.

    The Law of Correspondence

    This Universal Law states that all the principles governing the physical world also apply to the realm of the mind. There is an undeniable connection or correspondence between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

    The Law of Cause and Effect

    Every action has a corresponding reaction both in the physical and spiritual realms. It works both ways. Our physical environment can impact our mental faculties and our emotions can impact our physical world. We can use this fact to make changes in our physical world by channeling our emotions in the right direction.

    By understanding and applying the law of cause and effect can have a significant impact on our overall well-being and success. 

    The Law of Compensation

    These refer to the rewards, blessings, and abundance we receive for our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. You reap what you sow. This law reminds us to think good and do good to receive good rewards.

    The Law of Attraction

    The most well-known of them all, the law of attraction states that like attracts like. To realize our goals, we need to raise our vibrational frequency to the same level as our goal. Whatever is occupying our thoughts and feelings, good or bad, we tend to vibrate at the same frequency and end up manifesting it. This means that we need to be careful about what is consuming our minds.

    The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

    Everything in this world is changing constantly. Higher vibrations can wipe out or modify lower vibrations. Each one of us is given the power to change our vibrational frequency. This means we can bring about a positive change in us.

    The Law of Relativity

    As Shakespeare wrote, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. Nothing in this world is created good or bad. It is all in the eyes of the beholder. Only when we compare it with others, we see it as good or bad. We need to remember that there are diverse perspectives on the same event. These alternative perspectives help us feel gratitude and show us how to improve our lives.

    The Law of Polarity

    Also known as the law of opposites, it states that everything in this world comes as pairs of opposites. Such as right and left, positive and negative, up and down. When we are going through troubled times. we can transform our circumstances by concentrating on the polar opposite.

    The Law of Rhythm

    Also known as the law of Perpetual Motion, this Universal law tells us that everything is impermanent and constantly in motion in a rhythmic pattern. For example, day/night, seasons, tides, aging. This law tells us that ‘this too shall pass’ when we are feeling low. It reminds us of the good fortune waiting for us in the future.

    The Law of Gender

    This Universal law has nothing to do with the physiological category. The law of gender rather refers to the masculine and feminine energies present in everything in this world, even as they are identified by the dominant gender. Though opposite in nature, they complement each other perfectly when we are in complete balance.

    These universal principles do not act like the rules made by humans. There is no concept of punishment for disobeying them. Neither is it considered good or bad to transcend them. It is to our advantage that we understand and apply them in our lives. It will help us avoid creating an imbalance in our lives as well as in the world.

    When we create an imbalance by not following these rules of life, we have to undergo the unpleasant experience of readjustment to bring back the balance. The pain, suffering, and chaos we witness in this world are due to the imbalance created by some.

    The Laws of the Universe have always existed and will do so in the future, whether we believe in them or not, whether we understand and follow them or not. They are put in place to protect us from self-destruction and keep us in balance.

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