5 Signs a Guy is Losing Interest Through Text

5 Signs a Guy is Losing Interest Through Text

Signs a Guy is Losing Interest Through Text

You fell for this incredible guy and things were going great. You felt on top of the world.

Then, a nagging feeling starts creeping in. “Is he losing interest in me?”

The more you think about it, the more confused you become. Is it just a figment of your imagination?

You may find it hard to gauge the mood of your boyfriend, especially if you are having a long distance relationship. He may be dropping hints like how he isn’t happy or how life doesn’t feel quite right for him.

This is a tough situation for you to be in. You are not sure what is going on; even not sure whether anything bad is going on. If you know for sure, you may be able to do something to make it alright. The signals you get from him are all mixed and confusing.

Do you know that you can read between the lines of text messages and get to know the real emotions of the person? This is more reliable than the signs you can gather from his behavior. In case you aren’t sure how to read the signs a guy is losing interest through text, read on.

This article explores the world of relationships. Specifically when it starts to fall apart. When he’s losing interest in you, he will be sending out warning signs. You may be able to sense that he lost interest in you over text. 

If you have the perception to tune in to these signs, you will get an early warning about what is about to unfold in your life. You can use this heads-up to repair the damage if possible.

When you feel someone is losing interest in you, just look out for these obvious signs.

Warning signs a guy is losing interest through text

If you aren’t aware of the things a man does when he starts to lose interest, it can get tricky. Later on, after the avalanche has hit you, you may wonder “If only I knew!”. By keeping these obvious signs in the back of your mind, you can eliminate feeling this regret.

Without further ado, here are the signs he lost interest over text.

1. Texts are getting fewer

When a relationship is flourishing, especially if it is a new one, text messages will be flying thick and fast between the partners. Both will be eagerly waiting for the other to reply. Even those who don’t text otherwise will start doing it because it is so addictive.

This is how it was earlier between you and your boyfriend. However, recently you can see a shift in the way you text each other. The gaps between texts are getting longer. He is no longer seeing your texts or replying immediately. So, naturally, the number of texts is getting fewer. There have been times when he took days to reply to your message.

It would be unfair to conclude that he has lost interest in you just from his delayed and infrequent texts. But something’s up. Take it easy for a while and look out for other signs for confirmation. At this stage, it is better not to confront him. 

2. Texts are becoming shorter and more concise

He was good at conveying an entire story through texts and you used to make fun of him for that. Whenever you got his text, you used to set aside the work and focus on reading it. And, it always made you laugh out loud. You could sense the love he felt for you in those words. 

All these have become history. His texts started getting shorter and shorter. So much that now it is mostly one or two words. You feel as if he is weighing his words and using as few as possible. You also get the feeling that he is becoming more and more careful about what he is texting and the words he is using. 

You are justified in feeling worried about this turn of events. It’s clear that he isn’t bothered about your feelings when you see these one-word texts. But is it because he has lost interest in you? This needs to be verified.

3. He becomes totally silent

That is worse than the earlier two signs. When you noticed that his texts are getting fewer and shorter, you felt a sense of misgiving. You felt irritated when you started getting one-word texts. Then, you thought it cannot get worse than that. But he has surpassed your expectations. He has stopped texting you altogether. 

For the life of you, you can’t think of any good reason why he would do this to you. Did he think you wouldn’t notice? Or worry or overthink, for that matter. How does he expect you to react to his silence? Assume that he isn’t interested in you anymore. 

This is a serious matter. His silence can only mean one thing. He doesn’t want you in his life at least for now. When your boyfriend is ignoring you, you should do what is best for you. Later on, he may come back when it suits him and resume the relationship as if nothing happened. Don’t let him play with your feelings.

4. He gives vague replies

Of late, he has become as slippery as an eel. He refuses to give you straightforward replies to your simple questions. When you ask him when he will be back, he texts, “By 10 maybe. Or maybe later”. It cannot get vaguer than that. Even after reading his message, you are no wiser.

When you get such unclear replies from your boyfriend, your brain starts to work overtime. The question “Why?” will keep reverberating in your mind. 

Why is he texting like this? Why is he not giving you clear replies? Why is he always so uncertain? Why can’t he be more accurate or clear? Why is he complicating everything?

In his favor, it can be said that he may not be thinking of how his words will make you feel or impact you. Or the other option is he doesn’t care about you anymore.

5. He texts he can’t go out with you because he already has plans

That is the first time you hear about his plans. It comes as a rude shock to you and you feel disappointed when this happens for the first time. When this is repeated again and again, you feel more angry than sad.

You may not think that anything is wrong in the first few instances. You may believe that he has decided on something else to do and forgot to tell you about it. But when this becomes a routine, you cannot accept that he is telling the truth. You feel as if he is being evasive. It looks like he is trying to avoid going out with you.

It’s better to talk to him about it and confirm your doubts before you take action.

Final thoughts on a guy is losing interest through text

It’s not hard to know that guy is losing interest through text. When your boyfriend’s texts become sparser and sparser, the immediate thought you may have is that he may be having an affair and wants you out of his life. While this is a possibility, it can also be a case of too much work at the office or his focus being elsewhere. Once this distraction gets over, he may return to you.

In case he did this deliberately for whatever reasons, he may try to get back to you as if nothing happened. Or if you feel that he lost interest over text, he may not come back at all. No matter what the case may be, you are free to decide how you want to live and who you want to be with. 


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