Sending Love Vibrations to Someone Within 5 Easy Steps

5 Steps For Sending Love Vibrations to Someone

Sending Love Vibrations to Someone

“Sending love” and “send love and light” are phrases we commonly use in our conversations with our loved ones.

Have you ever thought about its meaning? Or how we can actually send love to someone you love and care about?

You usually say this to someone who is going through hard times and can benefit from a dose of positive energy. Most probably, they are so down and out that they are unable to pick themselves up from the depths. Or else, it will take them too long to recover that you are willing to share some of your positive vibrations with them to help them out in their time of need.

That is a very noble gesture on your part. The question here is this – Is this merely a placative statement you make to make a suffering person feel better? Or with these words, are you actually doing something to help a loved one?

This article is an attempt at finding the truth about “sending love” vibrations to someone.

What are love vibrations?

The law of vibration, one of the most important of the Universal Laws states that everything in this Universe is made up of energy and they are vibrating at varying frequencies. Various factors contribute to the frequency of the energy vibrations.

This means our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are also energy and they are vibrating. When you are feeling happy, content, and positive, your energy levels and vibrations are higher. On the other hand, if you are depressed or angry, your energy levels will come down and so will your vibrational frequency.

As you must be well aware, love is a positive emotion. When your heart is overflowing with love, your energy levels and frequency of vibration goes up. Now, we come to the next step. How to send positive vibes to someone? Is it even possible?

Is it possible to send love vibrations?

Have you heard about telepathy and intuition? Maybe you have sensed the love of another person for you. When someone loves you, you can experience it without any words being said or even without any gestures. You may have heard phrases like “love is in the air” or “hatred travels through the ether”.

If the energy sent towards you is substantial, even if you are not sensitive, aware, or not tuned in to the incident, you would still feel the surge in your energy levels. In case you are well-aligned with the person and attuned to what is happening, you can manage to get the full benefit of the energy being sent your way. 

The energy transfer happens through telepathy. Even though telepathy and intuition are well-documented with numerous researches and studies, it is still hard to provide solid proof of its existence. 

Quantum physics can explain this phenomenon. The Observer Effect states that anything that has not been observed has yet to come into existence. In other words, you can bring something into existence by consciously thinking about it. The same law works for intuition and sending energy vibrations as well.

Sending energy to someone can be equated to the common signals like radio signals, Bluetooth signals, and Wi-Fi signals being used in present times. Though you cannot see them, it reaches the recipient without any glitches. As long as the minds of the sender and the recipient are aligned perfectly, the energy transfer happens without fail.

So, to answer the question, yes, it is possible to send love vibes. You can transfer positive energy as well as negative energy, as you know, you can feel negative emotions like anger and hatred of another person towards you the same way as you feel love. You can also send healing energy and all forms of energy you possess to another person through telepathy.

How to send positive energy to someone?

Now that you know that you can send love and positive energy to someone, let’s look at the practical aspects of this process. 

Sending love, light, and positive energy in simple steps

You can only send something you already have in your possession. So, the first step in sending love vibrations to someone is to ensure that your energy levels are high enough and you are vibrating at a high frequency. This means you are feeling happy, positive, and content.

Step 1: Summon all your positive energy

Focus your attention on positive emotions. To ensure that your positive energy is at its peak, you need to block any negative energy coming your way. For this, you can shut out the world. If need be, you can close your eyes. Meditating may help you with this.

Concentrate on all positive things in your life. Fill your heart with love for the person you want to send love to. Soak in this feeling and feel the love. It may help if you can think of your strong loving relationship with this person. 

Step 2: Focus on the person you want to send love to

As you wish to help this person and your heart is overflowing with love for this person, you can get the alignment with the person perfect by thinking about the depth and intensity of your relationship. 

To bring the person into your consciousness, you can employ any method that you feel is effective. For some, saying the name of the person aloud will work. For others, thinking about them is good enough. Fill your thoughts with love for this person.

Step 3: Turn your attention to the beautiful bond 

When you are using words to convey your thoughts, you have the freedom to express your feelings directly. However, when you are using telepathy to send love to someone, your focus and the depth of your connection is the key to success.

Playback the memories of the times together with this person. Remember the times when you have received unimaginable qualities of love from them. Feel grateful for everything they have done for you. Allow the emotions to fill your heart.

Step 4: Visualize the process of sending love

Play the scene as in a science fiction movie. Imagine the love vibrations as a beautiful colored ray emanating from your heart and traveling all the way to reach the person and enter their heart. You can also imagine the love as running water flowing from you to the person. 

As the love vibrations enter the person’s body, they feel energized and better as if by magic. Repeat this visualization experience as many times as you want to until you get it right and feel satisfied.

Step 5: Check to ensure all the connections and feelings are right

Negative feelings have this dirty habit of sneaking into your mind unawares. It can spoil the entire show. To avoid this, you can recheck that everything is right just before sending the love vibrations. 

You can make sure that you have the right feeling and focus on the right person. You should be able to feel the love before sending it. If you are not able to feel it, then something is not right. You cannot send love just by imagining it and without feeling it.

Step 6: Send love and light

Just do it. You can say aloud “I send … love and light”. Or, you can just do this in your mind. While doing this, you can picture the love emanating from your heart in the form of light or flowing water and moving towards this person. It will reach the person, enter their heart and they will immediately feel invigorated. 

Concluding thoughts

You can use this method to send love to anyone. You should feel intense love for the person and your heart should be filled with love and positive emotions. If you are sending love energy to a man you’re attracted to, it should work perfectly.

You can also send love to yourself like this. Again, loving yourself for who you are is important for the success of this mission. 

The best thing about sending love to someone is that it doesn’t deplete your supply of love. In fact, the more you give, the more you receive. Love is strange like that.

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