7 Signs a Guy is Jealous Through Texting

7 Signs a Guy is Jealous Through Texting

7 Signs a Guy is Jealous Through Texting

Guys can get jealous over nothing irrespective of whether you are in a relationship or not.

If you’re already in a relationship, he may be fearful of losing you to a competitor. If you’re yet to form a relationship, again, he may be fearful that better guys are vying for your attention, making him jealous. 

A jealous man is usually good at hiding it, though you can spot it if you care to pay attention. Instead of reading his body language, it is easier to spot that the guy is jealous through texting.

In this article, you will find listed 7 hard-to-miss warning signs a guy is jealous through texting. It will make things much easier for you to know whether you are dealing with a jealous guy and adapt your behavior for the desired outcome. 

How to know a guy is jealous through texting?

1. You can spot his mood swing even as you text him.

Imagine you are texting this guy with enthusiasm and you casually tell him that you’re going out with friends at night. In his very next text, you could spot coldness. It is as if he has lost his enthusiasm and is feeling deflated.

Instead of asking you where you are planning to go or what you are planning to do, he completely loses interest in your outing. Neither is he happy for you nor is he happy about it. He doesn’t want to know more about it.

An hour or so later if you text this guy that you have canceled the plans for the night, you can easily notice his happiness upon hearing the news. His enthusiasm is back in place. 

Maybe he suspects that you’re going out on a date and trying to pass it off as a night out with friends. Or he believes that you’re going because you have a special someone in the group. Whatever he deduces from the situation, he is definitely a jealous guy.

2. He wants to know your whereabouts all the time.

Are you getting frequent texts from him asking you what you are doing and where you are? This is a clear sign your guy is jealous through texting. 

A jealous man typically wants to control you and all aspects of your life. He would prefer to keep you within his eyesight but since that is impossible, he tries to do the next best option available to him. He texts you day and night asking you for your whereabouts.

You can even gauge the level of covetousness of your jealous boyfriend by the frequency and number of texts you receive from them in a day. A jealous guy would want to know who you spend your time with and the complete details of what you did. 

If he isn’t a jealous man, why would he want to waste his time and yours discussing something unconnected to your relationship with him all the time? There you have the answer.

3. He wants to know more about who you spend time with.

This guy may be concerned that you’re more interested in someone else. But instead of coming right out and confronting you, he will go about it indirectly and ask you for details about the person you were with. He seems to be obsessed with this person rather than focusing on your relationship. 

A jealous man may behave in strange and illogical ways. He doesn’t want to project the image of a controlling and jealous man but he just can’t help it either. The thought of you hobnobbing with someone else keeps gnawing in his mind that he has to know the truth.

He may be afraid that you will find someone better and leave him or not find him interesting enough. He is fearful of losing you to this fictitious competitor. That is all it is. There is no need to read more into it when you see a guy is jealous through texting.

4. He is in the habit of jumping to conclusions.

He is excellent at adding two and two to arrive at the answer as four. What he fails to realize is that in the world of love and romance, there are other factors involved and this can affect the sum. That is the trouble faced by those who do not have the patience to see the whole picture and listen to the entire story.

Again, you cannot fault him either. When his mind is overcome by jealousy, he will find it difficult to function rationally. His mind and judgment will be clouded by jealous thoughts and feelings. Instead of choosing the positive option, he will be tempted to assume the worst.

For instance, when you reply to his text saying you’re out with friends, he will clam up and text back curtly saying, “We’ll talk later”. Or he may try to lure you away by offering something irresistible to you. If you turn it down, his jealousy will go up like a rocket.

5. He expects you to reply without delay.

The mind of a jealous man will conjure up all kinds of scenes for you. He will assume that you’re with some other guy and have no time to read or reply to his texts. It doesn’t matter to him that you’re busy at the office and are in a meeting.

When a guy is jealous, logic and reason go out of the window. Neither does he ask you for the delay nor does he have the patience to listen to your explanation. He never considers the option that he may have assumed wrong in the first place.

Every time you delay in replying to his text, he will invariably assume that you’re with some other guy. Again, he will assume that this guy is better than himself and you’re about to leave him for this guy. 

When you think along this line, it will make sense to you. Or else, you will find his behavior crazy and irrational. He’s just suffering from jealousy.

6. He shuts you out.

Whenever he feels you’re more interested in someone else and the feeling of jealousy goes beyond a certain limit, he will clam up. In the middle of a text conversation, he will stop replying to you. All your subsequent texts will go unanswered. So will be your calls to him. He is punishing you for being “unfaithful” to him.

He may use this strategy to gauge your love and affection for him. Are you trying to reach out to him frantically? He must be sitting there watching all your texts and calls. He wants you to prove your loyalty to him over text. 

You may find this ridiculous but this is what jealousy can make people do.

7. He is overprotective.

Is your guy always asking you to be careful or warning you of dangers? 

“Ask your colleague to drop you home. It’s so late.”

“Don’t go out alone late at night. It’s dangerous.”

“Go to sleep. You have to wake up early.”

If you have a jealous boyfriend or partner, you must have heard more like this. It must be nothing new for you, though you cannot understand why he’s being so protective. You have time and again told him that you’re capable of taking good care of yourself. But he doesn’t seem to share your confidence in yourself.

One reason for such behavior is his desire to control your movements and who you’re meeting with. Another reason can be his obsession with your safety and his need to protect and take care of you.

Final thoughts on when a guy is jealous over text

When a guy is jealous over text, you can expect to receive texts throughout the day on some pretext or another. He may jump to wrong conclusions based on half-truths and may send mean and angry texts to you. 

He may be mean and use hurtful language while texting. He may mock you, make fun of you, or criticize you for no apparent reason. You need to understand that he is incapable of thinking clearly because his mind is filled with jealous thoughts.

Do you know that it is his insecurity that is making him jealous? If you’re interested in continuing the relationship with him, you can take the initiative to assure him of your love and make him feel secure. 

Keeping calm and having open conversations with him are the best choices available to you to resolve this situation when you notice signs he is jealous through text.


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