6 Mystical Money Manifestation Rituals

6 Mystical Money Manifestation Rituals

Money Manifestation Rituals

You know that you should be saving money, but it’s hard to do. That’s why we created money manifestation rituals. A step-by-step guide for creating personal rituals for manifesting money and abundance in your life based on the best practices from experts worldwide.

Some seem to have mastered the art of making money while others are left in the lurch, not knowing right from wrong.

This can be truly frustrating if you are living paycheck to paycheck. You must have often wondered if you can do something about this situation. You are already working as hard as you can to get that paycheck.

What more can you do? Where are you going wrong? Or let’s put it another way – what can you do right?

Read on to find the answers to these questions and more in this article. You will find here 6 daily money rituals for manifesting money and abundance.

How can money manifestation rituals help?

Making money or attracting abundance is not just about working hard on your job. You will indeed get paid well if you do your job well and honestly. But if you want something more than this, such as prosperity or improving your financial situation, you need to look beyond this.

The law of attraction tells us that you can attract positive events and things into your life with a positive mindset. It all begins from the subconscious mind. The manifestation process is all about raising your positive energy vibrations to match that of the object of your desire.

If you want to improve your finances and become more prosperous, you need to maintain your energy level constantly high. This is where daily rituals can be helpful.

Including a few daily money rituals can go a long way in attracting abundance and improving your financial situation. It will also help you to identify new opportunities and prime your mind to accept them.

6 money rituals to include in your daily routine

Human beings being creatures of habit find it easier to repeat the same routine every day without investing much thought into it. That is the reason why positive actions are recommended for inclusion in your daily routine. Once it becomes a habit, it can have a positive influence on your life.

The same rule can be applied in this instance as well. Making money or being wealthy is no different from seeking good health or a good relationship. Once you develop a positive attitude towards money and learn to maintain your mind in the positive space when it comes to wealth and abundance, you are all set for a comfortable life.

Before you go ahead with shifting to a positive mindset about money, you need to be clear on this fact. The Universe is always trying to make you happy by giving you what you want. All you need to do is to ask for it. A point to remember here is that you need to be very clear about what you want and convey this to the Universe without any ambiguity.

Often when you find that things are not working in your favor, you tend to blame the Universe for it. Or believe that the Universe is against you or testing or punishing you for something you did. All these are merely misunderstandings. You need to banish such thoughts from your mind. 

You need to believe firmly that the Universe always has your back. When things are not looking up, you should focus on raising your energy vibrations and improving your method of communication with the Universe. The rituals given below are meant to help you with this.

Here are a few simple money rituals for you to include in your everyday routine. 

1. Value your money

You need to let the Universe know what makes you happy. Only then the Universe can give you more of it to make you happy. A simple method of conveying the message to the Universe is by appreciating the money you already have.

Feeling gratitude and spending the money wisely are easy methods for this. Besides, you can also show your regard for money by treating it with the respect it deserves. This applies to the physical form of money, that is, bills and coins. 

Keep your wallet or purse clean, uncluttered, and in order. Don’t stuff unwanted or outdated receipts, bills, vouchers, cards, and notes. Nothing can be worse than dirty, crumpled, or awkwardly folded bills. Periodically clear your wallet of unwanted things and make a neat stack of bills. Don’t carry around too many coins. Transfer them into a savings jar.

Your positive attitude towards money will be noticed by the Universe and it is just a matter of time before more comes your way.

2. Repeat money affirmations

Affirmations offer you the easiest route to shifting your mindset. You just need to choose suitable affirmations and repeat them at least twice a day. You may even have a daily affirmation that you can repeat throughout the day.

If you want faster results, you can try the 33×3 method or the 55×5 method. This involves repeating the chosen affirmation 33 times for 3 consecutive days or 55 times for 5 consecutive days as the case may be.

Follow all the rules of framing affirmation without fail. This method is intense and is believed to work well.


3. Choose a money mantra

Mantra is similar to affirmations but shorter. It can be a phrase as well. As they are easier and faster to repeat, you would be able to repeat them more often in a day. Manifesting money mantra needs to be said out aloud as in chanting.

You should chant the chosen mantra for 28 days at a stretch. If there is any break in between, you should restart the count.

4. Visualize your way to more wealth

Visualization is one of the most powerful and effective manifestation tools. The money manifestation ritual acts as an instant energy booster. This involves imagining your life in the future after you have realized your desire. Or any scene giving positive vibes about money.

A simple example is visualizing a money shower. When you are taking a shower, close your eyes and imagine that money is pouring over you instead of water. Or you may think that the water is blessing you with abundance. You can imagine the color of the water as green, symbolic of money.

Every time you take a shower, do this routine.

5. Use crystal power or cinnamon to attract money

Crystals like citrine, amethyst, jade, pyrite, aventurine, tiger’s eye, and quartz are believed to help you attract wealth and abundance. Wear them as a pendant or bracelet or keep them in your wallet or purse. If you don’t want to carry them around, you can keep them on your bedside table or hold them when meditating or visualizing.

Including crystals in your daily routine can help raise your positive vibrations and thereby abundance. For more on this topic, see our article on the most powerful stones to attract money.

Cinnamon is a powerful tool for attracting money and manifesting wealth. Our ancestors have known this connection since time immemorial, as evidenced by their Regular consumption of cinnamon throughout different cultures around the world!

The ancient Egyptians were known to add a hint of cinnamon into their rituals and ceremonies, believing it would bring them good luck. Others have also employed this spice to attract money or manifest wealth; one way is by sprinkling some on your coins, for example! You may also want to take a look at our guide on how to use cinnamon in wallet for money.

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6. Dress wealthy

This is part of the behaving “as if” strategy of manifestation. You conduct yourself in a way as if your desire has already come true. This is known to raise your positive energy in no time. It is easy to see why this method works.

When you dress well, your confidence level will be higher. This makes you behave as if you are actually wealthy. On the other hand, others think that you are wealthy after seeing your clothes. This translates to more opportunities to succeed.

Your wealth manifests in ways you never thought possible.

Including a ritual for wealth will work favorably for you only if you believe in it and give it enough focus and attention. Doing it absentmindedly or disinterestedly will not work. 

When you follow an abundance ritual, don’t expect the money to fall into your lap in a bundle. Wealth may come to you as an opportunity. Be on the lookout for them, and when you see them, grab them with both hands.

Use the Money Manifestation Rituals guide, and you’ll learn the daily money rituals that will help you manifest more money in your life.

If you are looking for inspirational stories about people who have used manifestation to create financial abundance, then this is the article for you! I’ll be sharing one of my manifesting money success stories that will show you how I used the law of attraction to manifest $160,000 in a year!

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