10 Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction

10 Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction

Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction

The path to finding a partner is a virtual minefield, making it so difficult for you to figure out what to look for, what to believe, and which way to turn.

When you like someone, you have trouble assessing whether this person reciprocates your feelings. You have a hard time figuring out who is interested in you and attracted to you. You may find yourself wondering how to make yourself more attractive to others. Are you doing enough or the right things? 

Consider this scenario. All the time you were under the impression that this person regarded you as more than a friend and is attracted to you. Much later you realize that he was just being nice and friendly to you. Nothing more than that.

As men are from Mars and women from Venus, it is hard for a woman to understand what is going on in the mind of a man. Is he really attracted to you or just being friendly? 

If only you can find this out, you can stop worrying about it and stop making a fool of yourself. What if there are signs of male attraction that can reveal this?

Read on to learn about powerful signs of male attraction you can use to find your future partner.

10 signs of male attraction

1. You find him disclosing personal details.

People don’t usually talk too much about themselves when you meet them for the first time. Or the second or the third time. Only when you get closer and more intimate will you get a chance to know them better. 

Whether the relationship is merely friendship or romantic in nature, this rule applies. So, when you find a man talking about himself, it is an indication that he is comfortable around you and considers you more than a casual friend.

2. You have deep conversations with him.

When you strike up a friendship with anyone, it starts on a lighter and casual level. Only when there is mutual interest or appeal, the friendship develops into something more than casual. As the friendship becomes deeper, the conversations also get sincere, heartfelt, and profound.

This means that when you find him having deep conversations with you, it is a clear sign of his more than usual interest in you. He wants to know more about you and wants you to know more about him. 

3. You find him unusually nervous.

He is definitely not a shy or timid person. Nor is he susceptible to anxiety attacks or nervousness in social settings. You notice that he is unsure about himself only when he is around you. This is an indication that he is attracted to you and wants you to like him.

He doesn’t want to create wrong impressions about himself in your mind. This is what is making him nervous in his interactions with you. You may find him struggling with the right words or having a hard time making up his mind. Because he is aware that you are watching or listening and he doesn’t want to make a mistake.

4. He mirrors your behavior.

You may have noticed his eyes are always on you even when you are in a crowded room. He has been observing you without you knowing about it for a long time. If you notice this, he is reluctant to make eye contact; he will look away. 

He knows every minute aspect of you that he starts to imitate your behavior. Most probably, he is not aware of it at all.

Mirroring body language includes imitating gestures, perspectives, or even ways of talking. If you notice him mirroring you, look no further, he is into you. 

5. He is always trying to spend time alone with you.

As long as your friendship remained casual, it was okay to spend time with all your friends. As the relationship gets more and more serious, he would wish for more alone time with you. Even in a crowded room, he will try to pry you apart from the crowd and get you to himself. 

In his endeavor to have one-on-one conversations with you, he will be willing to take time out of his busy schedule in the middle of a working day and have a leisurely lunch with you. This action says more than words can ever manage to convey.

6. He wants to know more about you.

You may have met him earlier and the conversations always revolved around general topics. When it turns personal, you know that it is getting serious. As the conversations get more personal and deeper, you can be sure that he is attracted to you. He wants to know you well and is screening you to be his potential girlfriend.

7. He is all praise for you.

Before now, you never realized that he is interested in what you do because the topic never came up in conversations with him. Now that he is interested in you, he has started noticing more things about you and finding occasions to compliment you. If you care to think about it, compliments are the oldest trick in the relationship book.

8. He can’t seem to pry his eyes away from you.

This is a very male thing. They just can’t help it. When men find something or someone attractive, they want to know more and become obsessed. Even when there are many people around, they zone out of general conversations and turn their focus on you and you alone. This may start as subtle signs without even you becoming aware of it. But it will soon turn into an intense obsession.

9. He casually grazes against you.

Physical proximity is a good sign of sexual attraction. When he is drawn toward you, he naturally wants to shorten the personal distance between the two of you. If you are not doing anything to move closer, he will take the initiative. He will seek out every opportunity to come closer to you and even touch you. As he is unsure about your reaction, he will make it look casual and accidental.

10. He is protective of you.

He is so attracted to you that he cannot tolerate any harm coming to you, be it physical or emotional. Besides ensuring that you are physically not hurt by anyone, he will also jump to your defense when someone is bad-mouthing you, criticizing you, or making fun of you.

He will make it known to everyone that if they do or say anything to hurt you, they will have him to deal with. Nothing is more obvious about his physical and emotional attraction to you than his protective gestures.

Bottom line

Each person is different and will react differently in similar circumstances. In relationships also it is difficult to predict anyone’s behavior. There are numerous ways a man can show his interest in you. These are not just physical attraction signs. Only a few among them are powerful enough and can be regarded as definite signs of emotional or physical attraction.

Noticing physical signs of attraction from a man is simple. You have more trouble noticing and deciphering the nonphysical signs. Knowing these signs can be helpful. Instead of spending time worrying about how this person is perceiving you, you just need to look out for these signs to ascertain whether the relationship is anything beyond casual. This can help you relax and soak in all the attention and enjoy it all.

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