11 Signs a Woman is Nervous Around You

11 Signs a Woman is Nervous Around You

Signs a Woman is Nervous Around You

A woman shows her nervousness in many ways. She may try outfit after outfit and end up with a bed full of clothes. Or she may gulp down something strong to bolster her courage. 

This is when her BFF can help. No matter how confident she is, she may feel nervous on a date. This is not just for the first date alone. She may find even the second or third date nerve-wracking. This may go on until she gets to know you well enough.

While some women can manage to take their nervousness in their stride, others find it hard to keep it hidden from their dates. You can help put her at ease if you identify her nervousness. For this, all you need to do is look out for signs of nervous reactions in her.

This article lists common signs a woman is nervous around you. It would help if you noticed her nervous reactions and took measures to comfort and reassure her of your intentions and plans. Once she understands you better, she will feel at ease around you.

Subtle signs a woman is nervous around you

These are some of the common signs that a woman is nervous around you. It would be helpful to take notice of her behavior and take measures to comfort her. Once she feels at ease, she will start being herself and feel more confident in your presence. Understanding each other well can help foster strong relationships in the future.

Without further ado, here are the signs a woman is nervous around you.

1. Her body is taut and rigid

You can get a fair glimpse of what a person is thinking or feeling by noticing their body language. They are clearly happy and content when you see them calm and relaxed. On the other hand, when their body is tensed up, it is an indication of a troubled mind.

Some of the visible signs of a wound-up person are fidgeting, clenched fists, wrinkled or raised eyebrows, hands clasped in front, locked knees, and clamped jaw.

2. She is restless

From her body language, there is no doubt that she is agitated. She finds it impossible to sit still or focus on anything. When a person feels anxious or nervous, they tend to move and readjust their body around to figure out the most comfortable position. 

If you find her fidgeting, it is a clear sign of nervousness. You need to remember that this is an involuntary response, and she may not be aware that she is expressing her feelings for others to see. Her body language can reveal a lot about her and what she is going through.

3. She rearranges her hair or outfit

This is another automatic response when a woman feels nervous around you in a social setting. These kinds of signals are collectively known as “preening gestures”. The reasons behind these gestures are many.

Preening gestures include running the hand through the hair or caressing it, smoothing the wrinkles (real as well as imagined) on the outfit, adjusting the watch or the belt, tucking in the shirt or blouse, and adjusting the posture to be erect.

A nervous person finds these self-touch motions comforting. Moreover, as she wants to impress you and make you fall for her, she is involuntarily trying to look her best. 

4. She laughs nervously at everything

She knows that she can make you happy by laughing at your jokes. Also, you may consider her smile and pleasant demeanor as encouraging signs. Unfortunately, she is feeling nervous about actually carrying this out well. So, her smiles and laughter may come out a bit skewed and weird.

She may laugh at everything you say, hoping you will like it. Some women find it hard to control their giggles in response to anything you say. It is actually their anxiety that is prompting them to laugh nervously. This is an instinctive way to reduce tension and anxiety as a self-protection measure.

When a woman feels nervous around you, she will try to cover it up with laughs.

5. She visits the washroom too often

When a person is nervous, they may feel the urge to move their body to relieve the built-up stress. When you are together and sitting down at a table, she may not be able to do this. She will constantly excuse herself in the guise of going to the washroom when the tension becomes too much.

While movement can bring down tension in the body, there is also another reason for her frequent washroom visits. When she is stressed out, her body gets into a fight or flight mode. This triggers the production of adrenaline in her body, which indirectly prompts the kidneys to work harder. So, there is a valid reason for her wanting to go to the washroom often.

6. She displays closed body language

When a person is stressed out or nervous, they automatically switch to closed body language. This is the innate tendency of the body to protect itself. The closed body language includes crossed arms and legs, hidden palms, a shielded pelvis, hands kept close to the body, covering the mouth, and avoiding eye contact.

She is clearly feeling uncomfortable and troubled by your presence. You need to remember that you may not have done anything wrong, but she may still feel nervous around you. She may or may not be aware of her actions. If she is aware, she will try her best to hide them.

