15 Psychology Signs A Woman Is In Love

15 Psychological Signs That a Woman Is in Love

Psychological Signs That a Woman Is in Love

How to know if she loves you? That is the million-dollar question.

If you are clueless, don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Though they can’t do without each other, men and women have a hard time reading each other’s minds and figuring out each other. Most men are confused by the signs they get from women and can’t understand whether they are being shown the green signal or red.

But once you are aware of the real signs to watch out for, you would be like “Duh! Was it that simple?”

All it takes is the right input to come up with the right answer. Look in the right direction and voila! It is there, as clear as daylight!

Among all the signs that a woman gives when she is in love, signs based on psychology are the most reliable. While some of them are subtle and hard to spot, there are some easily visible ones as well.

In this article, you will find 15 plain-to-see love signs in a woman according to psychology. Chosen by eminent relationship coaches, when you are aware of these signs, you will never have to resort to the guessing game anymore.

15 signs she is in love with you in psychology

1. She makes eye contact when she laughs.

Eye contact is considered one of the most evident signs of being in love. Couples tend to lock their eyes whenever they are interacting. Sometimes, they use their eyes to convey what is in their mind instead of saying things aloud. 

Eye contact has a major role to play in the early stages of a relationship. That said, it is more important from a woman’s perspective. She conveys secret messages with her glances. 

When you are in a group and everyone is laughing including the both of you, you will see her looking at you. She is looking at you to see your reaction to the situation and to know that you too are enjoying it. She is making sure that the two of you are on the same page.

She is assessing whether you are the right one for her. If you find her leaning towards you, it is a sign that she is interested in you.

2. Her pupils are dilated.

Dilated pupils are a sign of interest in all of us. When we see something interesting or when we are excited by someone or something, our pupils automatically get dilated. This is an involuntary action of the body. As it cannot be faked, this sign is one of the most genuine ones to confirm someone is interested in you.

When she looks at you and is interested and excited by your sight, her pupils naturally dilate. She wants a clearer view of you and wants to see as much of you as possible. The eyes make this possible by relaxing the muscles around the eyes and enlarging the pupils. The pupils are the black center of your eyes. 

Dilated eyes are easily noticeable as they will be larger than normal.

3. Her feet point towards you.

This is another involuntary reaction of the body and hence a reliable one. Whenever you are interacting with her, pay attention to where her feet or toes are pointing. If it is pointing towards you, she finds you interesting and in love with you.

Body language is the involuntary action of the body to different stimulants, especially romantic love and attraction. Most probably the person doesn’t know what they are doing or what is happening to their body. Only a person with an in-depth knowledge of body language can fake it convincingly. In most people, this is a genuine sign of affection. 

Not only is she interested in you, but she also trusts you as well. To let you know how she feels about you, unconsciously she turns her body to face you, with her feet and toes pointed in your direction. 

4. She throws glances at you multiple times.

At the beginning of a relationship, when you are not familiar with each other, your only chance to meet her is in a group setting. If you catch her looking at you, again and again, she is definitely interested.

How often is she looking at you? A couple of times means she is curious about you. More often means she likes what she is seeing. When you look her way and she averts her glance means she is clearly in love with you. If she fumbles or acts awkwardly, she is evidently showing her guilt of being caught red-handed looking at you.

5. She caresses her lips.

This is a strange one and again, an unconscious reaction when a woman loves a man. When you are in a crowded room full of people, she has only eyes for you. She tries not to be too obvious and steals glances in your direction. When she is looking at you, her fingers casually touch her lips.

If you find her focusing on your lips, it is a good sign. You need to remember that she has no control over how her body is reacting to your presence. She is neither doing it consciously nor remembers it. When a woman loves a man, it is like that.

6. She twiddles with her hair.

When a woman twiddles her hair, either she is nervous or the woman loves you. Or both. Playing with hair is a clear sign of restlessness and mental turmoil. Your presence may be making her nervous in a good way or bad. You need to figure out which one by spotting other signs.

When a woman is in love and she is not yet familiar with the person she loves, their presence is bound to make her feel nervous. She is a bit scared of the unknown but at the same time feels excited about her true love. 

From what she is doing to her hair, you may get a clue about her mind. If she is trying to make herself look more attractive, it is a good sign. 

