10 Positive Affirmation Activities for Adults

10 Positive Affirmation Activities for Adults

Positive Affirmation Activities for Adults

A grown-up human mind is designed to dwell on negative emotions. Negative energy is so much more powerful than positivity. So much that negativity can easily eclipse our feel-good moments.

Most of us have had first-hand experiences to confirm this fact. 

We are happy and flying high one moment and out of the blue someone makes a passing nasty comment and our world comes tumbling down. There goes our happiness, right out of the window. 

Why are we so easily susceptible to negativity? Can we do something about it? Is there any way to keep negativity at bay? 

Some people do manage to keep negativity out. So, there must be a way to do this.

Studies suggest that when your level of positive energy is high enough, you can deflect the negativity coming your way. This is exactly what you can do with positive affirmation activities that are tailored for the needs of adults.

Read on to know more about these activities.

How can affirmations help in raising positive energy?

Affirmations are positive statements meant as encouragement and motivation to ourselves. It is like patting our own backs and saying “I can do this”. Some are like having a positive outlook on our future – “It’s going to be great”. 

These words may appear too simple or even silly at times. They are anything but. Research has proved the efficacy of these seemingly simple words to shift our mindset to positive thinking.

The benefits of affirmations don’t end there.

It builds confidence. Well-made affirmations are intended to serve as a reminder of your strengths and resilience. 

It is motivating. Even grown-ups need to be nudged at times to do things. Affirmations provide the right kind of inspiration and motivation to maintain focus and work harder.

It helps in managing and surviving difficult situations. At times when our emotions are running wild and we are having a hard time keeping them in check, affirmations come to our rescue. They can calm us down and help us to think straight in no time.

It encourages self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, and self-belief. Having a positive self-image is the first step in positive thinking. Affirmations have proved their worth in this area.

If you are a first-timer with affirmations, you may be still feeling skeptical about it. This is only natural. However, approach these activities with an open mind and give them some time before you write them off.

Positive affirmation activities for adults

1. Pick a list of affirmations 

If you browse the internet, you will be amazed by the standard or ready-made affirmations available for each purpose. Look through these lists to choose 20-30 suitable affirmations.

The point to remember while picking affirmations is they should strike a chord with you. In other words, you should feel it in your bones that they are the right ones for you.

This list will serve as the master list from which you can choose affirmations whenever required.

2. Write your own affirmations

This involves more work than picking some from a list. This requires you to think deeply about your desires, emotions, and more. Do remember to frame the affirmations in the present tense, even if you are yet to manifest your desires. Use more emotive words to amp up its energy.

You may also want to take a look at our guide on how to write an affirmation for yourself.

3. Pick an affirmation a day

You can have a master list from which to choose the affirmation for the day. Depending on your mood and requirement, select one from the list and focus on this for the entire day. 

You may say them out loud or silently in your mind. Writing them down in a journal is considered the best method of them all. You can also listen to the affirmation in audio or video format.

4. Practice daily affirmations

In addition to the affirmation of the day, you can create a list of 5-10 affirmations for repeating every day. Depending on the time available, you can adjust the number of affirmations and the number of repetitions. You can retain this list for a week, two weeks, or a month. Pick a different set of affirmations after that.

Repeating affirmations are the most effective in the early morning hours or just before bedtime. Calm your mind down with meditation or breathing exercises and repeat the affirmations as often as you find comfortable.

daily positive affirmations

5. Complete the sentence

This activity is very effective in understanding your desires and mental blocks. Through this exercise, you get a better idea about yourself. “I am …” is one of the most popular and useful of the “fill up the blanks” exercises. 

Another helpful sentence starter is “Today, I will …” or “Tomorrow I will …”. This reveals your goals and plans and helps you to work towards realizing them.

You may also want to look at our guide on exercises for positive thinking. Try these exercises every day and train your brain to start thinking positively.

6. Mindfulness breathing with affirmations

Mindfulness breathing is a kind of mindful meditation in which you are focusing your attention on breathing. By including affirmations into the mix, you are raising the positive energy by a few notches.

In this exercise, you say the affirmations aloud and breathe in deeply, all the while imagining that you are breathing in the positivity associated with the affirmation into your body and distributing it to its every nook and corner.

You can focus on mental blocks while exhaling. 

This is an effective mindfulness exercise for adults to add more positivity to your life and get rid of negativity.

7. Weave it into a poem or a song

You may find reciting affirmations a monotonous task. Though they are beneficial, repeating the same affirmations over and over again may be boring. 

You can take away the dullness and monotony out of this exercise by making a poem or a song out of it. Then all you need to do is to sing it in your favorite tune.

vision board

8. Create a vision board

A Vision Board is a collage of images and words arranged on a canvas sheet or cardboard. You collect images, sayings, and quotes related to your goal and stick them on a sheet/board. You can include affirmations also on the board.

Or else you can have an exclusive vision board for affirmations. Place it in a prominent place and every time you come across it, you are reminded of your goal and need for a positive mindset.

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9. Use sticky notes

Similar to the vision board but much simpler and smaller in scale, sticky note affirmations are found to be helpful for focus and as reminders.

You can use sticky notes for the affirmation of the day. Write it on a few sticky notes and place it in places that will catch your eye. You can also write daily affirmations one each on a sticky note and display them prominently.

Sticky note affirmations can keep your positive energy high all through the day.

10. Journal for affirmations

Repeating affirmations aloud is indeed the easiest and most popular of the methods. However, affirmations are more effective when written down. Again, you can write them on a piece of paper or a journal. When you opt for paper, it would be difficult to save them for future reference. 

Journals are the best bet for writing down daily affirmations. Writing helps focus on the task at hand. Moreover, you can use the journal at a later date when you are feeling low. It will act as an instant pick-me-up.

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Concluding thoughts

Affirmations are beneficial in many ways. They are instant energy boosters. They raise your self-confidence, self-belief, and self-worth and motivate you to work harder to realize your goals. It helps in clearing negativity from your mind and strengthens it to face challenges head-on.

If you start your day with a positive affirmation, you are more likely to feel that the day went well. This article will help you find your positive affirmations to say everyday and create a routine for saying them in the morning.

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