80 Manifestation Journal Prompts For Beginners

80 Manifestation Journal Prompts For Beginners

Manifestation Journal Prompts

Manifesting goals with the law of attraction needs no introduction. The law offers various tools and techniques to make the manifestation journey smoother and successful. Manifestation journal prompts are one such mechanism to get you started on your way to realizing your dreams.

The idea behind the manifestation journaling is simple. It is a systematic way to keep track of your dreams and goals as you progress along the path of manifestation. The journal is just a dedicated notebook for writing down your thoughts and feelings.

Putting our feelings and thoughts may sound simple enough but for many of us, it is hard to practice. When you take some time out of your busy schedule and sit down with the journal to make entries in it, often you are confronted with writer’s block. 

Nothing can be worse than that – unable to form words and sentences to describe your innermost ideas and beliefs. This is where the law of attraction journal prompts come in handy.

Manifestation journal prompts are interrogative sentences that act as a cue and inspire you to answer them. They are framed in such a way their answers will reveal your deepest thoughts effortlessly. 

Now, we come to the question of where to find these manifesting journal prompts to set in motion your journaling activity and ultimately move forward with the manifestation process.

Yes, you have come to the right place. This article lists 100 infallible prompts to get you started with your manifestation journal.

80 Manifestation Journal Prompts and Ideas

  1. How did you get interested in the law of attraction?
  2. Do you have any doubts regarding the veracity of the law of attraction?
  3. What are the challenges you faced with the law of attraction manifestation?
  4. Did you come across any limiting beliefs while manifesting?
  5. Were you able to identify the reasons behind these limiting beliefs?
  6. Were you successful in eliminating any limiting beliefs with the law of attraction?
  7. Have you ever faced failure in manifesting?
  8. Have you been successful in manifesting?
  9. When you started with the law of attraction, what was the first thing you wanted to manifest?
  10. What was the first goal you manifested with the law of attraction?
  11. Make a list of 5 intentions related to the goal you are trying to manifest now.
  12. Are you manifesting multiple goals now?
  13. Are you facing any challenges in manifesting multiple goals at the same time?
  14. Make a list of all your wildest desires.
  15. What is the impact you would like to have on this world?
  16. What are the best things you can offer this world?
  17. What, in your opinion, is the perfect state in the various aspects of your life. (Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career, Lifestyle)
  18. How much are you lagging from your ideal state now?
  19. What are your plans for achieving perfection?
  20. Five of the personality traits you love the most in yourself.
  21. Five physical features you love the most in yourself.
  22. How do you describe yourself? List 5 adjectives.
  23. What are the 5 things you love about yourself the most?
  24. How much do you love life?
  25. Are you happy?
  26. Are you happy being yourself?
  27. If you have the choice, in whose skin would you like to be?
  28. If you could have your pick, where would you like to live?
  29. If you have unlimited resources, what would you like to have in life?
  30. What is your idea of success?
  31. Do you consider yourself successful?
  32. How important is being successful for you?
  33. Are you happy with your present life?
  34. What do you think is lacking in your life?
  35. Do you consider yourself worthy of being loved?
  36. How healthy are your relationships?
  37. How much importance do you give money?
  38. Do you relate success with material possessions?
  39. Do material possessions bring you happiness?
  40. How do you assess your physical health?
  41. How do you assess your mental health?
  42. What more can you do to improve your physical health?
  43. In your opinion, how can you improve your mental health?
  44. Have you figured out your purpose in life?
  45. How far have you been successful in achieving life’s purpose?
  46. Do you believe in a perfect life?
  47. What are your priorities in life? List the top 5.
  48. What are your biggest achievements in life?
  49. What are the top 5 things which you feel the most thankful for?
  50. Who is the most important person in your life?
  51. Who is your favorite person?
  52. How important is it to love and be loved for you?
  53. How much importance do you give to friendship?
  54. How do you rate the role of money in life?
  55. What do you consider as your dream job?
  56. What would you like in your dream home?
  57. What is your dream car?
  58. Which is better – easy money or hard-earned money?
  59. Make a list of your favorite memories.
  60. What makes you the happiest?
  61. What are your most coveted long-term goals?
  62. What are the short-term goals you wish for the most now?
  63. Are you in control of your thoughts always? Or do they get the better of you at times?
  64. How do you think you can bring more happiness to your life?
  65. Which is more important – having friends or being a friend?
  66. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
  67. List 5 people who influenced your life the most.
  68. List 5 people who have had a negative influence on you.
  69. What are your expectations of success on the present manifestation?
  70. Do you think you will succeed in this manifestation?
  71. Make a list of your potentials.
  72. How far have you succeeded in realizing your potential?
  73. How is your emotional health?
  74. Which emotions do you think you need to get rid of?
  75. Can you think of ways to be more positive?
  76. Are you ready to embrace life after successful manifestation?
  77. What do you think is presently preventing you from leading your dream life?
  78. What have you done today to help you attain the perfect life?
  79. List 5 positive affirmations that strike a chord with you.
  80. How does it make you feel to help a stranger?

Manifestation journaling works well because the activity puts you on the right path irrespective of your state of mind – negative, confused, or stressed out. Journaling brings clarity to your thought process and keeps the goal in focus at all times. 

When making entries in the journal, it would be hard not to visualize your future. One of the most powerful manifestation techniques of visualization can be a spin-off of journaling. One more reason to start a manifestation journal!

The journal offers the maximum benefits if done every day. Set aside 5-10 minutes for this. Pick a prompt daily and work with it to help with the journal entry.

You may continue the journal even after manifesting your desire. It offers a way to connect and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself.

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