17 Signs A Man Is In Love With You But Scared

Signs a man is in love with you but scared

Signs a man is in love with you but scared

Love is a complicated emotion that can be hard to define. For some people, love is a feeling of strong affection and passion. For others, love is more of a commitment or bond between two people. No matter how you define it, love is something that everyone desires at some point in their life.

Feeling love for another person is much less complicated than expressing it. This is where it becomes difficult for some men.

When a guy likes a girl, there are usually many common signs that he has fallen head-over-heels for her. He may be attentive and always make time for her, shower her with compliments, and go out of his way to make her happy. 

However, sometimes a man is in love with a woman but is scared to admit it or afraid of what might happen if he does. Many men are scared to express their feelings for fear of being rejected or laughed at.

When it comes to men and love life, things can get complicated. So, how can a woman be sure that a man is in love with her if he is afraid to show it? Or he loves you but suffers from commitment issues. Here are 17 obvious signs he loves you but is scared to commit.

Clear Signs He Loves You But Is Scared to Fall For You

Are you getting mixed signals from him? You are almost certain that the man loves you. But for his own reasons, he seems hesitant to show or admit it. As a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, this can be confusing. 

Men and women are polar opposites when it comes to matters of the heart. The behavior of some men can be too tough for women to understand. Some men are calm when they are in love, while others behave the same way when they aren’t interested in you.

People who understand the psychology of a man consider this topic as not as complex as women make it out to be. They tell us that there are obvious signs that reveal his true feelings. 

Let’s get started.

1. You often catch him staring at you.

He can’t seem to take his eyes off you even for a moment. His gaze is so intense that you become aware of it. But he may never approach you or try to make even casual conversations with you. 

This is a clear sign that the man loves you. Men typically like to look at the woman they love. Even if you are doing boring chores around the house, watching television, or reading a book, their eyes seem to follow you like a faithful dog. 

However, if he is staring at you surreptitiously and doesn’t want to know what he is doing, he will look away the moment you glance in his direction. If he is looking guilty and flustered, you can be sure that he is in love with you.

Also, notice how he behaves when you are talking to him. Is he happy and smiling? Are his eyes brimming with love? Does he like to spend time with you?

2. He ignores you.

This is a strange one. Normally people ignore others when they aren’t interested in them. But in this instance, it’s different, and there is a reason for his weird behavior.

The guy likes you but is afraid of getting hurt. He isn’t ready to reveal his love for you yet. Maybe he isn’t sure about your reaction and is waiting for a positive sign from you. He is keeping his emotions under check until then.

The weird part is that his behavior may come out as he is ignoring you. But there is no need for you to worry. If he is giving out other indications that he is in love with you, all you need to do is to let him know that you are interested. That is sure to remove his doubts and inhibitions and put him at ease.

When you give him the green signal, he will no longer feel scared.

3. He notices everything about you.

Women think that men never listen to what they say or notice things about them. This may be true for men in general, but if a man is in love with you, he hangs on to every word you say and remembers everything you do.

They seem to remember even those things that you casually mention. Such as an office party or a cousin visiting. You will be surprised to know that he is aware of your likes and dislikes. He knows how you take your coffee or the restaurant you love the most. Also your favorites, fears, or allergies. 

All this points to one thing. He is taking in everything about you and making the effort to remember them. 

4. He wants to be your hero.

He acts as if he wants to save you from the big bad world. He will defend you at the cost of inviting ridicule or antagonizing people. When he is with you, he ensures that you are out of harm’s way. To this end, he will take the traffic side while walking on the road or shield you with his arms when boarding a bus or a train.

He may be reluctant to admit that he loves you, but he can’t help these gestures of love. He just wants to make sure that you stay protected, and he wants to be your hero.

The male of every species is protective of those they love and care about. This is known as hero instinct. As he displays hero instinct, it is clearly evident that he loves you though he is not showing it.

5. He cheers for you from the sidelines.

No matter what you are doing, you will find him supporting and encouraging you, even if it is in an unobtrusive manner. He is so proud of you and your achievements. As he is not yet ready to reveal his true feelings for you, he will do the cheering in a subtle way from the sidelines.

