11 Signs an Older Man Is Falling in Love with You

11 Signs an Older Man Is Falling in Love with You

Signs an Older Man Is Falling in Love with You
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    Does the age of the man matter in a relationship? Is it different if the man is older? How to recognize the hidden signs an older man is slowly falling in love with you?

    Is he merely pretending to love you? Or is he keen on mentoring you and content with being a father figure? If you are dating an older man, you may want to know the answers to these questions.

    With an older guy, you may be finding it hard to read the vibes. He is more mature and experienced than guys your age. Also, you may find its behavior strange and alien. It can get quite tricky for you to interpret these love signals accurately.

    If only you know what to look out for, things would be easier. This is exactly what this article strives to do for you. You will find here 11 hidden signs that tell us the older guy you are going out with is slowly falling for you. All you need to do is watch out for these hidden signs and then you can plan your next move.

    11 hidden signs an older man is slowly falling for a younger woman

    The way an older man falls in love and lets you know about it is a world apart from how a younger man would go about it. An older man will be more direct in his approach and more cautious about getting into a serious relationship with you.

    1. He wants to know if you’re available.

    He wants to know what he is getting into instead of diving into something blindly. He is very much aware that an attractive younger woman like you won’t remain single for long. Without beating around the bush, he comes to the point straight away.

    He is aware that his chances with you are low. He doesn’t want to look foolish or get hurt by falling in love with a younger woman who is already in a relationship. He is not interested in creating a rift in your life or relationship.

    2. He wants you to meet his family and friends.

    He is well aware of the age difference and that his relationship with you may not find approval among his near and dear ones. As a preemptive measure, he introduces you to everyone he considers important. It is his version of “speak now or forever hold your peace”.

    For you, this is a sign that he is slowly falling in love with you. He also wants to see how well you get along in his circle and how they accept you. He must be really concerned about how his kids will react to your presence in his life.

    3. He is eager to get to know your family and friends.

    When the older man you are dating wants to meet your near and dear ones, it can only mean one thing. He is slowly falling in love with you. On the other hand, if you want him to meet them and he is showing little interest, it is a clear sign that he is playing you.

    Meeting your family and friends is not an easy event for him. Being much older, he must be feeling apprehensive about how their reaction would be and the kind of questions he has to face. If he willingly agrees to such an awkward situation, he is serious about you.

    4. He wants to spend time with you.

    Being much older than you, he might be having more responsibilities at work and have a jam-packed schedule. Despite his work commitments, he finds time to be with you. Clearly, he enjoys your company.

    He might want to use this opportunity to impress you.  He spares no effort or expense to give you the best time possible.

    5. He doesn’t shy away from PDA.

    The public display of affection is one aspect that sets an older guy apart from men your age. Especially if you are dating a married man, he would be reluctant to go public with the relationship. That is until he has made up his mind about you and is ready to let the world know.

    If he is happy to be seen with you in public and show affection, it is evident that he has fallen for you.  He is so sure about his relationship with you that he doesn’t care about the consequences of letting others see you with him. When a man is in love, he throws caution to the wind.

    6. He talks about his past.

    As he is much older than you, he may have had multiple failed relationships in his life. Most older men are averse to talking about their failures. But he wants you to know him inside out as you are going to be an integral part of his life.

    You will find him opening up about his parents, childhood, struggles, and triumphs. He will tell you about his past relationships, the reasons for their failures, and the experiences he gained from them. He reveals everything because he trusts you completely.

    7. He is accommodating.

    If the age difference is more than 20 or 25 years, your likes/dislikes are bound to be very different from his. As he is in love with you, all he wants to do is to make you happy. He will take the extra pains to understand your preferences and accommodate them.

    He may not be used to your kind of life. But he tries hard to get adjusted to your lifestyle. If he is ready to go out of his comfort zone and accompany you just for you, he is clearly in love with you.

    8. He appreciates you.

    You would find an older man to be more caring, supportive, and appreciative of you. His maturity and wisdom play a huge role in the way he treats you.

    He understands the importance of treating you well. Even when he treats you as an equal, he makes it clear that he will always be there for you whenever you need help. When an older man shows his sincere affection and appreciation for you, it is a sign of love.

    9. He doesn’t restrict the relationship to just sex.

    Sex is definitely an important part of his relationship with you but not all of it. To him, you are much more important than a means for physical satisfaction.

    The way he pays attention to your needs and makes sure you are comfortable and cared for comes as a surprise to you. He is always trying to find out more about you and your wishes. He tries to make your dreams come true in the old-world romantic style.

    10. He reveals his financial status to you.

    This is something a man rarely discloses to anyone, often not even to his best friends. When a man reveals his investments and monetary status, it is a clear sign that he considers you special. Moreover, being an older man, he understands how you might be worried about your future with him. He reveals his finances to help ease your mind.

    By doing this, he is assuring you that he is well placed and your future is safe with him. He doesn’t want you to worry about money anymore. His hero instinct is clearly aroused. He is having serious thoughts about you for sure.

    11. He makes changes in his life for you.

    He is acutely aware that he is older than you and you may not find him interesting or this relationship appealing enough. As he is slowly falling in love with you, he is willing to make compromises to make you want to stay with him. Though he is no competition to a younger man, he tries his best to make whatever changes he can.

    Most of the changes will be linked to his appearance or dress sense. You will find him trying hard to make himself look younger and more in step with times. You may even notice a change in his body language. He is concerned that you will think of him as outdated. When an older guy does this, there is no doubt about his intentions. He loves you.

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    Bottom line

    A man falling in love, whether younger or older, wants to impress the woman they love and is protective of them. This is the hero instinct at work. With an older man, the hidden signs are just a bit different so that you would notice them easily.

    When we refer to a man as older, it is in a relative sense. Some may consider a 5 or 10-year age gap to classify him as older, while others may feel 20-25 years age gap is the criteria to be considered as older.

    If you are looking for a dating site that caters to singles over 60, check out our review of completely free dating sites for over 60s!

    Do you have any other signs an older man is falling in love with you to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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