5 Signs a Guy Likes You But is Intimidated

5 Signs a Guy Likes You But is Intimidated

5 Signs a Guy Likes You But is Intimidated

We all know that men are not as vocal about their feelings as women. Men tend to express how they feel through gestures.

Most women find this confusing and hard to understand. They don’t know how to read these gestures, what to make of them and how to respond to them. Things may get more difficult when the guy feels intimidated in the relationship and is hesitant to even express his feelings through gestures. 

On such occasions, his behavior will be so subtle and subdued that it is hard to see if he has any special feelings for you. Then, it is up to you to bring him out of his shell and make him comfortable in the relationship. But before you do that, you need to be sure that this guy likes you but is intimidated to express his love for you.

This article lists clear signs a guy likes you but is intimidated. If you spot some of these signs in your relationship, you can take the lead and guide it in the direction you want to. 

Why does a man find you intimidating?

All your friends consider you a friendly and outgoing person, easy to get along with. Then, it is hard to believe that this guy alone thinks of you as an intimidating woman.  When you become aware of his reticence, you may even look up on Google – What type of girl intimidates guys? As far as you can see, you have none of the traits of an intimidating woman.

Maybe, unintentionally, your behavior may tell others that you are open to friendships but not so keen on romantic relationships. Maybe your conduct, attitude, and gestures discourage a man from approaching you with feelings of love. When a man fails to find a way to approach you with his feelings and gestures of love and romance, they will think of you as an intimidating woman.

When a guy feels intimidated by you, he will use roundabout tactics to tell you how he feels about you. If you watch his body language, you will spot signs of being in love in him. But these signs will remain as signs and nothing comes of them. He will not express his love for you but keep it hidden and suppressed deep inside. All these may make him act weird in your eyes.

One of the most common things in a woman that a man finds intimidating is when they have too many suitors. When a woman is unable to open up and express her feelings well despite experiencing challenges, a man feels unsure and intimidated. Sometimes a guy is intimidated by your looks, beauty, or even your presence.

How to know if a guy likes you but is scared?

When a guy likes you but is intimidated, he may be unwilling to profess his love for you openly. Instead, he may slip into the role of your partner without discussing it with you or making any formal announcements. He may do all that a besotted partner does such as making himself available for you 24×7 and going that extra mile that a regular friend may not be willing to do.

When a guy feels intimidated by you, he may be unsure of your feelings toward him. This makes him avoid eye contact with you. He may be scared of rejection if he approaches you. He will bottle up his feelings and this may make his behavior seem weird and strange to you. 

Here are some signs a guy likes you but is intimidated.

1. He knows a lot about you

He may feel intimidated to express his love for you. But he still loves you and does everything a love-struck guy would do. He tries to know more about you and memorizes every little bit of information about you that he can access. 

Maybe it’s something you said in passing or someone else casually mentioned it. But to him, this nugget of information is precious as it concerns you. He will store it away in the depths of his mind safely. You will be surprised that he knows all these things about you; otherwise, he is shy and timid.

2. He wants you to meet his family and friends

This is one of the obvious signs that a guy likes you. He would do the same even when he thinks you are an intimidating woman and has trouble talking to you about his feelings for you. Clearly, he can’t arrange this conventionally as he hasn’t expressed his love for you yet. But he will figure out some roundabout way to arrange a meeting for you with his loved ones.

If you are wise to his feelings and thoughts, you may find this amusing. With this gesture, he is actually trying to reveal his feelings for you indirectly. When he asks you to meet his near and dear ones, he is eagerly waiting for your response. And, their impressions about you as well.

3. He shows eagerness to meet your family and friends

That is the obvious next step. Once you agree to meet his loved ones and make a good impression on them, he will feel emboldened to meet with yours. He may do this even if he hasn’t made any move to talk about his interest in you openly. Since there has been no resistance from you so far, he will assume that you are agreeable to this relationship.

He is still feeling intimidated by you and this makes him reticent about making eye contact or having an open conversation with you. But he will do everything else that a besotted lover does. All the while hoping that you will get the cue and understand his position.

4. He includes you in his future plans

When a guy likes you but is intimidated to talk to you about it, he will try various tactics to let you know how he feels about you without actually spelling it out. One such approach is including you in his future plans. He might let this information slip casually without too much introduction or explanation. 

This step must have taken a huge strain on him and he would be all tensed up about how you would react to this. He would be closely watching for your reaction when he casually introduces this topic about the future. It may be about him taking up a job in another city and moving. He may be asking you whether you like this city and how you would like to live there.

If your reaction is positive and encouraging, he might continue on this topic and gain more courage to talk about it.

5. He will do anything for you

He may be too intimidated to talk to you about his feelings for you. But he thinks he can make you aware of his feelings through loving and caring gestures. He is willing to be your Man Friday – a person you may call at any hour of the day; someone who is loyal and can be trusted.

You just need to think of something but he can sense it with his sixth sense and do it for you without you even asking him to help. He is so much in tune with you and your needs that he doesn’t need to be told about your requirements. He thinks it’s his responsibility to keep you safe, secure, and comfortable. 

He may do things for you even if it is inconvenient for him. Such as, dropping you home after a date even if it is out of the way for him.

Final thoughts on a guy likes you but is intimidated

If you observe any of the signs listed above in your guy, it is clear that this guy likes you but is intimidated to talk to you about his feelings. If you like him and consider him good relationship material, you can take the initiative to put him at ease and help him deal with his anxiety and apprehension. 

You can also figure out a middle path and meet him midway. In these modern times, there is no need for you to expect the guy to make the first move in a relationship. 



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