10 Ways to Manifest Your Dreams Using Law of Attraction

10 Ways to Manifest your dreams

Manifest your dreams

What would be your reaction when you realize that you have the power to manifest your dreams? Overjoyed? Pinching yourself? Each one of us is bestowed with the power to bring to life all our aspirations and desires and to mold our life in any which way we want to. We can unlock this power in us by embracing the principles of the law of attraction.

Now we will deal with the question of how to manifest your dreams. The best part about manifesting your dreams with the law of attraction is that there are no limits to what you can dream. Oodles of wealth, good health, true love, a dream home, a luxury car, the list is endless. No dream is too excessive or too challenging to manifest. If you can dream it, you can have it.

All the claims made above are cent percent true. However, if you have a dream of sitting atop a mountain of cash and do nothing but sit back and wait, you would be disappointed to see your dream not materializing. Manifesting your dreams with the law of attraction doesn’t work like that. It demands your wholehearted participation at every step to turn your dreams into reality.

Manifesting with the law of attraction is neither easy nor simple, but very much doable if you are willing to put in the effort. Here are a few techniques to help you with how to make your dreams a reality.

The 10 Step For Manifesting Your Dreams
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    1. Decide what you want

    You won’t be able to accomplish something without knowing what you want to accomplish. This is not as simple as it sounds. When we start thinking about what we want, either our mind goes blank and confused or it gets flooded with too many things.

    In case you are drawing a blank, you can try to think of what you don’t want in life. Using this as a starting point, you will be able to identify your desires. When you have too many wants, you need to analyze each one of them and decide whether you really wish for it. Dig deeper and find out as much as you can about them. Clarity is the key to successful manifestation.

    Tips: Negative thinking is the biggest obstacle to manifestation. Your negative emotions send confusing signals to the Universe. When the Universe is unclear about what you want, you may end up with nothing or get the exact opposite of what you want. Positive thinking sends the right kind of messages to the Universe. Stop thinking about what you lack or don’t want because that has negative vibes. Instead, concentrate on what you want.

    2. Believe in the process

    Once you have identified your goal, the next step is to develop trust in the ability of the Universe to bring it to you. Believing in the manifestation process is vital to its success. This is also the hardest part of the entire process. You may take the help of affirmations to help you with this. Setting smaller intentions at the start is also helpful in building trust. These are the easy-to-achieve goals that you encounter in your everyday life. You may gradually move on to bigger goals.

    3. Keep desires at the top of your mind

    Wishing for something and forgetting about it is not going to make it happen. You need to devote your complete attention to your desires to bring it to life. It should occupy the prime spot in your mind. It needs to be there on your thoughts, feelings, talk, and even dreams. You can bring more intensity to it by practicing affirmations and visualization every day.

    4. Start and end the day with affirmations

    You can create a vision board for affirmations and hang it right near the foot of the bed so that it is the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up. At this time, your mind is calm and peaceful and ready to absorb more. Reading these positive affirmations at the beginning of the day sets the right tone for the day ahead.

    Again, at night, just as you are falling asleep, reading the affirmations will fill your unconscious mind with positive thoughts. When you are sleeping, your unconscious mind will continue to work on it.

    5. Use visualization to infuse life into your dreams

    Visualize your feelings and reaction when your dreams come true. This helps in making a strong connection with your dreams and acts as a motivation to work towards manifesting it. You can take the help of a vision board. Again, the best times for visualization are as soon as you wake up in the morning and right before you fall asleep at night.

    6. Practice gratitude

    Gratitude is one of the easiest and simplest techniques to raise your positive energy. When you feel grateful for the good things you have in life, you are sending a positive message to the Universe about what you want in life. Gratitude may be called the shortcut to fast manifestation.

    7. Meditate to calm your mind

    The voice in the head spells trouble for manifestation. It gives a running commentary of everything happening around you. It analyzes every one of your thoughts, feeling, talk, and action and manage to blame you for every setback. If you let this constant chatter get the upper hand, it will fill your mind with so much negativity that no amount of affirmation and visualization can help you get rid of it. An effective tactic to eradicate this monkey mind is meditation.

    8. Believe in yourself

    Self-doubt is your worst enemy. It can pull you down so much that you find it impossible to escape its clutches. Nip it in the bud, before it overpowers you. Affirmations are of great help in eliminating this demon.

    9. Acting As If

    Acting as if you have already accomplished your dreams puts you in a happy space for sure. You would feel optimistic and content and this sends the right kind of signal to the Universe. The basic principle behind the law of attraction is like attracts like. This means positive thinking helps in bringing good things to you. Also, by imagining that your wishes are already fulfilled, you are matching your vibrational frequency to that of your desire. This is an important step in manifesting.

    10. Keep your focus on the goal

    When you are on the path to manifest your dreams, it is easy to get distracted and get lost. To avoid this from happening, maintain your absolute attention on the finish. By rivetting your focus on the final accomplishment, you can bring yourself back on track even if your stray from the path.

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