Unless you are observing him, you may miss these gestures altogether. But from this, it is clear that he cares a lot for you and wishes the best for you. He wants you to be happy and fulfilled. 

Here, again, his hero instinct is at play. Most probably, it is the same hero instinct that is keeping him from revealing his true feelings for you. As far as he is concerned, a relationship is a serious step. He would like to be doubly sure before he commits. Moreover, he doesn’t want to break your heart either.

6. He has revealed his love for you to his friends.

Either he has told them explicitly or they deduced it from his behavior. Though he tries to hide his feelings, he isn’t doing a good job of it. This also means that his friends are aware of you and how much their friend is infatuated with you.

He must be talking a lot about you when he is alone with his friends. His friends must be knowing as much as he knows or sometimes even more. As they can be more open in their approach to you, they will find it easier to talk to you and get to know you. 

He may even invite you for an evening out with his friends. He may want to know how well you get along in their company. Moreover, he may want to show you off to his friends as well.

7. He acts nervous in your presence.

He has fallen head over heels in love with you. And he is not sure about how you feel about him. All he can think about is how to impress you and make you fall in love with him. No wonder he feels nervous.

He recognizes that he is enamored by you and loves you immensely. He finds it hard to control his emotions. He doesn’t have a clue what he will do if you reject him. This puts enormous pressure on him to be the perfect partner for you. He wants to prove to you that he is an excellent choice as your partner.

You may be unaware of what is going on with him. At times, he thinks you reciprocate his feelings. But on occasions, he feels as if you are not interested in him. These “will she, won’t she” thoughts give him anxiety.

8. He often consults you.

Be it personal or professional decisions. He comes to you for your opinion. There may be numerous reasons why he is doing this. 

He has high regard for the way you handle things and how you live your life. He is impressed by your ability to understand and analyze situations and arrive at a decision. When he is unsure of something or torn between two choices, he thinks of you. He believes that you can help untangle the situation and help him make a decision.

Another probable reason for his gesture has more to do with his future plans. He wants to include you in his plans for the future. And before he makes a decision, he wants to know whether you approve of his choice. 

He may also want to know how you respond to him when he comes to you for advice. This will give him an inkling about what you think of him.

9. He has a hard time figuring out his feelings for you.

He knows that he likes you a lot and cares deeply for you. Is it love? Is this feeling enough to commit to a relationship with you? Are you the right kind of partner for him? Is this going to be a lifelong relationship?

When a man is confronted with such emotions and thoughts, he often struggles to process them well. And unless he processes these emotions and understands them well, he will find himself stuck in the same position. He will be unable to move forward to form a meaningful relationship with you or give up on you. 

He is also the kind of person who doesn’t want to discuss his personal life with others, including his best friends. So, he does the most natural thing. He avoids talking about it. Unless he decides what he wants from you, he cannot approach you or reveal his love for you.

10. He enjoys your company.

He may be having a hard time processing his emotions. But one thing he is sure about is he loves to spend time with you. He knows that when he is with you, the rest of the world fades away, and time stands still. It is as if he is in a dream that he doesn’t want to end. 

As he is still reluctant to reveal his feelings for you openly, the only opportunity he gets to be near you is in group settings. He makes the most of it by trying to sit next to you every single time. 

To manage this, he may have to do some manipulation, which he is not used to but does anyway because he doesn’t want to let go of the chance to be near you.

If you care to watch his body language, you will know right away.

11. He is in awe of you.

He thinks highly of every aspect of you, including your behavior, physical features, and intellectual capabilities. 

The guy likes the way you carry yourself and your dress sense. He is bowled over by your beauty and grace. He can’t stop gushing about how well you manage the work-life balance.

He thinks you are awesome and a kind of superwoman who can do whatever you set your heart upon. He finds it amazing that you are as good at managing your home and personal affairs as you have done with your career and job.

He will come out openly with his admiration for you when he feels you need it. Such as when you are going through a bad day and feeling low. He may not be ready to reveal his love for you. Instead, he sings praises of you.

12. He shows you small gestures of affection.

He is scared to bare his true feelings for you, but he feels it is alright to show subtle yet clear signs of true love and care. 

