20 Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

20 Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

Since you are reading this article, you probably have met the girl of your dreams already.

She seems to be showing no special interest in you. And, you would like some confirmation before you make the move. You definitely don’t want to look foolish.

How to know if this girl likes you but is hiding it? This seems to be the million-dollar question plaguing your mind right now. If only you had a clue…

As you like her and think that she will be perfect for you, you desperately want her to like you as well. However, things are not so easy in relationships. People behave in strange and unpredictable ways. They don’t always reveal what is in their mind easily.

She may be hiding her feelings for you for her own reasons. Maybe she is also trying to ascertain that you love her before revealing her feelings. 

Suppose both of you are expecting the other to make the first move and thinking “You first”, you have reached a stalemate in the relationship even before it took off. Do you know that you can look for signs a girl likes you? Body language and eye contact can reveal a lot about what a person is thinking.

You can break this logjam by looking for these signs and clues in her behavior. If she likes you, no matter how much she tries to hide it, these signs will tell you the truth.

Read on to learn more about signs she secretly likes you but is hiding it. Here you will find the most prominent signs that say she is secretly attracted to you.

How to confirm that a girl is into you but doesn’t show it?

If someone is hiding secrets, no matter how much they try, they can hide only so much. A casual observer may not be able to detect the secrets, but someone with a trained eye can always figure it out. 

Before you go ahead and sniff out her secrets, you need to remember that she may have valid reasons for hiding her feelings for you. Such as, 

  • She is currently in a relationship and hasn’t yet made up her mind.
  • She is embarrassed that she has romantic feelings for someone she barely knows.
  • She isn’t sure about your feelings for her and doesn’t want to be the first to come forward.
  • She is not yet ready to tell you about her feelings for you.

If this stalemate continues for long, the magic will be broken and vanish into thin air. The need of the hour is action. You can gain some insights into her mind using these signs and be the one to make the first move.

When you are looking for a good sign, be honest with yourself about whether you are actually seeing them. Just because you want this girl to like you, don’t use these signs to convince yourself that this is the case. Remember that you achieve nothing by misleading yourself. If the girl doesn’t love you, no matter what you do or persuade yourself, she would still not love you.

Here are the signs she secretly wants you.

1. Her friends are aware of her secret.

Maybe she told them outright or they guessed it from her frequent references to you. They even make fun of her that every time she opens her mouth to talk, your topic comes up invariably. 

Whether they like you or not, they are very much aware of how hard she is falling for you. As they really love her, they make it their mission to look you over and appraise you.

2. She is aware of your past that you never told her.

In your conversation with her, she keeps bringing up things about you and you begin wondering where she got it from. Because you definitely haven’t told her this information. This means, she is interested in you and trying to find out more about you.

Or else, why would she bother to gather and remember all those irrelevant tidbits about you? And some of the things are not even known to your best friends. This may get you thinking, “Who is her source?”

3. She shows interest in things you are passionate about.

She is intelligent and understands that to get your attention, the two of you need to have shared interests. More shared interests mean more topics to talk about and more time with each other.

If she is showing genuine interest in your hobbies and interests, it is a clear sign that she is into you. She may not have made up her mind yet, but she is willing to put in the extra time and effort to get close to you.

4. She discloses her personal details to you.

She divulges her hopes, desires, and goals in life. She tells you about her plans for the future. In one of her reflective moods, she will even talk about her struggles and the challenges ahead for her. It is as if she is expecting your support and cooperation to help her achieve her goals.

It is a sort of invitation for you to do the same. She is indirectly telling you that she is interested in knowing the real you and your future plans. This is the perfect time to make your pitch.

5. She tells you when is the ideal time to contact her.

She drops hints about the schedule for the week or day ahead. She tells you when she is free and available. It is sort of a hint for you to make your move. 

She may use this opportunity to let you know what she is doing and what her interests are. She is slowly yet surely letting you into her personal life. At this stage, you can reciprocate by revealing more details about yourself.

6. She asks you out on a date.

Whether this is a date or just the two of you hanging out together is not clear. But you know that it will be on the two of you and no one else. This will get you thinking about her intentions. Maybe she wants to tell you something or just wants to have some alone time with you. Or maybe even both.

On its own, this may not be a big deal. But in combination with more signs listed here, this is a significant move from her.

7. She sends you random photos.

You have no clue what to make of this move of hers. She sends you pictures of something she found interesting. There is nothing more to read into this other than she wants to share things with you. Whenever she finds something interesting, funny, or intriguing, she thinks of you and wants to share that with you.

Maybe she is wishing for your presence with her at that moment and as you couldn’t be there, she is doing the next best thing – sharing pictures with you. She may not yet be ready to reveal or show her feelings for you outright, but this is almost as good.

8.  She has long talks with you.

It may start as a casual “Hi! How are you?” or even “How was your day?”. But she is reluctant to let you go with single-word answers. She pulls you into long conversations with her by asking more and more questions.

You may not realize what is happening unless you pay attention. She also may not be aware of what she is doing. What starts as a casual hello will go on for hours, with the both of you not even realizing it. 

9. She enjoys your lame jokes.

You know that what you said was not funny enough but you find her laughing at it and enjoying it as if it is the best joke in the world. Maybe it is your company that got her in a happy mood and she enjoys spending time with you. In that particular frame of mind, she found your joke funny enough.

This may not happen every day. There are days when she will poke fun at your jokes as well. But today she is finding your lame jokes funny. Maybe she is falling in love. When in love, everything seems better than what it is.

10. She is interested in the girls in your life.

She may ask you outright about the girl she saw you with the other day. Or else, she will make casual references about it, hoping you will be more forthcoming. She just wants to know if you are romantically involved with anyone else. She sees every other girl you interact with as a potential rival.

