13 Signs a Married Man is Sexually Attracted to You

13 Signs a Married Man is Sexually Attracted to You

Signs a Married Man is Sexually Attracted to You

In your daily life, you come across and interact with men; some of them are married. You never gave much thought to them until your in-built alarm alerted you.

Something is not right. You get a sneaky feeling of a married man flirting and wanting to be more than friends with you.

Married or not married, men tend to show their appreciation and admiration for women they like. When a man is interested in you, they usually don’t hide the fact. However, a married man is well aware that he needs to be cautious about his outward display of affection. So, the signs will still be there, but you may have to pay more attention and look harder to see them.

On the other hand, it would be foolish of you to assume that a married man is sexually attracted to you just because he is nice and paying more attention to you. Making such assumptions can get you into embarrassing situations as well as create trouble for him. Instead, you can check his body language to know whether he is giving off signs a married man is sexually attracted to you.

This article lists some of the most prominent signs a married man is sexually attracted to you. You need to understand that at the beginning, these signals would be weak and barely perceptible. As he gains more confidence, the signs of a married man flirting will be easier to notice. Your encouraging behavior will also have an impact on this.

Undeniable signs a married man is sexually attracted to you

1. He looks you in the eye

He makes eye contact. Eye contact is one undeniable sign of interest in a person. If you often notice him making eye contact with you, there is a good chance that this married man is sexually attracted to you and wants to be more than a friend.

In the world of love, attraction, and relationships, eye contact plays a significant role. It is a sign of interest and encouragement to get the partner to respond without a word being said. Even when you are at the other corner of the room, with eye contact, your guy can bridge the gap separating you. 

Eye contact is believed to release phenylethylamine and oxytocin, the chemicals linked to feelings of love, attraction, bonding, and commitment. This will make you feel good, connected, and closer to each other.

2. He spreads his legs

There is nothing subtle about this though often this is done unawares. In psychology, manspreading is defined as sitting expansively and exposing his crotch. This is considered a power stance among males to signal dominance and sexual attraction to the opposite sex. The married man is trying to project his manliness to impress you.

The fact that he is a married man has got nothing to do with this act. All men indulge in sitting with their legs apart. They do it more when they are sexually aroused. The more sexually attracted they are to you, the wider they spread their legs. It is also considered a sign of openness. The married man flirting with you is welcoming you into his space and telling you that he is an open book and has nothing to hide.

3. He tells you that you smell good

Not all the signs a married man gives are non-verbal. Though he is committed to someone, he is not averse to taking risks in letting you know that he is sexually attracted to you. A married man may not be ready to spell it out clearly, but he thinks it’s okay to say personal comments to you. Maybe he is confident that his partner is not listening and he thinks this is harmless. 

He is sexually attracted to you and finds you irresistible. Instead of going into more details, he may tell you that you smell heavenly. This is not just a passing comment by someone in a platonic relationship. This is a married man flirting with you.

The smell of a person has sexual undertones in human beings. For us, smell plays a big role in attraction and relationships. So, when he compliments you about your smell, read between the lines.

4. He is nervous and flustered when you are around

Married or unmarried, men or women, this is a tendency among human beings at the beginning of a relationship. As he is eager to please you and present a favorable image of himself to you so that you will reciprocate his feelings. Even if he is handsome and attractive, he will feel anxious and jittery about how you will react to him.

If he is a naturally shy and timid guy, he will be even more awkward when you are around. Moreover, being a married man, he is well aware of the impropriety of his feelings toward you. That will make him all the more worried and edgy. 

If this is his first transgression in his marriage, his state of mind is natural and understandable. All the emotions he is feeling towards you are making him uncomfortable and embarrassed. However, he cannot deny them either. 

5. He often violates your personal space

Personal space is a vague concept in interpersonal relationships. It is defined as “the physical space immediately surrounding a person”. The violation of personal space can make the person uncomfortable and even feel threatened. The personal space of a person also includes their me-time.

In each relationship, the boundary of personal space is usually defined informally. Though the space needed to feel comfortable may vary from person to person, it can be easily gauged from the discomfort of the other person. 