Volunteering to drop you home, offering his jacket to warm you up, or a small gift that no one will consider inappropriate. He comes up with these simple gestures that he hopes others will not notice. Or else his well-kept secret will not be a secret anymore.

Most often, he does these things to make you happy and feel better and not to impress you with his generosity. If you are aware of what is going on, you will think of these acts as cute and endearing. When he is willing to take so much trouble for the sake of your happiness, he truly must be in love with you. 

13. He goes out of his way to ensure you are alright.

He notices every small gesture of yours and all that you do and say. Not just this, he commits every small detail about you to his memory and retrieves it when needed. Whenever he notices that you are not as exuberant as you usually are, he tries to cheer you up by doing things you love.

Unless he loves you, why would he remember your favorite show or dessert? Even if he is hesitant to disclose his true love for you, sensing your need, he will rise to the occasion and do what is right for you. 

In case he feels that there is a physical danger involved, he will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you are safe. 

Caring for your partner is one of the obvious signs of a healthy relationship. If he is keen on knowing more about you and wants to protect you, no doubt he loves you.

14. He is eager and distant at the same time.

He blows hot and cold simultaneously. He is madly in love with you but doesn’t want to come right out and say it to you openly. This is a clear sign that he is in love with you but has commitment issues.

He may ask you out on dates. You feel that things are going great and heading in the right direction. Then, out of the blue, he goes silent. He avoids your calls and does not reply to your messages. You will begin to think that he is no longer interested. Just as you are ready to give up on him and move on, he is back again. 

This behavior of his is hard on you, no doubt, but he is going through worse. Just as things get going, he runs away. Chasing him can only make matters worse. You need to give him time to make up his mind about you.

15. His body language says it all.

At any point in time, if you are confused about him and his true love for you, just observe his body language. This never lies. And hard to hide.

He will make more eye contact with you than others do. If he gathers enough courage, you may find him grazing his arms against your body or “accidentally” touching your arm. If there is a friendship between the two of you, he may even be bold enough to hold your hand.

Physical touch is a common sign of true love and affection, and so is open body language. Even if he wants to hide his feelings for you, this is something he finds hard to control. The desire to be physically close to the person you love is something in-built in nature, and couples have no choice but to follow it. 

16. He doesn’t try to hide that he is happy.

He doesn’t want to let anyone know that he loves you, including yourself. This doesn’t mean he wants to hide the fact that he is insanely happy when he is around you. In fact, he seems to be too eager to let the world know that he is happy. The indication of happiness is a common sign that he is in love.

When he is near you, there is always a smile on his lips. He laughs the loudest at your jokes, even if they are lame ones. He is more than willing to show that he is happy in your company. He feels this is okay as he is not betraying his decision not to reveal his love for you yet.

17. He is keen to introduce you to his family and friends.

He may not have talked to you about his feelings for you, but he feels it alright to introduce you to his family and friends. In a way, this is a public acknowledgment of his love for you. 

Moreover, he may be doing this to check how you are getting on with the people in his life. And also how they react to you. He may want to use this to make up his mind about you. But when he introduces you to his family and friends, he definitely considers you as more than a friend. He is in love with you.

He may use this opportunity to discuss his reluctance to reveal his feelings for you in a group setting. Again, he may do this in a covert manner and not openly. But you need to understand that all that he does is for you and you alone.

Bottom line

You are justified in feeling confused when a man shows all the common signs of being in love with you but is distant and reticent at the same time. When you receive mixed signals like this, you may begin to question yourself and your ability to judge the reactions of others.

He may have his own reasons for his behavior. Maybe he likes you but is afraid of getting hurt. But that is not helping you in any way. If you are unable to cope with this situation in your love life, you may confide in someone you can trust and seek their help and advice. If this is not helpful enough, you should not hesitate to approach a relationship coach or mental health professional.

A professional therapist may be able to help you navigate the treacherous waters of the relationship you find yourself in. If you can get the man to cooperate in the process, it will be more effective. 

Did you find Signs a man is in love with you but scared helpful? Do you have other tips for dealing with a man who’s scared of commitment? Share your thoughts in the comments on our Facebook.

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