7. She avoids eye contact

This is one of the clearest signs of her nervous reactions when you’re around. If she is acting fidgety and her eyes are everywhere except looking at you, it means she is uncomfortable. The woman is nervous around you. 

Eyes, they say, are the windows to your mind. She is feeling nervous and doesn’t want you to know about it. She knows that if she makes eye contact with you, you will get to know about it easily. Avoiding eye contact is her evasive tactic to keep you in the dark about her real feelings.

8. She talks too much

She may be talking too much out of nervousness. When a person is anxious, they react to it by talking more. They are keen for conversation and would rather fill the silence with words than anything else. This helps them divert attention from themselves and keep the environment light and friendly.

It is also a sign that she trusts you and is comfortable talking with you. She knows she will not be judged, and her awkwardness can be overlooked in the comfort of a conversation. You may find her talking too much, but it would be helpful if you don’t ignore it. Instead, listen and make her feel at ease.

9. She plays with her hair

When a woman is nervous around you, she will try to keep herself occupied by playing with her hair. She does this subconsciously as it helps to distract her from the feeling of being uncomfortable. It also gives her something to do with her hands, which may be shaking due to stress.

Her fingers may be toying with her hair nervously, or she may over-groom it by trying to fix split ends. She may also bite her nails or twirl her bangles frequently if they are wearing any. All these actions are a sign of her nerves, and you must take notice of them. The best way to handle this is to talk calmly and make her feel comfortable.

10. She fidgets with her clothes

Lastly, she may start to fidget with her clothing when she is feeling nervous. This could include tugging at the hemline of a shirt, rearranging a scarf, or twirling her belt buckle. She will do this out of anxiety and can be easily spotted as an involuntary gesture.

The best way to deal with this is to show her that you are aware of her behavior and try to make her feel comfortable. Talk calmly and put an end to the awkwardness between you two. Once she feels at ease, she won’t be nervous anymore.

11. She may even display nervous “tics” or repetitive behavior

When a woman is nervous around you, she may display it through various nervous tics or repetitive behaviors. This could include biting her lips, blinking her eyes, clearing her throat, or shaking her leg.

These are classic signs of anxiety, and although they can be subtle body language cues, one should pay close attention to detect them. If you see someone exhibiting these signs while in your company, it may be because they are uncomfortable and not quite sure how to interact with you, given your situation.

When a girl is nervous around you what does it mean?

The reasons for nervous behavior may differ from woman to woman, but we can find some common ones, such as social anxiety, low self-esteem, and self-confidence. If she hasn’t been active on the dating scene for a considerable time, it is natural to feel nervous. A woman may feel anxious when she finds it hard to gauge her feelings and response. 

If a girl is nervous around you does that mean she likes you?

Her nervous reactions can also be a positive sign for you. Most probably, the woman is attracted to you and wants to take this forward. So, naturally, she wants you to like her. She does her best to present herself in a positive light to you. But she may still feel anxious about your response.

Being too calm and confident on a first date is not a good sign. This is an indication of her disinterest in you and being with you. She doesn’t care how the date turns out. Moreover, her nervousness makes things easier for you. You get to relax a bit more. 

By displaying her nervous reactions, she also makes it clear that she is not afraid to reveal her weaknesses and vulnerability. It also allows you to help her and get closer to her. 

No matter her reasons for feeling nervous, it can be taken as a good sign. This makes it all the more important for you to detect her signs of nervous behavior. 


This article has discussed some common signs a woman is nervous around you. Taking notice of her behavior and making her feel comfortable can help create a good environment between the two of you. Understanding each other well is essential for strong and healthy relationships.

If she feels nervous on her date, she will try to put up a brave front and act calm and nonchalant. She may be afraid that you may not want to go out with her again if she reveals her true feelings. 

If you notice any of these signs of nervous reactions in your date and want to make it easier for her, the ideal choice is to bring it out in the open and talk about it. You can talk about your nervous reactions to make her realize that she isn’t alone. This way, you get to break the ice and get closer to her. 

Make her feel safe and secure. Show your interest in her. Let her know that you, too are feeling nervous. That should do the trick.

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