Personal space is the least in the most intimate relationships. So, if this married man is knowingly invading your personal space, he is trying to tell you that he wants to be in an intimate relationship with you. He may do this by coming too close to you, touching your arms, putting his arms around your shoulder, hugging you, or giving you an innocent peck on the cheek.

6. He appreciates and compliments you all the time

This married man is trying to get your attention and make you feel appreciated. He may do this by complimenting you on your looks, intelligence, achievements, or talents.

As mentioned earlier, married men flirting with you will try to boost your self-confidence. He appreciates the person that you are and makes sure that you are aware of his admiration.

7. He tells jokes to make you laugh

Humor is one of the most effective tools to break the ice and get people comfortable. He will make sure that you are entertained and enjoying his company by telling jokes or funny anecdotes.

He may be married, but his flirty behavior with you proves that he has not lost interest in sexual attraction. This married man wants your attention and is determined to make you laugh and have a good time.

8. He gives you a flirty eyebrow flash

Eyebrow flashes may be regarded as a universal sign of attraction. It is the simplest and most subtle form of flirting married men can display.

When this married man sees you, his eyebrows will rise for just one-fifth of a second before he comes up with an excuse to talk to you. This eyebrow flash of his is a subtle gesture that he wants to connect with you. It gives him an opportunity to start the conversation without being too obvious about his intentions.

9. He reveals his secrets and vulnerabilities

When married men open up to you and share their innermost feelings with you, it is a sign that they want to take their relationship with you to the next level. By revealing his secrets and vulnerabilities, he is trying to establish an extra special connection with you.

This married man wants you to be more than just a casual acquaintance. He wants to build a strong bond with you and feels comfortable enough to be vulnerable around you.

10. He talks about married life in negative terms

This married man may openly talk about married life in negative terms. This can either be an unconscious attempt to push away his guilt or an intentional way of letting you know that he is unhappy in his married life and looking for an escape.

11. He talks to you in a flirty manner

When married men are attracted to you, they may talk to you in a certain flirty manner. This married man will be trying very hard to make you laugh and engage in conversation with him. He might use certain sweet words or phrases while talking to you that can make you feel special and desired.

12. He keeps his distance from you when his wife is around

When married, men tend to maintain a certain distance from you when their wife is around. This married man does not want his spouse to feel threatened and uncomfortable or get suspicious about the nature of their relationship with him.

Therefore, if he shows signs of avoiding you and behaving distantly when his wife is around, it is a sign that he has strong feelings for you and is willing to take the risk.

13. He comes up with excuses to contact you

Married men who are sexually attracted to you will come up with various excuses to contact you. He might call you or send a text message to check on you and ask about your day.

He may also invite you for coffee, lunch, or dinner and make it appear that he wants to catch up with an old friend. However, he wants to spend more time with you and get closer to you.

Some more signs a married man is sexually attracted to you

These were some of the most prominent signs a married man is sexually attracted to you. However, bear in mind that married men flirting with you should not be taken lightly. If someone is married, they are already committed to another person, and any romantic involvement with them can lead to serious consequences. Keep an eye out for these signs and take action accordingly.

  1. He tries hard to make you happy and comfortable.
  2. He doesn’t mention his wife or his marital status.
  3. He goes out of his way to do favors for you.
  4. His voice turns deeper and richer when you are around.
  5. He projects his manliness through body language.
  6. He tries to show off to impress you.
  7. He wants to know more about you.
  8. His eyes are always wandering in your direction.
  9. His behavior towards you is different.
  10. He tests the waters with flirty and naughty comments.
  11. He buys you lavish gifts.
  12. He prefers to be with you alone.
  13. He always looks his best when you see him.

Final thoughts on a married man is sexually attracted to you

Though our society says that a married man is out of bounds, he is also human. A married man may feel sexually attracted to you. However, you may easily be deceived by the friendliness and nice behavior of a married man with no such intentions. You may misconstrue this as a married man flirting with you. 

If you get a feeling that a married man is showing more than usual interest in you or sexually attracted to you, it is better to check out his body language before you take any action. These signs will help you figure out that a married man is sexually attracted to you. 

If you make assumptions about the married man flirting and act upon them, you may find yourself in embarrassing situations.


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