5 Signs a Player has Feelings for You

5 Signs a Player has Feelings for You

Signs a Player has Feelings for You

Human emotions are complex, to say the least. And, so are the relationships humans have.

It’s hard to make sense of why we are attracted to a particular person or why someone is drawn toward us. Good looks and physical attraction have a huge role to play in setting the ball rolling in a relationship. Then comes status and money power. Charisma also is a big factor in attracting someone to us. 

A player has the best combination of all these aspects we desire in our life partner.

Despite having all the desirable qualities of a partner, a player is not partner material for obvious reasons. However, a player may develop real feelings and fall in love. If you already recognize the person as a player, it will be hard for you to differentiate their show of love and affection as put on or genuine. 

The question before you is “Has the player developed true feelings for you?”

Whether a player is cheating and toying with you or genuinely in love with you, they will be equally convincing in their behavior. However, you can look out for certain signs to know if he’s a player or to identify if a player has feelings for you. 

In this article, you will find listed the most prominent among these signs for your easy reference. Armed with the signs a player has feelings for you, you will be in a better position to navigate the treacherous waters of your relationship with the player.

What do we mean by “player”?

A player is someone who feigns love and affection to a person while doing the same with multiple people simultaneously. They toy with the emotions of all those they fake relationships with. They are manipulative and deceptive, with no real intention to commit to a relationship with anyone. 

A player usually is good at convincing each one of those they date that they are single and are seeing only them. They can make you believe that they are head over heels in love with you and completely committed to you. They will do the same to all those they are dating.

A player manages this level of cheating by taking advantage of their good looks, charms, charisma, affluence, and influence. You may fall for a player even if you know about them or even before you know what is happening. Once they get what they want from you, they will discard you and disappear. 

How to tell if a player has feelings for you?

The relationship with a player is never healthy and long-lasting as there is a lack of honesty and trust. Once their cover is blown, a player will find it challenging to stay in the relationship even if they want to. However, you may find it hard to let them go.

In rare cases, a player may transform and develop true feelings for you. They may actually fall in love with you and be ready to commit to you. However, trust is the most difficult aspect of a relationship with a player. 

Are their playing days over? Have they really changed for the better?

Look for these signs a player has feelings for you.

1. They become more transparent in their dealings

Players tend to be secretive and hide things from you. You never get to see their phones or answer their calls, not even by chance. They never share their passwords or let you see their emails. When you think about it, you realize how suspicious and irrational this is.

A player cannot afford to be open and forthcoming with you when they are faking relationships with multiple people. However, when a player likes someone, they will realize the importance of honesty and sincerity in the relationship. They become more open and less secretive. 

2. They are spending more time with you

When they are playing you, the player will spend just enough time with you to get what they want from you. Their time and attention are divided between so many relationships they are having simultaneously. However, you will see a perceptible change when a player has feelings for you. They want to spend time exclusively with you. 

The player will not show eagerness to leave you as soon as they are done with you. They would want to be with you. They will no longer invent excuses to leave you. In fact, you will be surprised to find that they are enjoying being with you. 

If you point this out, the player may not be amused or feel happy about it. They may deny that they have changed in any way. But instead of coming up with ridiculous excuses to leave you, they come up with equally absurd excuses to be with you. The player definitely has developed real feelings for you.

3. They want to know more about you

During their playing days, they viewed you as a means to get what they want. They gathered information about you only to manipulate you and keep you under their control. A player isn’t interested in deeper and more personal conversations. They make sure that the conversations with you remain superficial and light. They are not interested in knowing the real you.

But once they fall in love, this attitude of the player will change drastically. Once a player has feelings for you, their behavior becomes more genuine. They will discard their aloofness and annoying ways. They will make genuine efforts to know you better. They want to know what makes you happy, sad, excited, irritated, or angry. They want to understand your true feelings and thought process. They will show their willingness to be there for you whenever you want them.

4. They show interest in meeting those who matter to you

A player never wants to get into a genuine relationship with you. They ensure that your relationship remains superficial. They never show interest in your family and friends or meeting them. However, when a player has feelings for you, all these will change. 

A player who is genuinely in love with you will take extra interest in the people in your life. They want to know more about them, meet them, and get to know them better. Even if a player won’t go all the way in befriending your near and dear ones, they will at least not flinch at your suggestion of attending a family gathering or your friend’s wedding.

When a player likes someone, they will be more tolerant of their friends and family. They will be ready to be in their company for short periods to make you happy.

5. They become more open about their real feelings

Players are used to hiding their real personalities from all those they date and project a certain persona. They will do everything to keep this image alive in your mind. To this end, they never reveal who they really are or their true feelings or thoughts. Everything is fake and shady.

You get to see the player when they want something from you. In their effort at presenting a certain image, they never allow you to see who they really are. You get to see only their fake persona or facade. However, when a player has feelings for you, they show marked deviation from this behavior. 

A player, who is in love with you, may open up about their dreams, goals, and fears. They will show you their vulnerabilities without fear or reservations. Though they know that they were a player once but are now a changed person, they know for sure that you are a genuine person and are truly in love with them. You are honest, loyal, and can be trusted. 

Final thoughts on a player has feelings for you

This world is filled with players and a few genuine people scattered here and there. This makes it hard to distinguish these players from the real ones. The players are so convincing in their behavior that they act more genuine than the good guys. It’s easy to be deceived by the cheating and manipulation of the players. 

You may feel convinced that the player is genuine only to find out later that you have been deceived. There is no need to feel ashamed or foolish. You are not alone. Knowing the signs a player has feelings for you may help you avert this embarrassing scenario. 

Though the general perception is that players are usually men, women can be equally deadly and deceiving. However, by branding everyone as a player, you may lose out on all those good people out there.

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