8 Beliefs People Come into Your Life for a Reason

8 Beliefs People Come into Your Life for a Reason

8 Beliefs People Come into Your Life for a Reason

You meet many people in your everyday life. Some of them make a mark in your life and become part of it. But after a short while of togetherness, they part ways with you. 

Have you ever wondered why? Why do some people enter and leave your life in a short time? Were they there for a purpose? Did they manage to achieve it?

When you come right down to think about it, so many thoughts will flood your mind. Can you make a list of such people? And think about them individually. In what way did they help you? Or did you help them? 

Did they teach you a life lesson? Did they hurt or cause harm to you? Did they exploit your weakness and take advantage of your good intentions? At the end of the day, what did you learn from the association?

There is no such thing as happenstance or coincidence in our lives. Just like the wise old Oogway says in the movie Kungfu Panda, “There are no accidents”. Everything happens for a reason. 

People come into your life for a reason. People leave you also for a reason.

Intrigued? What to know more? Read on. 

You will find in this article 8 probable reasons and beliefs why people come into your life.

Why do people come into your life?

Do you know that everything in this Universe is interconnected? This applies to all animate and inanimate things in it. This is the reason why the law of attraction works. As you are connected to the object of your desire, all you need to do is use your emotions and feelings to draw it closer. 

This means, that each one of us is linked to the rest of the people in the Universe, whether consciously or subconsciously. They are always there in the periphery. But when you need them or they need you, the Universe conspires to bring the two of you together. 

Is there any other reason why you meet people and they become part of your life?

To offer you support, help you overcome challenges, sharpen your vision, or make you more insightful – it can be any of these or more.

But is it always for the better? When someone comes into your life, can they make a mess of it? Yes, this is also a possibility. Some people come into our lives to help us but may end up causing more harm than help. Sometimes that is the price you are forced to pay for the timely help you got from them.

The price you pay may be with your emotions and feelings or with more materialistic things like money and prized possessions. Often it is the time spent with them that becomes the collateral damage.

8 beliefs people come into your life for a reason

1. To transform you for better or worse

Your early experiences and people in your childhood influence your character. As you turn into an adult, you would have a set behavioral pattern and attitude. Usually, some of this will be good and some bad. 

Whether you are actively seeking a change or the Universe thinks that you need a change, this is best achieved by close interaction with others. People enter our lives sometimes to facilitate this change. 

Most of us are resistant to change, even if we know how beneficial it will be for us. This is where a real person can be of help. Either they will serve as a role model or motivate you to make the vital change that can transform your life for the better.

On the other hand, some people can also be a negative influence in our lives. Though we don’t desire it or want to resist it, the change happens. This change must have some role to play in the greater scheme of things. Either way, it makes you appreciate the people who influence you to become a better person.

2. To teach you a lesson

Lessons can be diverse – how to overcome challenges, how to deal with failure or sadness, how to enjoy life to the fullest, or how to make the best of what you have.

Even if we know what needs to be done, we are often reluctant to make the move on our own. This is where others can help you. A little bit of prompting and encouragement can do us all a world of good.

Whether you are facing troubles in the relationship, health, or financial front, a good friend can do wonders by uplifting your mood and motivating you to work harder and try new approaches. 

You may miss even obvious red flags but it would be easier for another person to point them out for you. Often, getting a third-party perspective on things can help figure out problems. 

3. To enhance your life

When we make acquaintances with people we like and feel compatible with, they often end up improving our lives. As we get to know them better, they will care about our welfare and do everything they can to support us and make us feel better.

Of course, you will also have people in your lives who are a negative influence. They suck out the energy, happiness, and enthusiasm and destroy your life in every sense. This may be intentional or otherwise. But for your own sake, you should stay alert to avoid such people.

You need to remember that these good people may not stay with you forever. As Kermit the Frog says, “Life is about meetings and partings; that is the way of it.”. As long as they are with you, enjoy their company, make the most of it, express your appreciation, and give it back in any way you can.

Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated and life will be good.

4. To mistreat you

Not everyone comes into your life for your good. Some people get close to you to take advantage of you and use you for their benefit. This can be emotional, or financial, or they may take up your time by asking for your undivided attention. 

People who are good at heart willingly accept such people into their lives without checking them out. They readily offer everything they have with good intentions. However, such malicious people can destroy their faith in others and hurt them badly. By the time kind-hearted people realize the bad intentions of such leech-like people, it would be too late.

You should stay alert to people with sinister intentions and avoid them at all costs.

5. To be your role model

When you are young and want to figure out your path, you seek role models. Later on in life also, role models can help you find the right path when you are lost or unsure of your destination. 

Most of us let others into our lives as our role models to set good examples for us. By observing them you learn what is right and wrong. However, not everyone is fortunate to come across role models. If you find a good one, hold on to them all your life. They are for keeps.

There is also the other end of the spectrum. We end up with people in our lives who embody everything we consider negative or undesirable. Again, they help us understand the negative side of human behavior. Instead of teaching us what we should do, they help us understand what we should not do.

6. To solve your immediate problem

Some people enter our lives for a specific reason. Just to help us overcome a particular situation. Once they help us with that, they disappear from our lives. But they make a lasting impression in our lives even with their short-lived presence.

As you go ahead in your life’s journey, you may remember their contributions and may even miss them. However, our lives are like lines drawn on a plane surface. Sometimes they run parallel, or at times they intersect. 

At a given point in time, your lives and interests converged and you had this wonderful association. Then, as your interests diverged, you two went your separate ways. This is the way of life and there is nothing to be done about it. Enjoy their company while it lasts and makes the best of it.

7. To show you the right direction

There are times in life when you feel totally lost and would appreciate some help in figuring out which way to turn. This is when you meet a person who is willing to help you. They offer you the guidance you desperately want. 

Not everyone can figure out their life on their own. A guide or a mentor can offer you invaluable help without which you will be wandering aimlessly wasting away your life.

8. To gain more control over your senses

Most of us are not aware of how much we are in charge of our emotions and feelings and ultimately our behavior. We may think we manage pretty well but another person can hold a mirror to you and let you see your true self.

This is not meant in a mean or nasty way. A true friend will do this without any bad intention. The whole idea is to understand where you stand now and correct your mistakes so that you can become a better human being. A sincere friend can help you get there with ease.

Bottom line

People enter your life for a variety of reasons – to help you to be a better person, to make you feel safe, or help you to be independent. The Universe conspires to introduce this person into your life for a reason. You need not trouble yourself searching for reasons though. You can just enjoy the fruits of the association and make the best of it.

Some people come into our lives for a season. This means they will be with you only for a limited period.

People come into your life, do their bit, and then leave. It is natural for you to feel upset and disappointed at this turn of events. Just like you have no control over who comes into your life, you have no say in how long they stay with you either. 

Just take life as it comes. Don’t stress. Don’t overthink. 

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