If she hears you praising any other girl, she treats her as the “enemy”. She will do everything to downplay this girl and make her less interesting. It is clear that she wants to be your sole interest. 

11. She makes fun of the idea of being in a relationship with you.

She is testing your response to see if you are in favor of this idea. When you are alone with her she might tease you that others will mistake you for her boyfriend. She might also joke about the two of you as a couple. 

She just wants to know what you think about this before revealing her true feelings for you. In case you never considered this, she is directing your thoughts in this direction. All she wants is your reaction to the situation.

12. She makes discreet inquiries about your relationship status.

She may ask your friends or people who know you well. You may be hearing about this from others. She is clearly interested in you and wants to be in a relationship with you. But before she makes the move, she wants to know if you are already taken.

She might even ask you this directly, albeit in a discreet way. And it makes sense from her point of view. If you are already in a stable relationship, she doesn’t want to make a fool of herself. But this move of hers is a clear sign that she likes you.

13. She implies that she is free as a bird.

As she is wondering about your relationship status, she wants to make it easier for you by revealing her single status. When a girl does that, you need not look further. This is a good sign of her interest in you.

She might bring up the topic of her ex or tell you about her girl’s day out on valentine’s day. She might connect with you on social media so that you can see her relationship status.

14. Not a day goes by without hearing from her.

Even on busy weekdays, she messages you asking how your day is turning out and what your plans are for the next weekend. She is resourceful enough to come up with something to text you about, often multiple times during the day. But rest assured, every day she will be in touch with you.

It is as if she is missing you during the weekdays and can’t wait for the weekend to meet up with you again. She is merely revealing her true feelings for you, only if you care to see it.

15. She is all yours when she is with you.

In this day and age, it is impossible to pay attention completely to someone or something. There are far too many distractions preventing us from giving someone our sole attention. We check the phone for messages and notifications or look at the watch/clock. When you are in a home setting, you never sit down and have face-to-face conversations with someone. You are always doing something or the other while talking.

However, when she is with you, irrespective of the setting, she gives you her undivided attention. She stops doing what she is currently working on. Her body language and gestures suggest that she is interested in you. When she is you, everything else fades into the background for her.

16. She hovers in your vicinity for an opportunity to talk to you.

In case she is too shy to ask you for one-on-one outings with you, she might try the next best thing. Get you for herself in a crowd. She watches for her opportunity and grabs it when the time is right. You might be intrigued by frequently running into her at parties and public places.

Though she runs into you, she always seems to have all the time in the world to spend with you. Even if you are in a hurry, she will persuade you to spend time with her. She is making a case for herself during these casual meetings. She knows that this is her opportunity to get your attention.

17. She is always happy and smiling when she is with you.

It is as if the sight of you is enough to cheer her up. Even when she is busy or feeling down, she is always cheerful around you. You have never found her in any other mood than a positive one.

It is not as if she doesn’t have problems or she has her bad days. She is normal and she also suffers from ups and downs. But thinking of you, seeing you, and interacting with you seem to cheer her up. As if with you by her side, she can face the world, no matter how hard it is.

18. She likes to make physical contact.

She may casually graze your hand or shoulders. She may hug you as a greeting or when you part. During casual conversations, you find her touching your hand, arms, or shoulders. 

It is as if she is using every opportunity to touch you without being obvious about it. She might be closely watching your response to her touch. If you react positively, she will consider it as an encouragement to do it more often. She might also stop if you are uncomfortable with it.

19. She makes you part of her plans.

Whether it is short-term or long-term, you find yourself always included in her plans. You find her discussing the next weekend’s plans with you so that you can be together as much as possible. She might even abandon her plans because you are not interested in them.

She might ask you to be her “plus one” at formal events like weddings and parties. If she is planning a day out with her friends, she might ask you to join them. She will also expect the same from you. 

20. She turns crimson at your compliment.

When you appreciate her or say something nice about her, she is on cloud nine. She is ecstatic with joy but at the same time feels coy, self-conscious, and bashful. Clearly, she is not used to compliments and not sure of how to take them or react.

She may be confused about how to respond to your compliments but she will definitely let you know that she appreciates your words. 

Some more signs that she is secretly in love with you

  1. She gives you lavish compliments.
  2. She is always noticing things about you that others miss out on.
  3. She shares pictures with you on social media.
  4. She is always her impeccable self when she is with you.
  5. She never says no when you ask her out.
  6. She reveals everything about herself including her vulnerabilities to you.
  7. She never forgets your special days.
  8. Her eyes are locked onto you even when you are in a crowd.
  9. She flirts with others to see your reaction.
  10. She tells you a lot about herself without being asked.
  11. She is the first to notice any changes in you.
  12. She always puts on her best appearance when you are watching.
  13. Her feet and body are always turned towards you.
  14. She enjoys it when you accidentally touch her.
  15. She mirrors your behavior and gestures.
  16. She leans in and tilts her head when you are talking to her.
  17. She is both relaxed and nervous when you are around.
  18. She flirts with you without a care in the world.
  19. She has positive body language when you are with her.
  20. She reacts positively to your body language.

Bottom line

While you are trying to ferret out whether she likes you, have you been forthcoming about your feelings for her? Are you also waiting for some signs of confirmation to make the move?

If so, looking for these signs would help you make up your mind. After all, someone has to break the impasse. Or else, the perfect moment will pass and the magic will be lost. 

If you are not yet ready to go ahead, it is only fair to let her know. Don’t keep her in the dark and lead her on, only to break her heart later.

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