10 Psychic Signs Someone Loves You

10 Psychic Signs Someone Loves You

10 Psychic Signs Someone Loves You

Love, romance, and relationships can be magical and wonderful and make you feel on top of the world. 

But in the world of love and passion, it is not always smooth sailing. Things can get tough, whimsical, exasperating, discouraging, agonizing, or even heartbreaking.

There is no denying the rich rewards that love brings into our lives but it surely puts us through a wringer and takes a toll on our mental health. Moreover, we need to commit ourselves to the pursuit of love, be ready to put in some dedicated effort, be willing to make sacrifices, and be unhesitant about accepting challenges.

When you feel the first stirrings of love, you may not be sure whether your love is reciprocated. Still, you may continue to nurture your feelings of passion and try to bond well with the object of your desire.

All the while you would be bracing yourself for the tough road ahead, hopeful that your intense passion and love would help you overcome hurdles and see you through to the end. You would be wondering how to tell if someone loves you.

Loving someone is not easy but you still do it as it is richly rewarding.

Something that can make this journey easier is knowing that your love is returned with the same fervor. When love is just blossoming, it would not be easy to ascertain this directly. 

This is where psychic signs come in handy. You can recognize real love by looking for these tell-tale signs.

What is a psychic sign? Why do you need them?

The dictionary defines psychic signs as suggestions “relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance”.

In common parlance, we call this ability a gut feeling, intuition, ESP, or sixth sense. It is our ability to grasp the meaning of something that is not apparent or visible to the naked eye. 

Intuition or the skill to read psychic signs can be a handy asset in this stressful and competitive world. When you are unsure of where you stand and moving forward on a path that is not very clear, intuition can help in making the right choices and decisions. 

When you feel lost in the journey called life and searching for life’s purpose, your intuitive powers can reveal your mission in life and lead you on the right path. You feel inclined to trust your gut feeling and go ahead in the direction it points that you otherwise won’t try. This opens up new paths and opportunities and raises your chance of succeeding in life.

Psychic signs are considered the best mind-reading tool. It helps you to understand what is going on in the minds of others when you cannot ask them outright. This can be a huge asset in relationships, or for making business decisions. Intuition can take out the mystery factor when dealing with people you are not very familiar with.

Intuition can also act as a warning sign, revealing the hidden risks and contingencies in your path ahead. It can help in averting bad endings or dangers.

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10 psychic signs that someone is thinking about you

Intuition or the ability to read psychic signs can be a big asset in the early stages of a romantic relationship. When you are still unsure and unfamiliar with the other person, you can use your gut feeling to know what they are thinking and feeling. It is useful to know whether they love you as much as you love them.

A word of caution. Reading psychic signs and interpreting their meaning is purely based on your previous life experiences. Even if your intuition tells you something, there is no guarantee that it is accurate. Be aware that psychic signs are not a fool-proof method to gauge someone’s feelings or get to know what is in their mind.

With that in mind, let us proceed to see the common psychic signs someone is in love with you.

1. They like to be near you

Have you noticed that this person chooses to sit near you, brush against you, touch you, or even give you an extra squeeze during a casual or friendly handshake or hug? Physical intimacy is a clear sign that someone loves you.

Again, during conversations, you may find them resting their hands on yours or your shoulder. You can feel their eyes focused on you even if you are in a crowded room. This reveals their special interest in you.

2. They say that they enjoy your company

Even if the task at hand is not very enjoyable. It doesn’t matter what you are doing but it is more important who you are doing it with. The company can make all the difference – it can make a drab task fun and delightful, or a fun job boring.

Is this someone ready to come and share your tiresome work, knowing very well how mundane the task will be? Look no further. This is the One. 

3. They can’t wait to share the good news with you

All of us reach out to the most important people in our lives to share our moments of success and happiness. If you are the first person they want to share their good news with, it is an unambiguous indication of someone who loves you.

The same theory holds for bad news as well. So don’t feel annoyed that they come to you for help or consolation when something bad happens to them. Understand that they do this because you are the most reliable and special person in their life. Wake up to the fact that they love you.

4. They remember the smallest details about you

This is a crystal clear sign that they are interested in you. They are paying attention to everything you do or say and are taking the pains to remember them. Many in your friends’ circle may remember the important things about you but very few put in the effort to retain not-so-important ones like your favorite restaurant, a favorite song, or even the food combos you prefer.

The best part is even they may be unaware of their interest in you. So, if you watch them without revealing your interest, you will be surprised by their understanding of your likes and dislikes. What more do you need to feel convinced that this person loves you?

5. They are in sync with your emotions

When you love a person, you can experience the same emotions they go through, be it joy or pain. They are happy for you when you succeed in life. There is no tinge of envy or resentment that you achieved your dreams. Instead, they rejoice with you.

Their empathy is more evident when you are sad or upset. Without a word being said, they can sense that there is something wrong. Even if you refuse to share your misery, they will be right there by your side offering comfort and support to help you overcome this phase.

6. They are happy and proud to have you in their lives

They are thrilled and overjoyed at the prospect of introducing you to their friends and family. That is a positive confirmation of their tender feelings for you. 

When a person welcomes you into their world, it means they are comfortable to be seen and associated with you. They trust you well enough to make you a part of their lives by presenting you to the most important people in their lives.

7. You feel comfortable in their presence

This is the best of them all. You don’t understand what makes you feel at home with them but for some strange reason, you do. And, you could sense that the same feeling is reciprocated. 

In the language of love and romance, this is termed as “made for each other”. You fit into each other’s lives like a glove. Or in other words, you are cut out for one another.

8. You trust each other

You have known each other for a very short period. Still, you find it easier to open up to the other person. You have no misgivings about revealing your darkest secrets. 

Trust is something that precedes love. Love cannot last where there is no trust. It is the main ingredient for a loving and healthy relationship. If you can sense the trust in your relationship, then, rest assured, you are on the right path and for the long haul.

9. You accept each other unconditionally

Most of us already have an image of an ideal partner and we are in constant search of this person. At times, we tend to settle for someone close enough and try to change them to suit our ideal image. 

When love is in the air and the other person is accepting you for who you are is a clear indication that you are the perfect fit for them. If you feel the same way about them, look no further. Just go full steam in your relationship.

10. You find them easy to talk to

You have not known them for long in real life but feel as if you have known them for a lifetime. Communication is one of the cornerstones of a healthy relationship. Just the fact that you feel safe and comfortable in opening up to them is a clear sign of love.

Look out for signs of comfort or discomfort in your partner. If you sense that they too feel the same way as you do, it is an all-clear signal. 

Final thoughts

If someone loves you secretly, they will always find ways to make this clear to you through signs and gestures before they finally muster up the courage to show their feelings for you. So, if you want to get a sneak peek into what the future holds for your relationship before it is acknowledged emphatically, rely on your intuitive abilities and learn to read the psychic signs. 

Again, reading psychic signs and interpreting them need experience and expertise. But, at times, it is better to err on the side of caution than take the risk to dismiss the whole thing as a fig of your imagination. This cannot be truer in the case of relationships.

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