7. Her friends know about you.

This is a conscious action and hence a clear sign that she is aware of her true love for you. Her friends must have deduced her attraction to you from her gestures and conversation. Most probably she talks about you to her friends. 

If she hasn’t yet revealed her true love for you, it just means that she is trying to figure out her feelings for you and considering acting on it. If you are reluctant to approach her directly, you may talk to her friends to get a better view of what is happening with her.

Approaching her friends may go either way if you are not familiar with them. So think hard before you take this road.

8. She grazes against you.

This may be intentional or accidental. Even if it was intentional, she may make it look accidental so as not to embarrass herself. When you are passing her or close to her, she may touch or rub against your arm or body. If you pay close attention, you would be able to figure out whether it was intentional or not.

She may apologize for bumping into you accidentally and use this opportunity to start a conversation with you. She will go to great lengths to make the contact look unintentional and the ensuing conversation a natural fallout of an embarrassing situation. She clearly finds you irresistible.

9. She is nervous and edgy.

Unless you are watching her for some time, you may not be able to figure this out. You need to know the before and after her. 

Is she acting relaxed or tense when you are out of her eyesight? If she is displaying nervousness only when you are present, it is a good sign that she is attracted to you but doesn’t know what to do with this feeling.

She wants her feelings reciprocated and is unsure about how you feel about her. She wants to be at her best to make a good impression on you. This is what is making her nervous.

10. She has positive body language.

It is not just her eyes or lips. Her whole body exudes a positive message to you. She is doing everything to let you know that she is interested. She also wants you to feel interested in her so that you can be together.

Whenever she is in the same room as you, her body will be turned to face you, even if she is not near you or talking to you. You often find her looking at you, even across a crowded room. Her eyes will be smiling and joyful when looking at you. She may even invent opportunities to rub against your body to get your attention.

11. She clings to every word you say.

You may not have had a one-to-one conversation yet but she listens to every word you tell the group. She takes extra pains to remember your conversation. She may repeat what you said later on if needed.

It is not just words that she remembers about you. Your likes and dislikes, what you eat, drink, wear, or carry, she takes the pain to commit to her memory. She is fascinated by everything about you and wants to know more and more about you. 

This level of interest is a sign of attraction and romantic love.

12. She drops hints that she is single and free.

You have merely noticed her as part of the group you hang out with and have never talked to her alone. Of late you have noticed that she brings up the topic of being lonely and her search for the right guy. She may even talk about how her last relationship ended. 

She may ask the group if anyone is interested in being her “plus one” at a friend’s wedding. She is throwing hints in your direction and it is up to you to take them.

13. She mirrors you.

This is an unconscious gesture on her part after focusing on you for a long time. She has been watching every single one of your gestures and all that you are talking about. She commits everything to memory and she is unconsciously adopting some of your behavior and mannerisms.

You may find her using similar expressions as you in her conversations. Or adopting your accent or hand gestures when talking. She may unintentionally choose the same drink or dish as you. She may start walking or gesturing like you. Unless you watch her closely, you won’t be able to spot this. 

Mirroring is considered a clear sign of attraction.

14. She asks for your help.

As you are not yet familiar with her, there are only limited opportunities for this. But when she wants to do something, she will definitely find a way. She invents opportunities so that she can ask you for help. Most often, it would be trivial or inconsequential.

When a woman is in love and wants to get the attention of this person, she would go to great lengths. She may also exploit your hero instinct to get your help. More than actual help, what she actually wants to convey is her true love for you.

15. She opens up to you.

When she has made up her mind about you, she will try to get closer to you and corner your attention. She may throw hints at you, but if you fail to catch any of them, she may use up the last arrow in her quiver. She will reveal things about herself. 

She feels that once you know more about her, you will feel more interested in her. Most probably, she will reveal her vulnerable side to build a rapport with you. Of course, she expects you to take the hint and reciprocate. If you are not, she may ask you to talk about yourself.

Only if you are blind will you fail to notice her interest in you.

Bottom line

When a woman is in love, she may act secretive and try to hide it until she is ready. But all you need to do is watch her closely to understand what is on her mind. She is as easy to read as an open book. But you need to know her language to decipher her for sure.

Do you have other psychological signs that a woman is in love to add to this list? Share them on our Facebook!


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