What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate at the Wrong Time

What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate at the Wrong Time

What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate at the Wrong Time

So much has been written about soulmates and meeting them and how we know instinctively when we meet our soulmates.

Have you ever thought about the timing? What if we meet them at the wrong time? What if they are already in a relationship and not available?

How will such a meeting pan out? 

Meeting your soulmate is a powerful experience. It jolts you out of your slumber and mundane existence. It sets you on a path of self-discovery and self-realization. If you do it right, it will lead to uncovering your life’s purpose. 

If your timing goes wrong, will any of these things happen? Is there any way you can prepare yourself for this eventuality?

If you want to know more about how to handle this situation, read on. In this article, you will find answers to questions such as, 

  • Is timing important for meeting your soulmate?
  • What to do if the timing is not right?
  • How to handle the situation if your soulmate is not available?
  • What are the signs that say your timing is wrong?

Is timing important for meeting your soulmate?

It is the Universe that plays cupid and brings soulmates together. So, meeting your soulmate is not within your power. It happens when it happens.

When this is the case, is it relevant to discuss the wrong timing? Is there such a thing as the wrong time for meeting your soulmate? 

While some are fortunate enough to meet soulmate when they are young and free, others are not so fortunate. They may meet them later on in their lives when they are already committed to another person. In this case, you can say that the timing is not right.

You can actively search for your soulmate at any time in your life but this is no guarantee that you will meet them immediately. There is no fixed timeframe or definite steps for this event. 

Meeting your soulmate may get delayed for many reasons. Most of them are of your own doing. You may be consumed in your current relationship so much that you fail to notice your soulmate or feel the impact of the meeting. You may have mental blocks that are making you fear change. All these and more can prevent you from recognizing your soulmate even if you meet them. Much later in life, after freeing yourself from all these bondages, you will meet again and come together.

So, timing is important for meeting your soulmate. If it is wrong, you may not recognize each other and go your separate ways. Or even if you recognize, you may not come together. You come back together only when the timing is right.

What prevents you from uniting with your soulmate? 

Soulmates come together only when the timing is right. When it is wrong timing, their meeting doesn’t ignite the spark it is supposed to and they go their separate ways.

The reasons for the wrong timing are many. If one or both of the soulmates are already in a committed relationship, it is a good enough reason. They may not be interested in leaving their spouses and venturing into another relationship.

You may be reluctant to notice your soulmate even if you are in an unhappy relationship. The reason is simple. You are reluctant to change the status quo. You are so settled in the current relationship that you have given up the search for true happiness. You have decided to settle for the current ordinary relationship.

Another major obstacle for soulmate connections is distance. You meet your soulmate and recognize them. You make a good connection. Then you realize that either you or your soulmate live in different cities. Or even another country. One of you decides that such long-distance relationships are not workable and give up. You part ways without giving the relationship a chance.

What to do if your soulmate is not free to mingle? 

You may feel over the moon to have met your soulmate. Then your world comes crashing down when you become aware that your soulmate is already in a relationship and unwilling to give it up.

You will be devastated by the turn of events. It would be more difficult to handle this situation if your married soulmate confesses to you that they are in an unhappy relationship. You may try to convince them to leave the current relationship and come together with you. If they don’t agree with this suggestion, you cannot do much about it.

You can choose to get on with your life and find a partner. Or else you can bid your time until your soulmate is free to commit. 

Be assured that the Universe will ultimately bring both of you together.

How to handle the situation? 

By now, you must have understood that the timing of the meeting is beyond your control. Only a few fortunate ones get to meet their soulmates when they are young, single, and free to mingle. For the rest, this happens when they are already married. 

You know straight away that this is the person you have been searching for all your life. Despite knowing this, you will hesitate to leave the current relationship. And nobody can blame you for this decision. It isn’t right either. Breaking up a marriage even for your soulmate isn’t correct.

You part ways with your soulmate and continue your life. You better keep your soulmate a secret from your present partner. Or else, it can create too many fissures in your relationship.

However, if you have a best friend you can trust, you can confide in them. Discussing it with another person can offer you more perspectives. 

If you think it is right, you can assess your present relationship and figure out its long-term prospects. If you feel that it doesn’t look bright, you can discuss this with your present partner and look for ways to part amicably.

If you still feel your present relationship is worth fighting for, making the sacrifice worth the while. Try to improve its status and keep your relationship moving forward. Once you give it your all, you will have no regrets later.

What are your chances of a soulmate relationship later on?

If you are having doubts about whether you will get together with your soulmate at a later date, the answer is simple. Of course, there is no doubt about it. When this will happen is hard to predict. But the Universe will continue its efforts to bring the two of you together. 

Some say that true soulmate connection happens only at a proper time. Clearly, the present is not the right time but it will definitely happen sometime in the future. So, you need not despair and feel bad about the decision. You can still hope for a reunion with your soulmate.

There is not much you can do other than keep your eyes peeled for the signs from the Universe. When you are eagerly expecting something to happen, the Universe invariably will let you know in advance about the event. 

The Universe may even convey to you what you should do to make the union possible. You should teach yourself how to read the signs of the Universe and techniques to interpret them correctly. 

For the time being use the present time wisely. You can work on removing negative thoughts and beliefs from your subconscious mind and work towards thinking positively. Learn to love yourself as it is and get yourself ready for the next encounter with your soulmate. 

10 signs you’ve met your soulmate at the wrong time

You must be wondering how you would know that the timing is wrong. At the time of your meeting with your soulmate, you can detect clear signs of this. You can look out for these signs.

  1. Your goals and life’s purpose don’t match.
  2. You stay thousands of miles apart.
  3. The age difference is too huge.
  4. Your lifestyles don’t match.
  5. Your maturity levels are far apart.
  6. One of you isn’t ready to commit.
  7. One of you may have just left your long-term partner and may not be ready for another relationship immediately.
  8. One of you is focusing on a career or something else other than a relationship.
  9. One of you is in a happy relationship. Or at least committed to a relationship.
  10. One of you just accepted a job on the other side of the globe.

They say that love comes at its own good time. Even the Universe can get it wrong at times. It can bring you together when one or both are not ready to come together. Parting ways reluctantly is the only choice left for you. 

However, knowing how the Universe is committed to a cause, rest assured, it will continue in its efforts to bring the two of you together until it succeeds.

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