11 Signs a Scorpio Man is Fighting His Feelings for You

11 Signs a Scorpio Man is Fighting His Feelings for You

11 Signs a Scorpio Man is Fighting His Feelings for You

If you haven’t dated a Scorpio man before, his behavior may leave you confused and at times frustrated. Is a Scorpio man obsessed with you or disinterested in you?

Scorpio guys are well-known for their sensuality and pleasing behavior. But they don’t open up to others easily. They value their privacy immensely. Though they are highly emotional and experience deeper feelings, they are reluctant to reveal their emotions to others. A Scorpio guy is naturally inclined for fighting feelings and hiding things from people he hardly knows.

For a non-Scorpio, this behavior can be baffling. You may wonder why anyone is hiding or fighting feelings for you when they are feeling them so intensely. Asking or confronting a Scorpio man with this question is not of much use. The Scorpio guy would further withdraw into his shell and you will have a tougher time drawing him out again.

This article is an attempt at finding the answer to this question. Here you will find signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you. 

Signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you

Even as a Scorpio man is sexy and delightful company, he is also a master at keeping things from you. Most of the time, a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you. You may find him acting awkward in your company and staring too much at you. If only you know what is going on inside his mind, you will understand his struggles at reining in and fighting feelings for you.

You will get a sneak peek into the mind of a Scorpio man when you pay attention to other guys when he is around. A Scorpio man will be forced to reveal his feelings for you when he acts jealous.

When he decides to open up to you about his feelings for you, it is a clear indication that you have successfully completed the first stage in the relationship with a Scorpio man. He is beginning to trust you.

1. He’s awkward when you are around

A Scorpio man likes you and has developed feelings for you and is trying hard to hide them from you. However, when he is near you, he feels as if his behavior will reveal his feelings to you. He fears that his emotions will get the better of him. A Scorpio man suspects that they will be visible in some way or the other. 

As a Scorpio man likes you and is fighting feelings within himself, his feelings for you will continue to overpower him. All these will make him feel shy, unsure, and awkward. 

A Scorpio man doesn’t like to lose control of his emotions. Because of this, he may sulk or even disappear from your life without warning. It is natural for a Scorpio guy to feel uncomfortable. They are just taking some time off to come to terms with their feelings for you, instead of fighting feelings. Be patient, keep calm, and stay connected. He will come back when he is ready.

2. He stares at you

A Scorpio man likes you and may be having difficulty fighting feelings for you but he can do nothing about the feelings as such. His reticence prevents him from revealing them to you. However, he feels that he can stare at you without you getting wise to his feelings. After all, the Scorpio guy is not saying anything to you. Just watching you silently.

On your part, you always feel that his eyes are on you whenever the Scorpio man is in the neighborhood. He stares at you or steals glances in your direction, hoping that you won’t notice it. Whenever you look in his direction, he will avert his eyes and look away. A Scorpio man obviously doesn’t want you to know that he has romantic feelings for you.

Being a Scorpio man, he’s highly emotional but hates to let others know about it. Some Scorpio guys may be too shy to make eye contact with you. He feels embarrassed that he may get caught in the act.

3. He reveals his feelings through action

Even though he is reluctant to say it out loud, he doesn’t hold himself back from helping you or doing things for you. With a Scorpio, search for his feelings in his actions rather than in his words. He may be holding back from uttering the words, but his feelings may be clear in his deeds. 

The frozen Pluto is the ruling heavenly body for Scorpio. So, a Scorpio man’s icy and distant behavior is understandable. He may be naturally inclined to be cold and remote with everyone including you. However, he can’t help it when his feelings for you are evident in his actions.

A Scorpio man will act sweet and surprise you with his caring nature. 

4. He finds excuses to connect with you

A Scorpio man likes you and maybe hesitates to reveal his feelings for you. But that doesn’t prevent him from getting in touch with you or talking to you. If opportunities to be with you are not coming his way naturally, he will figure out ways to stay in touch with you until he is ready to reveal his feelings.

But the “talks” may not have anything to do with his feelings for you or your future together. A Scorpio man will avoid talking about the emotions he feels for you and keep the conversation on safer grounds. You may find him very talkative. He will talk to you about everything under the Sun but his feelings for you.

