12 Sacral Chakra Opening Symptoms

12 Sacral Chakra Opening Symptoms

12 Sacral Chakra Opening Symptoms

Are you experiencing a lack of motivation and an unexplainable feeling of fear or foreboding?. Follow our simple guide and learn about sacral chakra opening symptoms and its benefits.

Hurt feelings, fear of being judged, lack of intimacy, inability to feel pleasure, and more are directly linked to the malfunctioning of your sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra may get blocked, inactive, or overactive due to various factors. Unless you notice the symptoms of the imbalanced sacral chakra and take remedial actions, the situation will continue to worsen and may even affect other chakras.

In this article, you will find basic information about the sacral chakra and its benefits. Here you will also find the methods you can adopt to open up your sacral chakra and the sacral chakra opening symptoms.

What is the sacral chakra responsible for?

The sacral chakra, the second of the seven chakras, lies in the abdominal region below the navel. It is linked to reproductive organs and kidneys. 

The sacral chakra is associated with pleasure, sexuality, and enjoyment among others. When the chakra is in good health, all is well in your world. Both your connection with yourself and the outside world works well.

However, the ravages of everyday life may lead to problems in the sacral chakra. It can get blocked or become overactive or inactive leading to imbalance. Any deviation from its healthy state can create trouble in the normal functioning of your body and mind.

This will be evident as physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Some of the common symptoms of sacral chakra blockage are:

  • Emotional upheavals
  • Unrequited affection
  • Escapism
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Anxiety and detachment
  • Lack of drive

What does it mean to open your sacral chakra?

When your sacral chakra is functioning well, your life will flow smoothly and you won’t have any reason to be concerned. The imbalance or blockage doesn’t appear overnight in your chakra. It is a slow and gradual process. 

As soon as you notice the trouble and take corrective measures, you can regain its health in no time. However, if you let it slide for longer, the aftereffects of the blocked sacral chakra will spread to other chakras as well because of their interconnectivity. 

You have a choice of techniques to open up blocked chakras. Such as chakra meditation, yoga poses, breathing exercises, and affirmations. As you follow these activities, you will notice the physical symptoms of blockage easing up. 

Depending on how bad your situation has become, you may have to continue these remedial measures for considerable periods. Daily practice of these exercises can ensure that your chakra stays in good health.

Sacral chakra opening benefits

As you have seen, an imbalanced sacral chakra can create much trouble for you in your daily life. It can affect the functionality of other chakras as well. It is to your advantage that you maintain the chakra system in good working order.

As you work on removing the blockage in the sacral chakra, the adverse symptoms associated with its malfunctioning will ease up. You will begin to feel confident, secure, and motivated. Your sense of loneliness and detachment will vanish. 

The emotional rollercoaster will calm down. Your tendency to escape from the realities of life will abate. Your sexual drive will return to normal and deviant behavior will fade away.

12 Sacral chakra opening symptoms

Chakra opening is a long-drawn process based on how bad your blockage is. This means you may not see any immediate visible positive developments even after following the good practices. All you can do is to be patient and continue moving ahead on the right path.

You can look out for these symptoms to give you the glimmer of hope and inspiration to continue the good work.

1. You accept yourself as it is.

One of the worst fallouts of imbalance in the sacral chakra is turning against yourself. You become your own worst critic. Regaining balance in the chakra also restores your faith in yourself. You will no longer feel unhappy or uncomfortable in your own skin.

2. You enjoy pampering yourself. 

A blocked sacral chakra leads to stopping loving yourself. In extreme cases, it can also lead to self-hate. You will neglect your health, needs, and self-care. As you work on the chakra health, your critical attitude towards yourself will change and you will start embracing yourself again. You will begin to enjoy taking care of your needs and pampering yourself.

3. You re-evaluate your relationships.

As you gain more clarity about what you want in life, you begin to reassess the bonds you formed earlier. Through introspection, you achieve more insight into your viewpoints and how you want to be treated. This means your expectation from your relationships may undergo drastic change. This is not only about romantic relationships. You may find that some of them do not agree with your current point of view. If so, it is time to let them go.

4. Your relationships progress to the next stage.

You will start spending more energy on compatible relationships. This means strengthening the bond and moving on to the next stage. You begin to enjoy the company of your partner more than ever. You understand each other better and get along well. Life is beautiful once again.

5. You feel motivated to pursue your passions.

When you recover the health of your sacral chakra, disinterest and lethargy are replaced by focus and passion. You could sense a limitless source of energy within yourself to go after your dreams. Anything you do turns out well.

6. You feel more creative.

You figure out how to express your creativity. As your sacral chakra is functioning at its optimum level, you discover your creative talents and work on them to improve your skill. You realize that you have talent in music, art, creative writing, dance, or something similar. You find yourself enjoying your creative pursuits. 

7. You are at peace with your body.

With the critic in you disappearing, you conclude that your body is not that bad after all. The better you get, the more positives you discover about your body. Your nose may not be perfect but you have beautiful hair and lovely hands. You also realize that no one is perfect.

8. You accept death as an inevitable part of life.

The sacral chakra is associated with reproductive organs. This is where your idea about life and death originates. Naturally, you dread getting older and your body and mental faculties slowly deteriorating. As you recover your confidence and stability, you realize that decay and death are as much part of our lives as birth.

9. You feel restless and excited.

As you discover these new viewpoints, you are raring to go and work them into your life. You can’t wait to try them out and see how they change your life for the better. You feel as if the future looks bright and beautiful.

10. You are clearer about your desires.

An imbalanced sacral chakra can make you feel confused and hazy. As it regains vitality, you get a better understanding of what you want in life. You learn to distinguish between your real desires and passing whims. You realize your worth and that you deserve good things.

11. You gain insight into your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is usually out of reach of your consciousness. But when your sacral chakra is functioning well, you get an intuitive feeling about what is in your subconscious. This means your instincts are sharper than ever before.

12. You accept life as it comes.

You learn to trust the Universe more and stop resisting changes happening in your life. You understand that as long as you are sincere and honest, good things will come to you. This realization will help you calm down and be at peace with life.

Final Thought

Besides sacral chakra meditation and yoga poses, you may try journaling and visualization exercises to regain the health of the sacral chakra. Crystals, essential oils, a chakra-specific diet, and introspection all work to improve the functioning of the sacral chakra.

Sacral chakra healing is vital for your overall health and well-being.

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