15 Psychological Facts About Dreams of Someone You Love

15 Psychological Facts About Dreams of Someone You Love

Psychological Facts About Dreams of Someone You Love

We all have dreams. Most of them are unrelated images strung together that barely make any sense. 

However, some people do have recurring dreams about people they know, specifically the person they are in love with. Often, they have a crush on this person. 

Crush is an informal and one-sided feeling of love for someone you have already met but there are no prospects for a relationship at least in your mind. You are head-over-heels in love with this person and yearn to have a relationship with them.

When you have such a dream, you find it difficult to let it go. You don’t know what to make of it and how to deal with it. Is it a message from the Universe that a relationship with the person is on the cards? You feel confused about whether you should do anything about it. 

This article explores the topic of such recurring dreams and lists the psychological facts about dreams and crushes. Once you are aware of the facts you can make an informed decision on the next course of action.

What does it mean when you have dreams about your crush?

Dreams about your crush have multiple interpretations. The most probable scenarios are wishful thinking on your part or your subconscious mind trying to send you messages about the person and your prospects together.

Society keeps its heroes on a high pedestal. Years of conditioning make us love, admire, and worship those we consider heroes. Since your crush has such a persona in your eyes, you may be merging these impressions into a dream. 

What you see in your dream need not be true. You may be superimposing the image of the crush onto some account of a hero from a book or a movie. The way you see this crush of yours as someone strong and self-assured, you unconsciously draw parallels with some hero you had seen or read about earlier.

If you are not careful, you will begin to consider your dream as the true representation of your crush, only to be smashed to smithereens later on. 

Whether the lucid dream about your crush is more about the person you love or about yourself needs to be explored and understood. Oftentimes, the dreams say a lot about your unfulfilled desires rather than about the crush. It may be about your longing, insecurity, and unrequited love.

The interpretation of such dreams differs from person to person.

Let’s examine the psychological facts about the dreams of someone you love. These interesting facts can be eye-openers and can guide you to do the right thing.

Psychological facts about dreams and crushes

Interpreting dreams is tricky unless you are aware of all related facts. The whats, hows, and whys of dreams can help you make sense of it. Only then, you will know what to do and how to get what you want.

So, without further ado, here are the time-tested, and documented facts about dreams and crushes.

Psychological facts about dreams

1. You rarely dream about your loved ones.

Strange it is but a fact. These are people you know well and are closely associated with such as family members and close friends. Think back about your dreams. How often do they feature in your dreams? Very rarely, right? 

The reason is simple enough. You know them inside out. There is nothing mysterious or unknown about them for you. Dreams are often like test runs to see how a situation will pan out. When you know how it will be with a person known to you, there is no need to dream about them.

It is people who you barely know about but are very much interested in like a crush who features in your dreams.

2. You dream about someone you have met at least once.

There is no place in your dreams for strangers. It is interesting to observe that you cannot dream about someone you haven’t met before. Because you need an image of a person to dream about them. Dreams are often a series of images strung together to make a cohesive story. 

However, you can dream about an unknown person you have created in your mind. Like a lover or a partner. In your imagination, you may have given this person physical attributes based on your desires. As an image already exists in your mind for this person they do often come up in your dreams.

3. You have no control over your dreams.

That is your conscious mind. Dreams are the workings of your subconscious mind over which you have no control. The content of your dreams and the people featured in them are all extracted from the data stored in your subconscious mind.

If you want to control what is happening in your dreams, you can try daydreaming.

4. Blinds can also dream

You indeed need mental images to dream about a person. This image can be derived from real-life experience or from the mental images formed using other sensory abilities as in the case of a blind person.

5. Your dreams later turn out to be realities.

An overwhelming majority of dreams turn out to be true at a later date. Dreams are like trailers for the future. Through dreams, you get a glimpse of what is about to happen. This can be scary at times. 

This can make you wonder whether all our dreams will come true. No, definitely not. It is hard to know and predict which ones will.

6. You can dream about something by thinking about it just before you fall asleep.

There is some truth in this. This may not work every time but has a good chance of coming true. Be it the person you want to dream about or what is happening to you in the dreams, you can control the theme of your dreams to a large extent by focusing on it before falling asleep.

7. Dreams can help you heal traumatic events in life.

If something has been bothering you for a while, dreaming about it can help you overcome it. You may be able to put it to rest by finding resolutions through dreams.

8. Your déjà vu moments may be based on memories from dreams.

When you come across a strange or a new experience, you feel as if you have known them before. Most probably the source of these memories is dreams.

9. You experience nightmares when you are physically uncomfortable when sleeping.

Either it is too cold or too hot. When your sleep is disturbed by physical discomforts during sleep, you have a higher probability of having bad dreams or nightmares.

10. You have dreams when your subconscious mind is awake.

Dream analysts tell us that we don’t have dreams when we are in deep sleep. You dream when your subconscious mind is working even if your conscious mind is at rest. This is one stage of sleep. If this stage lasts too long, it means you are not getting enough rest during sleep.

Psychological facts about crushes

11. You tend to behave in a silly way when they are around.

Though your love for them is one-sided and they are not aware of your feelings, you get flustered in their presence. This may result in you making a fool of yourself.

12. You find it too intimidating to make eye contact with them.

You are either feeling shy, in awe of them, or unnerved in front of them. The reason may be that you want to impress them and you don’t want to do or say stupid things. However, your anxiety will make you lose your cool and mental stability and end up doing exactly what you want to avoid doing.

13. You try to convince yourself that it is just a passing feeling.

It may be, it may not. But the more you try to push the thoughts away, the more vehemently they will come back and stay in your mind. If you want to prove to yourself that you are not missing your crush, you will end up missing them more. Leave it alone and they may vanish from your mind eventually.

14. You tend to have imaginary conversations with your crush.

Maybe you are scared to make contact with them and reveal your feelings. You may fear rejection. As you have overwhelming feelings for your crush, you tend to satisfy your feelings by having imaginary conversations with them in your dreams.

15. You tend to overlook their flaws.

When you have a crush on someone, you can see only what you want to see – the positives. You will be blind to their defects in character and shortcomings. This will make them seem perfect even when they are not.

Bottom line

A crush can make you smile more or your voice louder than usual. Your heart tends to race and you find them more attractive than others. When you miss someone more than any other person, you know that you have a crush on them.

Most of your dreams occur during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. However, if you suffer from sleep paralysis, your REM sleep is fragmented and you experience hallucinations. The fact that you are partly conscious can make your dreams seem real.

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