13 Physical Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking About You

Physical Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking About You

Physical Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking About You
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    Do you find yourself thinking about your twin flame when you are apart? 

    Does this make you wonder whether they are thinking about you as well? If they indeed are thinking about you, wouldn’t you want to know about it? 

    The first question you may ask is whether this is possible. The simple answer would be yes. Some signs can tell you that your twin flame is thinking about you. 

    Have you ever experienced a warm and fuzzy feeling out of the blue? You were feeling down all day and then suddenly you feel cheerful and there is a song on your lips. 

    This is one of the signs you may experience when your twin flame is having you in their thoughts. Read on to learn more about such signs you may come across on a twin flame journey. This article lists some of the most recognizable physical signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

    13 Physical signs in a twin flame relationship

    Unless you know these signs, you may ignore them or consider them strange happenings. The soul connection in a twin flame relationship is the strongest, making it all the easier for twin flames to detect what is going on in each other’s lives. If you are in the separation stage, this signals a twin flame reunion on the cards.

    Despite the twin flame connection, you may miss out on events in the rush of everyday life. It would be easier and simpler to know about the signs. And among all the signs, the physical signs are the easiest to detect. 

    Without further ado, here are the common physical signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

    1. You can sense their presence near you.

    You are all alone and going about your regular activities. Out of the blue, you feel as if your twin flame is somewhere near you. Usually, behind you and out of sight. 

    The soul connection between twin flames is so strong that everything that goes on in the life of one can be experienced by the other in some way or the other. So, when your twin flame is thinking about you, you get to know about it. Maybe they wish for you to be together, which is why you can feel their presence.

    This phenomenon has a proper explanation. The Universal laws state clearly that all living and nonliving things in this Universe are made up of energy. And every action results in an exchange of energy. This includes thoughts as well.

    When someone is thinking about you, they are sending energy your way. When you receive this energy, it may manifest in multiple ways. You feeling their presence is just one of the manifestations of this energy transfer.

    2. You feel cold or get goosebumps.

    If there is no other explanation for feeling this way, these are clear signs of your twin flame thinking about you. However, if you left the door or window open and a draft of cold air is blowing your way, there is a valid explanation for the sensation. 

    When your twin flame is thinking about you, these thoughts reach you as energy vibrations. When this energy gets added to your body, it may come out as a feeling of warmth or chill. When you get the chills, it is natural to get goosebumps.

    3. You feel butterflies fluttering in the stomach.

    This is another manifestation of the energy vibrations reaching you, triggered by your twin’s thoughts about you. Typically, butterflies in the stomach feeling are associated with excitement and joy. Your twin flame wants to let you know they are happy and wants you to feel the same way.

    When you experience this, just make sure that there are no other reasons for you to feel this way. 

    4. You feel as if you are floating in the air.

    Lightheadedness is another sign that your twin flame is thinking about you. Again, check and ensure that it is not because of some medical condition like low blood pressure or sickness. 

    Feeling dizzy or woozy typically means energy vibrations reaching you because someone special is thinking about you. As the extra energy gets added to your system, it is natural for you to feel lightheaded. 

    5. Your hair stands on end.

    You may have seen how the hair stands on end when you get an electric shock. When your twin flame is thinking about you, the energy that reaches you is not as severe. So, the effect is also equally mild. It is something you are going to enjoy and feel happy about. 

    When you are looking for signs of your twin flame thinking of you, this is important. It is easy to miss as you may not link it with your twin flame at all.

    6. Your heart beats like a drum.

    Or like a train pounding down the tracks. Or like a jackhammer or like the fists of a thousand zombies trying to get to the precious brains. You may have experienced the same because of excessive activity. When you climb a few flights of stairs quickly, your heart will beat faster. The same effect you will experience when you see a loved one or receive a message from them.

    Again, make sure that there are no other reasons for your heart to beat this fast. When an energy transfer happens, it shows up in you in strange ways.

    7. You feel a strong connection with your twin.

    Of course, the connection in twin flames relationships is more intense than in normal ones or even other soul connections. As you have already met your twin and the twin flame relationship exists, you must be aware of this powerful bond you share.

    But what you are experiencing now is much more than this. When your twin flame thinks about you, they send positive energy in your direction. When this energy reaches you, you will experience a sudden jolt in your connection with your twin. You may feel more love and affection and feel the same at a much deeper level than usual.

