60 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Work Stress

60 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Work Stress

Powerful Positive Affirmations for Work Stress

A killer is prowling your workplace – a silent assassin that lurks in the shadows, catching you unawares, sucking out your energy, blowing up your concentration to smithereens, and demolishing your confidence. The lethal agent creeping upon you is stress.

Irrespective of the kind of work you are engaged in, it is the norm today to set unrealistic targets in the guise of making the business viable for the employer. Add to that an unsympathetic boss, friction with co-workers, challenges of a daily commute, and obligations on the home front – it is a disaster recipe for a host of lifestyle diseases.

With different kinds of stress attacking you on all fronts, it is no wonder that you are unable to calm down during non-working hours or sleep well at night. It is not uncommon to find yourself unable to fall asleep or lying awake with an unending train of thoughts racing through your mind about the stressful events of the day. You are not the lone sufferer.

However, it need not be like this. There are simple and effective stressbusters you can make use of including the various techniques offered by the law of attraction. Positive affirmations shift the focus from the stress factors to the goal, helping your move forward in work and life with ease.

The law of attraction offers an array of daily affirmations for stress. You may draw a shortlist from the positive affirmations for stress listed below or write one up of your own. Either way, the point to remember is that the affirmations should resonate with you; you should be able to relate to the chosen affirmations.

List of positive affirmations to get rid of work stress

  1. I am calm and relaxed.
  2. I am free from stress.
  3. I can feel the stress melting away.
  4. I am centered and at peace of mind.
  5. I am letting go of my fears and anxieties.
  6. I love myself the way I am.
  7. I deserve to be happy and successful.
  8. I choose a peaceful and stress-free life.
  9. I am in control of my life.
  10. I am at peace.
  11. Everything is going to be okay.
  12. I choose to be positive and confident.
  13. Stress and work pressure have no place in my life.
  14. I choose to address stress from a calm and peaceful place.
  15. My mind is clear and I am thinking with clarity.
  16. My body is relaxed and I sense tension dissolving.
  17. I exhale stress and inhale calmness.
  18. As my breathing gets slower and deeper, I sense tension flowing out of my mind.
  19. I am letting go of my fears and worries with slow and deliberate deep breaths.
  20. Pressure situations bring out the best in me.
  21. I took up a demanding job as a challenge.
  22. Challenges are just opportunities to prove my worth.
  23. I sense love and support from my colleagues.
  24. I am a team player and can get along well with others.
  25. I feel comfortable interacting and working with people.
  26. I get credited for skill and effort at work.
  27. I love my job and enjoy working with team members.
  28. I am calm and in control at work.
  29. I am adept at handling any situation.
  30. I am talented enough to complete the work on time.
  31. Nothing can upset or overwhelm me.
  32. One day at a time, one step at a time.
  33. I am grateful for the opportunities and rewards of my job.
  34. I am calm and relaxed in pressure situations. 
  35. I am releasing the negative energy from my body.
  36. My life is heading in the right direction.
  37. Asking for help is not a sign of failure.
  38. Good things happen naturally to me.
  39. Happy and relaxed is my normal state of mind.
  40. I am confident about my life and my abilities.
  41. I forgive myself for the mistakes committed in the past.
  42. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn.
  43. This too shall pass. For every low, there is a high.
  44.  There are things I can’t change or have no control over. I am okay with that.
  45. There is no hurdle I cannot get the better of when I put my mind to it. 
  46. A situation is neither good nor bad. It just is.
  47. I choose to react positively to any situation I come across.
  48. My past cannot prevent me from succeeding now or in the future.
  49. It is okay to make mistakes.
  50. I have everything within my grasp to be successful.
  51. I deserve respect and recognition.
  52. I accept myself with all my flaws and I don’t feel the need for approval.
  53. My mistakes do not define me or my future performances.
  54. I am brimming with energy and ready to face the day.
  55. I try to give my best in everything I do.
  56. I respect myself and deserve respect from others.
  57. I can do this as well as anybody else.
  58. I bring a positive attitude to work every day.
  59. My team respects and values my contribution.
  60. Every day I am learning to become a better me.

How to use daily positive affirmation to bust work-related stress?

Choose a few affirmations that strike a chord with you and your situation. You can use them for relief from tension in many ways. You may repeat them aloud or in mind. You may write them down on a paper or a journal. You may even type them on your laptop. You may record them in your voice or get pre-recorded audio or video of affirmations and listen/watch it. You may write them down in sticky notes and affix them in places you frequent. You may also make a vision board using these gratitude affirmations and hang them in places you come across often. A virtual vision board is another option for you to save as a wallpaper or screensaver on your cell phone or laptop.

Whichever way you choose for self-affirming, you need to repeat them at least once a day, preferably more or as often as possible. The idea is to keep the positive thoughts reflected in the affirmations dominating your mind space so that the negativity you may come across will not impact you.

Initially, it is normal to find affirmation sentences too simple and trivial. Persist with it and give it a chance. In a few weeks, you will find the visible impact these positive statements have on your everyday life.

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