5 Signs An Introvert Secretly Likes You

5 Signs An Introvert Secretly Likes You

Signs An Introvert Secretly Likes You

Introverts  can be hard to read, especially when it comes to relationships. But if you know what to look for, you can tell if an introvert guy likes you. In this article, you’ll learn common signs an introvert secretly likes you.

Introvert guys keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves, rarely letting them show up in their words or gestures. Then, how are you supposed to know?

Although they are adept at hiding their emotions and thoughts, often they come out as subtle signs, if only you are sharp enough to notice. Interested in learning more about the signs an introvert secretly likes you? Read on.

Signs an introvert likes you discreetly

1. Lately you see him around you more than usual.

When an introvert guy is interested in you, he will naturally try to keep it to himself. He is neither going to approach you, tell you directly nor will he reveal this to his friends, if he has any. However, he can’t help showing certain gestures like trying to be around you as much as he can.

He may not be aware of his behavior either. He may not be consciously making plans to be near you. But he ends up spending more time with you. He is probably forcing himself to get out of his comfort zone to do this. But the fact that he is spending time with you is a clear sign that he likes you. Or else, he would have preferred to bury himself in a book or watch a show.

He may even join a group to get close to you. Or hang around the places you frequent to bump into you. Just imagine how much effort it must have been for him to do that!

2. He is different around you.

It may be his nervousness or his eagerness to please you. He is an altogether different person when you are around.

He must know how reticent his personality is. Typically, he doesn’t like to socialize and spend time outside his safe haven. He also knows that he cannot get you to take interest in him if he continues the same way with you.

He forces himself to get out of his comfort zone just so that he can act normal in your presence. He feels that this is the only way he can grab your attention.

If you notice this tendency in introvert guys, this means they are secretly in love with you and trying to impress you.

3. He allows you into his personal space.

For introvert guys, their personal space is sacrosanct and inviolable. If he welcomes you into his personal space, there remains no doubt about his intentions. He likes you and wants to get close to you.

The definition of personal space may include physical as well as emotional realms. Even as he will let you into his room/home, he may also allow you a sneak peek into his mind.

As an introvert guy, he hides behind doors all the time from the rest of the world. He values his time alone and prefers activities that can be done independently. However, you find yourself being invited into his secret space. He includes you in his activities.

When an introvert guy welcomes you into his emotional space, it is hard not to notice. You have never seen him behave this way with anyone else. He talks freely with you and reveals his innermost thoughts and feelings.

If a sensitive introvert guy acts this way, there is no need to look further. He discreetly adores you.

4. His body language gives him away

He may be able to hide his interest in you and not reveal his feelings and thoughts. But one thing he will find hard to hide is the way his body reacts to your presence. His body language will give him away without even him being aware of it. All you need to do is to pay close attention.

Just notice how he acts around you. Here are a few examples to help you identify them.

  • He leans towards you. This is indicative of his interest in you.
  • He flares his nostrils. This means he is excited to be near you.
  • His lips part. A sign that he wants to project the image of being “open”.
  • His eyebrows go up. He shows his fascination.
  • His eyes are bulging and wide open. You have his full attention.
  • He preens himself. This includes his hair and clothes. He wants to impress you. So, he is trying to look his best.
  • He stands with his hand on his hip. Just a stylish pose to impress you.
  • He stands erect. He wants to appear tall. Even though he is tall, he wants to emphasize this for your benefit.

5. He displays jealous behavior when you pay attention to other men.

If he isn’t interested in you, why would he be jealous when you mingle with other men? It’s as simple as that!

Introvert guys are typically plagued by feelings of inadequacy as they know that they cannot be like regular men. He may feel threatened by these men and end up feeling jealous of them. But unlike a regular guy, he may display his jealousy differently.

Here are some pointers on how his jealousy may become evident.

  • He broods and sulks. Whenever he finds you talking to another guy or talking about going on a date with someone else, he goes quiet and sulks.
  • He wants to know more about the guy you went out with (or going out with). This is the opposite of sulking. Maybe he will try to be more like this guy,
  • He calls or sends messages more frequently. He feels that keeping in touch with you more often will draw you towards him.
  • He will arrive unannounced. This is taking the jealous behavior to the extreme. He may be physically trying to keep you away from other men by monitoring your movements or standing guard.
  • He acts strange. One day he is chatty, the next day he is quiet. Maybe he is trying different approaches with you or he is confused. Introvert guys are also known for taking time-outs in interaction when things get too much for them to manage.

Bottom line

Even with a regular guy, you may have a hard time figuring out whether he likes you because he isn’t yet ready to display his love for you for fear of rejection. With a sensitive introvert, this is all the more difficult.

When you have an introvert crush, you can always look out for these signs of an introverted man to know his inner desire. Once you are aware of his feelings, you can take the initiative in the relationship.


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