    8. Their emotions get translated as physical symptoms in you.

    There is a strong connection between your physical body and emotions. Anything that your body is experiencing shows up as feelings. Whatever emotions you may feel are reflected in your body as physical symptoms as well. Such as anger showing up as a headache or sadness as a stomachache.

    The same rule applies to twin flame relationships as well. Whenever your twin flame thinks about you, the energy transfer happening between the two of you will ensure that your twin’s emotions are showing up as physical symptoms in you. 

    As this is momentary, it is easy to miss. So, you need to be aware of this sign and look out for it.

    9. You feel as if you are in a warm embrace.

    When the positive energy from your twin reaches you, you will feel a sudden spike in your energy levels. This will make you feel happier, safer, and loved. When you think about it, this makes sense. Your twin really cares about you and so their thoughts will make you feel cared for and protected.

    Maybe your twin is concerned about you, which is why they are thinking about you. They must be wishing that you two are together instead of spending time apart. But thinking about you is making your twin happy, which is conveyed through energy transfer.

    10. Your passion hits the roof.

    This is understandable when you are near your twin flame. But now you are far apart and when you feel more passionate all of a sudden, look no further for clues. It is your twin thinking of you and sending you love and affection as energy waves.

    Whenever your thoughts and feelings are in perfect sync, you will feel an unnatural level of love welling up in your heart for your twin. You may even experience some intimate, intense dreams or thoughts about your twin. You are likely to feel desperate to be together. Most probably, your twin flame is also feeling the same way.

    The passion experienced by twin flames for each other is always intense and strong. At times like this, it is stronger than ever.

    11. You feel a sense of being complete.

    When you are together as a couple, you usually get this feeling. But even when you are alone and far away from your twin, if you can sense that your twin is thinking of you, you get the same feeling. You feel as if your existence and your life are complete with your twin in it.

    This is a hard-to-describe feeling often expressed as warmth, love, and security. You feel that you are home well and safe with the person who loves you the most, and you love the most. With all its problems and worries, the rest of the world melts away.

    12. You feel a deeper connection.

    You are nowhere near your twin. But you feel suddenly awake and become aware of having your twin flame in your life. You wake up to the fact that you are on a twin flame journey. You have no idea where this is coming from. You feel a strong and deep connection with your twin. When your twin thinks about you and sends positive energy your way, it comes out as this awareness of your unbreakable bond.

    You may have met them only recently, but the strange thing with twin flame relationships is that you get a feeling that you have known each other all your lives. And it makes sense too. Being two halves of the same soul, a deeper connection between the two of you goes beyond your consciousness.

    13. You feel immensely happy.

    The day was not so great or special until then. All of a sudden, it changed for the better, and you have no clue why. You feel cheerful, and people around you are nice to you. Things are falling into place, and problems are sorting themselves out. If this happens to you, you will be left wondering. “What is happening?” “Has someone waved a magic wand?”

    This is something you often wish for. Everything in your world seems happy and perfect. Without your knowledge, your twin is sending positive thoughts your way, and this is doing all the magic. It is wonderful that your twin flame can make you feel this way from so far away. 

    Some more signs twin flame is thinking of you

    When you are experiencing these signs, the best step would be to get in touch with your twin flame and confirm the fact. You may also check with them if they are experiencing the same signs when you are thinking about them. Among twin flames, this is a common occurrence. 

    Here are some more signs to add to your list.

    • You have dreams about your twin.
    • You find yourself smiling for no apparent reason.
    • You get very emotional without any trigger.
    • You see them in the people around you.
    • You feel a sudden spike in your energy levels.
    • Your experience tingling sensations in your body.
    • Your intuition tells you that your twin is thinking of you.

    Bottom line

    All these signs are indicative of your twin flame thinking about you. You need to remember that. If you want confirmation, why not call them and find out. Talking to your twin flame can also make them feel special and happy.

    A twin flame relationship is a confluence of the extremes. One moment you will feel ecstatic with joy. The next, you will be at each other’s throats, trying to hurt each other. Such is the nature of twin flame relationships that you should try to bring in as much love and affection into it as possible. With care and consideration for each other, you will be able to maintain this beautiful twin flame connection filled with happiness, love, and mutual respect lifelong.

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