The Secret of Manifesting a Relationship with a Specific Person

The Secret of Manifesting a Relationship with a Specific Person

manifesting a relationship with a specific person

When you heard about manifesting love for the first time, how did you feel? Unconvinced? Couldn’t believe it? 

That is understandable. Because this is something you have never considered before as a possibility. You never knew it was possible.

But curiosity made you explore the topic further and now you are ready to try it. You are here reading this article is encouraging. Maybe you want to manifest someone in your life.

If so, you have come to the right place. You will find here how to apply the law of attraction to manifest a relationship with a specific person. And you will also find tips and suggestions to succeed in your manifestation attempt.

Can you really manifest love & relationship?

If you still need convincing that manifesting in general and manifesting love, in particular, is possible, here we go.

The simple answer to the question is yes. Yes, you can manifest love.

The reason why some remain skeptical is easy to understand. Manifestation is often mistaken for magic or miracle. It doesn’t involve casting a magic spell nor is it wishing for a miracle. It is not mumbo-jumbo.

Manifestation using the law of attraction is about setting a goal, believing in the process, staying positive, and following it up with supportive action. Manifestation will succeed only if you follow all the steps diligently. 

You cannot choose to follow some of them and still want the process to work. For example, belief or trust is one of the key components of manifestation. You should have an unwavering belief in yourself, your goal, the process, and the ability of the Universe to make your goal a reality. 

This doesn’t come easy. When your belief is not 100% but you still follow the steps of manifestation and expect it to get you results, it would be unfair and wrong. And this is why skeptics have a hard time with manifesting.

So, let go of your doubts, suspicions, and cynical attitude. Embrace the process in all sincerity. And see how it goes.

The same can be said about other steps of manifestation. Do it the right way and your dreams will come true.

How to attract a specific person?

Manifestation steps are simple enough to understand. The hard part is to follow them earnestly and honestly. It starts with deciding what you want to manifest.

1. Decide what you want:

Again, this may sound simple. But it is anything but. You may already know who you want to manifest. Before you go further, you need to make sure that this is the right person for you. Think of the attributes you are looking for in your partner and ensure that this person checks all the boxes.

2. Love yourself:

This is the first step to manifesting love. When you do not accept and love yourself for who you are, you won’t be able to love another person. Often, we are our worst critics. Change that mindset with self-love affirmations.

3. Visualize your future:

You need to imagine how your life would be with your partner in the future. The catch here is to think of this in the present tense. As if your relationship is already a reality. Visualization is a technique used to raise your energy vibration to match that of your goal. You need to be a vibrational match for the person you want to manifest. Moreover, it conveys your desire to the Universe and readies your mind for the realization of the goal.

4. Be proactive:

Action is as important for manifestation as any other step. You cannot wish for something and expect the Universe to make it happen without putting in any effort. To manifest someone into your life, you need to befriend them, get close to them, and get to know them.

5. Trust the Universe and let go:

Now you have done your part. As explained earlier, trust is vital to manifestation. And it is time to let go. Getting too obsessed with the process and the goal can hamper the manifestation process. Stay positive and relax. Your goal will be yours.

Do’s and don’ts to manifest love

You can do many things to ensure that your manifestation attempt to attract a specific person bears fruit. 

Before you start the process, do some self-assessment.

Do you have any leftover feelings – both positive and negative – from your previous relationships? You may be looking for someone to replace your former partner. Or you carry some bitterness from your past relationship. 

You need to make space for a new person in your mind. For this, you need to clear away old memories and beliefs. Clear your mind of all such emotions and thoughts and start afresh. Meditation and affirmation can help you with this.

Take one step at a time.

Take it slowly, at least in the beginning. Since you are new to the process and the experience, give yourself time to understand and get a feel of it all. Have fun and enjoy the steps and activities. This itself will help in raising your positive vibrations.

And taking it slow has another advantage. You will have time to get to really know this person you want to enter into a relationship with. If you find this person is exactly as you imagined, go right ahead with the manifestation. If not, you always have the choice to abort the bid anytime.

Try not to put them on a pedestal.

You want to manifest a relationship with this person because you feel this is “The One” for you. This person ticks all the boxes on your wish list. When you get to know them better, you may discover things to the contrary.

Do remember that you imagined certain things about this person. Most probably it is not their fault. Instead of assuming and classifying them, keep an open mind. This will help you avoid disappointments later on.

Try to avoid pursuing the person.

Chase or pursuit has a negative connotation. Because it implies lack and desperation, which come with negative energy. Moreover, when you chase someone, their first instinct is to run. 

Though your intention is good, pursuing someone relentlessly will sabotage your manifestation attempt. All those activities you do to raise your vibrations will be neutralized by this act. Just be aware of the opportunities open to you and grab them with both hands.

Concluding thoughts

You should attempt to manifest a specific person only if you are absolutely sure of the suitability of the person for you. At times, you may think that this is the right person for you and follow all the steps faithfully. But you may end up manifesting another person.

Do understand that the Universe knows what is best for you. Sometimes, you may not be aware of some facts that make this person unsuitable for you. The Universe will always have your back. So, will bring you the right person.

After all, all you wanted was to be in a happy, loving relationship. And you got it.


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