When a Scorpio man likes you, he will use every opportunity he gets to know you better. He may even flirt with you unknowingly. As soon as he realizes his behavior, he will go silent. 

5. He consults you

A Scorpio man has high regard for your ability to make hard and complex decisions. Because of this, he always asks for your views and opinions. Come to think of it, why would he want to know what you think if he is not invested in you or is fighting feelings for you? A Scorpio man is clearly envisaging a future together with you. So, before he makes major decisions in life, he wants to know if you are on the same page.

A Scorpio man, being free-spirited and independent, finds it hard to trust strangers. They take longer than others to believe in people and trust them. Being independent, they are capable of making their own decisions. However, when they want to know your opinion, it is a clear sign of them developing feelings for you.

6. He is constantly in touch with your social media activities

A Scorpio man is interested in what you are doing and will spend time checking your social media activities. When he starts following or liking all your posts, it definitely means that he likes you.

He also follows your friends to know more about you through them. He has a keen eye for details and will try to find out as much as possible about you. He will also keep track of all your activities, including where you go, who you meet, and so on.

7. He experiences a rising feeling of jealousy toward your male friends

Jealousy is a typical sign that a Scorpio man has feelings for you. He will be very possessive and protective about you, even if he doesn’t admit it openly. He will be wary of your male friends and will not hesitate to confront them if need be.

A Scorpio man’s feeling of jealousy is triggered when he sees you with someone else. He will not want to talk about it openly, but the feeling of possessiveness and protectiveness will be evident in his behavior.

8. He blows hot and cold. He’s not consistent in his behavior

A Scorpio man’s behavior will be unpredictable. One moment he is all sweet and nice, and then the next minute, he becomes distant and unresponsive. His mood may swing from hot to cold without any warning. This inconsistency in behavior speaks volumes about his feelings for you. He might be fighting his own emotions and finds it hard to control himself.

So, these are the signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you. He may be hesitant to reveal his true feelings and take longer than other men to open up. But if you observe closely, you will find that he not only likes you but also loves you deeply.

9. He teases you with hypothetical questions

A Scorpio man is not one to express his feelings directly or openly. Instead, he will ask you hypothetical questions and tease you with them to gauge your response. For example, he may say something like, “What if I asked you out on a date?” or “What if I said that I liked you?”. He wants to measure your reaction and see how you feel towards him without having to come out and say it.

These questions are a clear indication that he has strong feelings for you but is fighting them out of insecurity or fear of rejection. Show him your support and understanding, and he will be more likely to open up about his emotions.

10. He is uncomfortable when you steer the conversation toward love and feelings

A Scorpio man is naturally averse to conversations about love and feelings. He prefers to let his actions do the talking. If he starts to become uncomfortable or reluctant when you steer the conversation toward these topics, it’s a sure sign that he has strong feelings for you but is fighting them for some reason.

This is a tricky situation, and you should take it slowly. Let him know that you care about him and are there for him if he needs to talk about anything. With time, he will open up to you and share his feelings.

11. He is forthcoming about his personal details

A Scorpio man can be quite secretive and private about himself. If he is willing to share his personal details with you, it is a clear sign that he trusts you deeply and has strong feelings for you. He wants to open up to you but may be fighting those emotions at the same time.

He might not say it openly, but his willingness to open up about his personal details speaks volumes about what he feels for you. Show him your support and understanding, and he will be more likely to let go of his fears and express himself freely.

These are some of the signs a Scorpio man is fighting his feelings for you. It may take time for him to open up and share his emotions, but if you show your understanding and patience, he will eventually come around.

Final thoughts on when a Scorpio man likes you

Even after going on a few dates with a Scorpio man, you may be left wondering whether he is interested in seeing you more. As he doesn’t display any positive indications, it can be hard for you to continue dating a Scorpio man. You may ask yourself, “Am I wasting my time with him?”

The truth is that the answer to the above question can be “yes” or “no”. But if he is a Scorpio man, don’t let his seemingly disinterest deter you from giving it all to the relationship. Because even when a Scorpio man likes you, he will be fighting feelings and trying his best not to reveal them to you.

The only option for you is to keep calm, be patient, and keep your composure. The Scorpio man will slowly yet surely move closer to you and one day stop fighting feelings for you. Wait for that day. Rest assured; it would be worth the wait!


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