9 Signs from The Universe About Love

9 Signs from The Universe About Love

9 Signs from The Universe About Love

Talking about love, are you on a quest to find your soulmate and true love? If so, you have come to the right place.

Are you trying to breathe in more passion and magic into your present relationship? Or, are you looking for someone new to share your life with? Either way, the powerful techniques of the law of attraction can help you find true love and infuse romance into your life.

So, how does it work? Does it work the way flowers and chocolates do? Not exactly. Read on to find more…

How does the law of attraction help in finding a soulmate?

It is an approach based on positive thinking. The law says that you attract whatever you focus on. Irrespective of how big or preposterous your desire is. Positive thinking and a grateful attitude have proven time and again that they have the power to move mountains. Now, all you want is to find your soulmate. Let us see how to accomplish that.

The law lists intense desire, unflinching belief, trust in the universe, and appreciation for all your blessings as essential requirements for successful manifestation. The don’ts include discarding limiting beliefs and keeping your focus away from what you don’t want. Each one of the conditions listed above is hard to practice when you are just starting. However, with perseverance and determination, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Where do the signs from the Universe come into the picture?

The law of attraction states that the Universe is an all-powerful, all-seeing, and omnipotent source of energy. The Universe is always looking out for your welfare and happiness and has your back at all times.

The Universe sends signs, as a means of communicating with you and letting you in on what is going on in your life behind the scenes. By paying attention and seeing signs of the Universe, you can unravel the mysteries of the Universe, including your present and future events. Through these signs, the Universe is testing you and giving you hints on how to tackle the problems you are facing and how to make your dreams come true.

Most often, the signs from the Universe are subtle and hidden that you need to finetune your senses to detect them. However, some signs occur in our lives often. All you have to do is watch out for these signs from the Universe that show you the right path ahead.

When you are seeking love, romance, and relationship, watch out for these signs from the Universe about love. They will help you understand the invisible undercurrents in your life and guide you on how to go ahead.

Signs from the Universe that love is coming

How to know who your soulmate is? The Universe is perpetually trying to make you happy by connecting you with your soulmate. To help you find the special ‘One’ from among the billions of people in this world, you need to take notice of the signs the Universe sends your way that your soulmate is near. These are not bolts from heaven or divine revelations.

Here are some common strong signs from the Universe that love is coming your way and its meanings.

1) Feeling happy and content:

This may not always be the case. You usually have a range of negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and annoyance. Now, all of a sudden, you find yourself at peace with the world as if nothing can spoil your happiness.

2) Seeing love everywhere:

Poetically, you can say that love is in the air. You see loving couples holding hands, kissing, or stealing glances. Even nature seems to be doing its bit to make the world look pleasant and beautiful. The weather is lovely, the flowers are in the bloom, and the birds are chirping. All these will awaken the romantic in you and will prompt you to search for that special someone to bestow your affection.

3) Feeling ready to let go of the old baggage:

When so much love is floating around you, you won’t feel like holding onto your grudges, disappointments, and failures. You will feel ready to let go and start afresh.

4) Feeling ready to move on:

You have been with someone and you feel unhappy and unsatisfied with the situation. All of a sudden you feel that the relationship is heading nowhere and feel it is time to end it and move on.

5) Feeling courageous and bold:

Your timidity and indecisive nature disappear without even you taking notice of it. You feel a surge of positivity and confidence wash away your insecurity and fear of failure. You feel curious, adventurous, and ready to take risks.

6) Start trusting the Universe:

You find your skepticism melt away without a trace. You start believing in the benevolent nature of the Universe and signs the Universe wants you to be with someone. You feel comfortable asking the Universe for guidance in the matters of love and relationships.

7) Random happenings:

Everywhere you go, you hear romantic songs. You run into the same person multiple times within a short time. All these may appear random, but these are obvious signs that your soulmate is near.

8) Repeated romantic dreams:

You keep having these dreams of being in love and being loved. You find these dreams fulfilling and exciting. When you feel the need to replicate these dreams in real life, there is no stopping you.

9) The gut feeling that the time is right:

There is no valid explanation of why you are feeling so now. But you somehow get an impulse to look for romantic relationships and true love. The person may already be your friend or a stranger. Like the right pieces falling into place in a jigsaw puzzle, you find yourself with your soulmate and you recognize them as such.

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The Universe is striving to bring soulmates together all the time. To make this possible, the Universe sends messages, both obvious and hidden. At times, these soulmate signs from the Universe are hard to get, as they come to you out of the blue, in a way you least expect them. It is up to you to look out for these signs that say your soulmate is coming and take advantage of the heads up provided by the Universe.

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The Universe is constantly sending us signs, and sometimes they are really obvious. Follow these eight signs from the universe that you are on the wrong path.

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